Vestry Minutes

February 10, 2015


Calvary Vestry Retreat Minutes and Notes

February 7, 2015

Welcome and Prayer: - Fr. Roberts

Fr. Roberts convened the 2015 Vestry Retreat promptly at 9:00.  We opened with our parish mission prayer and Fr. Roberts reviewed Calvary’s vision and our mission.  We are here to “Know Christ and make Him known”.


Agenda Review/Outcomes: Glenn Bradley

Senior Warden, Glenn Bradley said that the church is so much more than a parish.  We are people.  The vestry is the board of directors of the church.  In the 18 months since Fr. Roberts came to Calvary, we have taken steps to help us grow into the future.   When we go out representing the parish, we need to be unified but, as we do our work, we can agree to disagree.  He stated that it is our responsibility to keep this parish going.  Change is inevitable.  We must all do our part.  Glenn thanked everyone, especially our new members for stepping forth to serve.  We need to keep our religion alive.  Our future is bright. 


Ice Breaker: Cathy Athanson

Cathy Athanson led the vestry in an ice breaker by asking “If you were to write your Autobiography, what would it be and why?  We went around the table and each attendee titled their autobiography and stated why.  The answers were very well thought out and very enlightening. Cathy said we are going to work very hard to bring Calvary into the future.  As we talk about our work as a church, we must look at it in faith.


State of the Church Assessment: Cathy Athanson

A snapshot of Calvary’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – Proverbs 27 ; 23 “Know well the condition of your flock and pay attention to your herds”.  The sheep/shepherd relationship regarding God’s people is found throughout scripture and so appropriate to our thoughts and work  today.

                    As a vestry we discussed each of these areas.

Strengths                                                                                Weaknesses

Spirituality of place                                                                 Communication

Strong sense of family                                                            Policy and Procedures

Welcoming and sincere                                                           Governance

Youth program                                                                        8AM -10AM division of services

Clergy – long tenure                                                               Snowbirds

Community outreach                                                              Ministry leaders don’t meet to share

Location                                                                                  Outreach leadership

Loyalty                                                                                    Change

We are small enough that we know each other                      Staffing (all have changed)

Longevity and history

Debt free


Opportunities                                                                      Threats

Community outreach                                                              Demographics

Convene a wider circle of involvement                                  Finances

Communication                                                                       Aging population


Opportunities (cont’d)                                                          Threats (cont’d)

Develop policies                                                                      Opportunity to address concerns

Announce vestry meetings                                                      Aging facility

Transportation                                                                         Transition of leadership

Actively listen                                                                         Competition


Compass Points – Cathy Athanson

Cathy placed the compass points, north, south, west and east posters on the wall.  Proverbs 27 ; 23 “Know well the condition of your flock and pay attention to your herds”.

The sheep/shepherd relationship regarding God’s people is found throughout scripture and so appropriate to our thoughts and work  today.


North                                                                                      South

Acting – “Let’s do it” ; Likes to act                                       Caring – likes to know that everyone’s 

Plunge in                                                                             feelings have been taken

                                                                                            into consideration and that their

                                                                                              voices have been heard before activity


East                                                                                         West

Speculating – likes to look at the big picture and                   Paying attention to detail; likes to

and the possibilities before acting                                           know the who, what, when and why before acting


Each vestry person chose the compass point that best represented their feelings.  This helps to determine the mix of the vestry.  Each group then determined the 4 strengths of the style of their chosen compass point; the four limitations of their compass point; what style was most difficult and why; what do people from the other styles need to know about you so you can work effectively.


The Great Commission – Fr. Roberts

Fr. Roberts reviewed the ministries that fall under each of the ten Great Commissions.  He said that we need to be who God is calling us to be.  After the review of what is involved with each ministry we went around the table and each vestry member stated which Commission they would like to do.  Fr. Roberts appoints the Senior Warden and he has asked Glenn Bradley to continue Senior Warden. He accepted. Glenn Bradley made a motion to elect Jerry Brewer as Junior Warden for 2015.  Cathy Athanson seconded and the motion carried.  Glenn Bradley nominated Judy Marx to be the Clerk for 2015.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried.  The other Commissions are as follows:  Leadership – Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson; Fellowship - Cynthia Laitinen; Missions – Julie Heinicka; Connections – Derek Good; Outreach – Chuck Pond; Stewardship – Cherie Smith and Glenn Bradley; Worship – Judy Marx; Property – Jerry Brewer; Christian Education – Dianne Oeste; and Pastoral Care – Jim Yanacheck.


Cathy Athanson made a motion to select Jo Simpson, Derek Good and Jim Yanacheck as Calvary’s delegates to the General Convention in the fall and Cyndi Good as the Alternate.  Dianne Oeste seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Fr. Roberts asked that each of us put together the purpose of our Commission, the goals of our Commission and the accomplishments over the year of our Commission and present these to the Annual Meeting in January 2016.    As vestry members we need to do our homework.  We need to know our resources and form a vestry group with e-mail addresses; get familiar with the Vestry Handbook, get a copy of the Calvary By-Laws; know that the staff is here to work for us; build our own personal goals; build our calendar starting with the vestry meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM (executive board meets at 6:00 PM; Diocesan Convention in October 10, 2015; Vestry retreat – February 2016; convocations before Convention; Annual Parish Meeting and attendance at all major services and church activities.


Chuck Pond suggested that each vestry member should spend a day in the Food Pantry. Cherie Smith reinforced that we should spend time in each ministry to see what Calvary does and we need to be participatory in all church activities. 


Cathy Athanson posted a sheet called the Parking Lot where items that need to be discussed at another time could be written.  The items that were listed on the Parking Lot were:  service times; transportation issues; work priorities; announcements – ownership; ministry cross training.


Fr. Roberts said the blessing and Dianne passed out the lunches.  While we ate, Cathy Athanson shared a wonderful little book called “I Am Amazed” which gave us lots of food for thought. 


Outcomes from the Retreat:  Team building Understanding the state of the church, Governance, Great Commissions Purpose, Vestry Resources.

When people respect you as a person, they admire you.

When they respect you as a friend, that love you.

When they respect you as a leader, they follow you.


Following lunch we sang the Doxology and we were dismissed.

Retreat adjourned at 12:30pm


Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry

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