Vestry April Minutes

May 22, 2015

Approved May 21st, 2015


Calvary Episcopal Church Meeting Minutes


April 21,  2015


Senior Warden, Glenn Bradley called the April 21, 2015 Calvary Vestry meeting to order at 6::34.  Derek Good, Julie Heinicka and Jim Yanacheck were excused.  All other members were present. 


Parish Prayer – We prayed our Calvary parish prayer and special prayers were asked for those in need of healing and spiritual strength especially our winter parishioners who are traveling north for the summer.


Necrology:  Susan Martin, Lee Hanna and Roger Watkins



LEADERSHIP – Cathy Athanson, Jo Simpson


Meeting Minutes: 

Glenn Bradley made a motion that the minutes from the March 10, 2015 meeting be approved as written.  Cynthia Laitinen seconded and the motion carried.


Developing a goal and action plan – Cathy Athanson/Jo Simpson:

Cathy Athanson stated that we must move this church forward.  Long term planning will get us from the known present to the future.  Cathy and Jo had prepared folders for each commission which contained an “Action Plan Template” and the goals for the different commissions.  Jo reviewed the “Action Plan Template” with us.  (See attached copy)


STEWARDSHIP – Cherie Smith

See the attached financials.  Cherie Smith stated that we are on the plus side right now but the report includes the monies from the Food Pantry and Winterfest.  She reminded us that we are headed into our own time so we need to watch our expenses carefully.  At this time the parking lot fees are earmarked to be split between youth work and the music program.  The form of the treasurer’s report is still a work in progress but we are getting close to the final form for our monthly reports.  Cathy Athanson stated that it would be very helpful to have a column showing last year’s figure for comparison in the treasurer’s report.  Fr. Roberts thanked Cherie for her wonderful work she has been doing in the absence of a treasurer.


New Legacy Society Members:

We have two new members of the Legacy Society – Betty Pink and a member who wishes to remain anonymous.


WORSHIP – Judy Marx

Holy Week/Easter Report:

Judy Marx reported that our attendance was down during Holy Week but that we broke even on Easter Sunday.   Fr. Roberts stated that we need to run some ads in the papers next year with our Holy Week and Easter service schedule.  Special mention was made of the beautiful music that Matthew Burke provided.


Flower Enhancement:

Judy Marx reported that Fr. Roberts has asked Dodie Spahr to make five sets of silk flower arrangements that will be used when we do not have memorials to cover the altar flowers.  It is estimated that they will cost approximately $150 per set.  It would be wonderful to have donors to cover the cost of these flowers.  Parishioners can contact Judy Marx, Dodie Spahr or they can call the office.  The cut flowers cost $30 for each arrangement and we can have up to three arrangements for each Sunday.  If we only have a $30. memorial gift the bouquet will be put at the Virgin Mary’s picture and the silk flowers will be used on the sconces.  It we have $60. (two arrangements) they will be placed on the sconces.



Confirmation – May 24th:

Bishop Dabney Smith will be with us on May 24th for Confirmation.  There will be one service at 9 AM followed by a reception in the parish hall.  We have seven of our youth being confirmed.


“Young” Families United Pool Party, May 30th


Youth Sunday in May


Summer Trips:

Middle School “Community of Hope” – Charleston, SC – July 25 – 31:

We have seven youth and four adults going to Charleston in July.  Scholarships are available (see attached form).


High School “St Michael’s Conference” – West Hartford, CT – August 2 – 8:

Emma Roberts and Megan Oeste are attending this conference.



In Derek Good’s absence, Fr. Roberts stated that the Crier articles are very important.  There were 75 hits on line for the Crier since our new Website started.  150 copies of the April Crier were printed and there are only 17 copies left.  He said that all announcements and meetings need to be filtered through Laurie Lawther, our parish secretary so that all of our activities get posted on the calendar. 


Join Calvary Facebook Page:

Fr. Roberts urged us to join the Calvary facebook page.


Visit New Website:

The new website is a great resource for new members.  Dianne Oeste reported that Megan’s teacher went to the website and she was in church because she liked what she saw on the website (and because she talked to Megan).  The website looks wonderful and things will be added continually.


FELLOWSHIP – Cynthia Laitinen:

Cynthia reported that fellowship has greatly improved in the last year.  She stated that she has received phone calls from people volunteering to work.


MISSIONS – Julie Heinicka:

No report


OUTREACH – Chuck Pond – Spaghetti Dinner – April 23rd:

Chuck Pond said that the spaghetti dinner is not only a fund raiser but it is fellowship as well  He said that outsiders are willing to help the church  He even has some outsiders who are making some of the spaghetti sauce. 


PASTORAL CARE – Jim Yanacheck:

No report




Open Property Work Day – May 2nd:

Phil Beauchamp has scheduled another work day on Saturday, May 2 beginning at 9 AM to help spruce up our church.  There were 35 volunteers here on the last work day.


Installed AC Units (2)

Fr. Roberts reported that the  2 new air conditioners have been installed.  We were about $2,000 short on the amount that was raised in our “red envelope” drive.


Honorable mentions - Volunteers of March Work Day:

If you have a suggestion for someone who deserves special thanks for something that has been done for Calvary, please let Fr. Roberts or  Laurie Lawther (Parish Secretary) know. 


Marquee repair:

Special thanks to Bob Lima and Kim Heinicka who now have our marquee working again.


Irrigation repair:

Special thanks also to Phil and Carol Beauchamp who contributed the money to cover the repairs to our irrigation system and also bought a new birdbath for the pet cemetery.


New Freezer install:

We are very grateful to the anonymous donor who provided a new upright freezer for our kitchen.



Vestry appointments with Rector

Fr. Roberts has met with Cherie Smith, Glenn Bradley, Chuck Pond, Cathy Athanson, Jo Simpson, Cynthia Laitinen and Judy Marx.  He still needs to meet with Jim Yanacheck, Derek Good, Dianne Oeste and Julie Heinicka.


Securing God’s House

Derek Good is scheduled to lock the church on May 3rd and Judy Marx is scheduled for May 10.  We need volunteers for May 17th, 24th and 31st and for June 7th , 4th, 21st and 28th.  Judy Marx will send a sign-up sheet to the vestry members to fill in this schedule.


Positions open – Treasurer and Jr. Warden/Vestry Members

Fr. Roberts said that we need to give prayerful thought to filling these two positions.  There will be a report at the May meeting.


Approval of the Parochial Report

Chuck Pond made a motion that the 2015 Parochial Report be approved.  Cynthia Laitinen seconded and the motion carried.




Proposed Vestry Retreat at DaySpring May 9

We were urged to attend this retreat.  We have gone in the past and they have been very helpful.  Jo Simpson, Dianne Oeste, Cherie Smith and Judy Marx all expressed interest in attending.  Judy Marx will send an e-mail to all vestry members with the date and time.  Please respond to her e-mail and she will make the reservations.


Indian Rocks Family Sailing Association Fundraisers

IRFSA is planning to hold two fundraising events – one for the food pantry and one for the youth of Calvary.


Summer Schedule and Worship “Bulletin”

There will be one service at 9 AM from Sunday June 14th to Sunday, August 16th.  We will return to the two services on August 16th.  We will use a “bulletin” during the summer instead of our usual “customary”.  Judy Marx will enter the overhead information while Debbie Thayer is out for her surgery.



Summer youth scholarship approvals

Fr. Roberts stated that money has been given by generous benefactors  so that we can give scholarship assistance to our youth who need them to attend summer camps or mission trips.  Glenn Bradley made a motion that we approve the scholarship program for our Calvary youth with a report to follow showing that the scholarships did not exceed the budget.  Cynthia Laitinen seconded and the motion carried.


Proposed Vestry summer social/vacation schedules for Clergy/Vestry

The Vestry summer social meeting will be on May 19.  The place and time will be determined at a later date.


Crier Deadline –

The next Crier deadline is March 26th.   This will be the June/July/August issue.


Next Vestry Meeting – May 19, 2015  -

Potluck social with spouses


Closing Prayer

Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.



Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry



















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