Vestry May Minutes

June 26, 2015

Approved June 22nd, 2015


Calvary Episcopal Church Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2015

The May vestry meeting of Calvary Episcopal Church was held at the home of Kim and Julie Heinicka on May 19, 2015 beginning at 6:30 PM.  The meeting was a pizza social with spouses since this is our last meeting until

September.  Fr. Roberts thanked the Heinicka’s for hosting the vestry and he began the meeting with a blessing for the food and thanksgiving for the work of the vestry with special prayers for John Mortellite and his family.


Fr. Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.   All members were present except Cherie Smith who is out of town and excused. 


Leadership – Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson – Cathy and Jo led a discussion to review and reflect on the accomplishments of this vestry.  Cathy stated that personnel determine the potential of our church.  Structure determines the size of Calvary and vision determines the direction we will take.  Leadership determines the success of this parish.  If we can’t influence others, we can’t lead.  No matter how competent we are, we will have to improve and renew our capabilities.  Jo reviewed some of our accomplishments -  music, spaghetti dinner, hospitality, Cursillo weekend, our parish nurses, our youth work, the Crier, the parking concession, the Wednesday night family nights – just to name a few.  Leadershipship vision will start new beginnings in September at a proposed vestry retreat.Fr. Roberts said that he would like each commission do a one page report for the annual meeting showing what each commission has done this year and what we are going to do.  This will become a wonderful tool to recruit volunteers for each commission’s work


Meeting Minutes: Judy Marx reported two corrections to the April 21st meeting minutes.  In the Stewardship  paragraph, 2nd line the words “own time” should be “down time”.  On page 4 the Crier deadline should be May  26th, not March 26th.  Chuck Pond moved that the minutes of the April 21, 2015 vestry meeting be approved as corrected.  Dianne Oeste  seconded and the motion carried.


Stewardship:  Glenn Bradley stated that we are still working to improve our financial reports.  Without a treasurer we can’t pull together some of the information we need to be able to again put the information in our Sunday announcement sheet.  All of our ministries are in need of volunteers but we really must have a treasurer.  The April financial statements will be filed for audit.


Old Business

Positions open on Vestry:  Glenn Bradley reported that we currently have a vestry position for a 1 year, 4 month term (Jerry Bradley’s seat) and the Treasurer’s position.  In September Glenn Bradley will be moving from the community which will leave a vestry seat with 4 months left open.  Fr. Roberts will name the Senior Warden and the vestry elects the Junior Warden and the Treasurer.


Summer Schedule and worship “Bulletin”: Fr. Roberts reported that he will be on vacation June 28th, July 5th, and July 12th.  Fr. Michael Day will cover the June 28th and July 12th services and Fr. Hugh Bell will cover the July 5 th service.  Fr. Roberts will be in Charleston July 26th on a mission trip with eight of Calvary’s youth and he will be at a youth conference on August 2nd with two of our youth and Fr. Day will cover those Sundays.  There will be one service through the summer at 9:00 AM.  The customary will be a green card for Rite I and a yellow card for Rite II.  We will alternate these services throughout the summer.  A sample of this card was passed around


Securing God’s House:  Judy Marx distributed copies of instructions for securing the church.  The schedule was set for those responsible for locking.  The schedule is as follows:  May 24 – Derek Good; May 31 – Chuck Pond, June 7 – Chuck Pond, June 14 – Chuck Pond, June 21 – Jim Yanacheck, June  28 – Jo Simpson, July 5 – Derek Good, July 12 – Judy Marx, July 19 – Julie Heinicka, July 26 – Jim Yanacheck, August 2 – Judy Marx and August 9 – Jo Simpson.  Please secure your replacement if you cannot be there on your appointed day.


New Business

Check Signers over the summer:  Fr. Roberts requested that each check signer e-mail Laurie Lawther to let her know when we will be out of town so that we can coordinate two signatures for each check.  Glenn Bradley made a motion that we appoint Cathy Athanson as an additional check signer because all of our signers have trips scheduled for the summer.  Dianne Oeste seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. 


Online Giving Opportunity:  Fr. Roberts explained the on-line giving process to the vestry.  Currently Pay-Pal is available but they are not church oriented.  There are two other options we can consider: 1) Faithgiving and 2) Network for Good.   Both have percentages they collect at each transaction (3-31/2 %) along with month fee structures ($30-160).  Faithgiving actually has a life-time fee of $500 and that could be an incentive to use them.  Fr. Roberts will send information to each vestry person for us to review and suggested that we could vote by proxy on line if everyone is in agreement.  If not, we will hold off until September and keep using the Palpal app already on site.  It would be good to have this in place by September.  We would be able to set our own accounts and monies could be donated to the Food Pantry, parking or to our pledge, etc.


Proposed Vestry retreat in September:  Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson will organize a fall retreat for a Saturday in September to be determined at a later date.  It will be about three hours and will include lunch.  Hopefully we will have two new vestry members by then.


Building Use Contracts:  Fr. Roberts and Laurie Lawther are working on the format for the contract for use of our facilities.  There are several options being discussed.   A cleaning fee will be established and all will pay this so there is consistency in the clean-up and we can be sure the facility will be clean for our own use.  Vestry members will not pay a charge to use the facility.


Deacon Melissa Sands:

Name Badges:  Deacon Melissa suggested that we remind people to wear their name badges.  We have several new members who need badges. 


Safeguarding All God’s Children:  Derek Good, Jim Yanacheck and Laurie Lawther still need to take this course and several of us are ready for renewal of our licenses.  Fr. Roberts thanked Deacon Melissa for being present and for all her contributions to Calvary.



Crier Deadline: - The next Crier deadline is August 15.


Executive Committee and Vestry Meeting:  The next Executive Committee meeting will be at 6:00 PM on September 15th followed by the Vestry meeting at 6:30 PM.


Closing Prayer:  Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM and we celebrated Lynne Roberts birthday.


Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry

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