Vestry Minutes

January 13, 2015


Minutes of the Vestry of Calvary Episcopal Church

January 13, 2015



Fr. Jon Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:39 p.m.

Judy Marx was absent due to illness.


Fr. Jon welcomed our guests: Gerri Bradley, Ellen Fontana and Amy Lockhart.


The Parish Prayer was prayed and then we had specific prayers for several who were ill  or who had requested prayer. Lois Blackard, recently deceased, was remembered in prayer.


The first order of business was a presentation, with questions and answers, for the Vestry regarding a bookkeeping proposal.  Gerri Bradley introduced Ellen Fontana and

Amy Lockhart from the Ellen Fontana CPA, LLC accounting firm.  This firm specializes in bookkeeping and accounting for many non-profit organizations in Pinellas County and came to us highly recommended.


They presented  how the firm would do the bookkeeping for Calvary and answered many questions as to how they would work for us. After discussion the motion was made by Jerri Brewer to engage them in service to Calvary.  The motion was seconded by Cynthia Laitinen and it passed unanimously.  They will begin immediately and Gerri Bradley will work with them to get it set up properly for Calvary.  In addition to saving us money it will assure us of accurate accounting.


We are extremely grateful to Gerri for all she has done for us in cleaning up our bookkeeping in the recent transition to get us ready for this move.  Thank you, Gerri, for your generous gift of time and knowledge.


A brief discussion took place regarding our monthly financial report for December (end of 2014). Motion to accept the report was made by Cathy Athanson and seconded by Cynthia Laitinen.


The next discussion was regarding the proposal, by the Finance Committee, of the

Budget for 2015. Cherie Smith answered many questions for us as we went through the budget proposal.  Thank you, Cherie, for your work and help.  A motion was made by Helen Jedry and seconded by Glenn Bradley to accept the proposed budget for 2015.

Many thanks are given to the Finance Committee for their work on this matter.  We are particularly appreciative of all the work our Treasurer, John Harper has done for us since coming on board and working during his vacation to guide the Finance Committee in the preparation.




Cathy Athanson presented her Leader Training report and this month she discussed Stephen Covey and his work in Leadership.


The Vestry Minutes for the December meeting were reviewed and a motion to approve was  made by Glenn Bradley and seconded by Jerri Brewer to accept and approve the minutes as written.


Fr. Jon announced that he was doing Staff Evaluations and this month Matthew Burke was having his 6th month evaluation.  Let Fr. Jon know if you have anything to report to him on the matter.


A discussion was begun regarding making plans for a new Treasurer, naming a new chair for the Endowment Committee and establishing guidelines for membership and service tenure on the Finance Committee.  Presently we do not have a policy for the selection process and feel it is necessary to adopt one.  Cherie Smith reported that all the present members wish to continue on the committee.  Feeling that considerable personal discernment was needed before any action was taken and the hour being late

we decided to come back next Tuesday to resume our discussion and finish the other business before the Vestry.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 to meet on Tuesday January 20th at 6:30.



Respectfully submitted


Nancy C. Pappas  

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