Vestry Retreat Minutes

October 25, 2015

Approved Monday, October 12th, 2015


Calvary Vestry Retreat Minutes and Notes “Sing A New Song To The Lord” September 12th, 2015  
Welcome and Prayer: - Fr. Roberts, Cathy Athanson Fr. Roberts welcomed the Vestry members to the retreat.  He thanked Mathew Burke for being here to share in the music.  He welcomed Marilyn Clark and Mike Alford and thanked them for their volunteerism.  He asked that we pray for Cherie’s health and for safe travel for Julie.  All members were present except Julie Heinicka who is out of town.  


Cathy Athanson stated that “dreams are possibilities that can become realities”.  She said that we need to be caught up in the rebirths as we “Sing a New Song to the Lord”.  


Jo Simpson thanked Laurie Lawther for putting our Vestry Handbooks together.  She reminded us that Calvary’s Mission is knowing Christ and making Him known.  Our agenda for the retreat follows this mission statement.   We then had a hymn sing along accompanied by Matthew Burke on the keyboard.  

Tell Me A Time  

The vestry split into three discussion groups for this activity.  The first group discussed Calvary’s Sense of Community.  The church is there in both good and bad times.  We celebrate our pluses. Calvary is a true “we” or “our” church.  We invite the community to share in our home.  We embrace all people as one.  The second group discussed when Calvary was at its’ best.  Calvary is Christ for us when we need it.  Our Food Pantry serves this community as Christ to those in need.  We as a parish reach out to the community.   The third group discussed Calvary as Apostles – those who are sent Forth.  Apostles leave the community and go out and spread the Word.  It is a chain reaction – not just one person but the parish community reaching out.  


Ah Ha Moments – Fr. Roberts Fr Roberts stated the church is the most dynamic organism that can model to the world how we are to act as a church.  The formation of our leadership is our greatest “ah hah” moment.  Christ always cared for people before He cured them.  We need to be open to challenge and change.  We are an organism – not a business.  We first have to care for each other.  If we don’t cultivate new leaders we are wasting our time.  Our placement as vestry members is God’s doing.  Ah ha – God’s at work!  


Long Term Planning – Jo, Cathy In long term planning we move from talk to action.  If we put a goal down and it doesn’t happen – it is not a failure – we may need to modify it.    
Outreach – Chuck Pond – Know Him and Make Him Known – Chuck would like to put a welcoming message from each vestry member explaining our commissions.  Goal – 1) Proclaim news of Jesus – Membership will increase  2) Increase awareness – commission welcome messages  
Fellowship – Cynthia Laitinen – Opportunities for Christians to work together.  Goal – 1) Sharing/food preparation – Wednesday night family nights – sign-up volunteers  2)  Re-meet after the first of the year – year long project


Worship – Judy Marx  - Action – 1)  Vestry make Sunday announcements  2) Ministry Sunday – January 10, 2016 – Goal – Increase congregation participation in church activities.  
Sr. Warden – Mike Alford – Facilitate communications – United – will add and multiply  


Leadership – Jo Simpson – Vestry awareness – Review By-Laws and update them; Governance – oversight – Strategic planning process  


Stewardship – Cherie Smith – Stewardship is a way of living – time, talent, treasure.  Goal – Enhance relationship between Finance Committee and Vestry – Policy Finance Committee; Comprehensive Financial Picture; Talk stewardship year round  


Communication – Derek Good – Family Day; Vestry Dinner – Explore Indian Rocks Beach Newsletter.  Crier articles should be in by the 25th of each month.  Energize parish to contribute articles to the Crier.  


Christian Education – Dianne Oeste – Need volunteers – scheduling speakers/activities; Wednesday night dinners; Families United activities  


Pastoral Care – Jim Yanacheck – From an Alzheimer’s support group at the parish and include the community; monthly resources – start by November   
The Right Family – Cathy The objective of this activity is to stress the importance of active listening and to illustrate the barriers to active listening.   


Vestry Tools (By-Laws and Yearly Calendar) – Jo and Cheri By-Laws – Jo – Need to be reviewed every three years.  We are better governed when there is policy and procedure.  Fr. Roberts will send us the three pages of Calvary By-Laws.  We need to review these before the October meeting so we can have workable, current and updated By-Laws.  


Yearly Calendar – Cherie – We need, as a vestry, to know what is going on in this parish.  We need to have a copy of the calendar at the front desk.  It should also be in the Crier and on the Web-site.  We need to be able to look during the current month to see what is coming up in the next month.  The calendar needs to be easily modifiable.       
Operations Business – Fr. Roberts  
Cherie Smith moved that Mike Alford be appointed to fill Glenn Bradley’s term on the vestry that expires in January 2016 and that Marilyn Clark be appointed to fill Jerry Brewer’s term on the vestry that expires in January  2017.  Cynthia Laitinen seconded and the motion carried.  
Jim Yanacheck nominated Julie Heinicka to be the Junior Warden.  Mike Alford seconded and the motion carried.  


Fr. Roberts announced that he has appointed Mike Alford to be our Senior Warden.  
Cherie Smith made a motion that Judy Marx replace Jo Simpson as a delegate to the Diocesan Convention in October and that Marilyn Clark be appointed to replace Dianne Oeste as the Alternate to the Diocesan Convention in October.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried.  


Cathy Athanson made a motion that the vestry meetings be changed from Tuesday night to the 2nd Monday night of each month beginning on October 12 with the Executive committee meeting 6:00 PM and Vestry beginning at 6:30 PM.  Cynthia Laitinen seconded and the motion carried.  


Calendar Items: September 23 – Confirmation Classes begin on Wednesday nights following Eucharist and supper.  This class will reaffirm what we know in scripture, tradition and reason.  
December 18 – 20 – Youth Musical – “The Christmas Mission Across America” – This will be a fund raiser – Rehearsals will be held on Wednesday nights – Lynne Roberts will lead this project with Matthew Burke handling the music  
October 4  - (Sunday) – Blessing of Animals  
September 26 – Acolyte Festival at St. Peters Cathedral - St. Petersburg  


Future Dates: March 11 – 15 – Calvary Lenten Retreat at DaySpring - $75.00 overnight and 3 meals Time of Breaking Bread – Divide the parish into 12 groups – vestry member will host dinner and discussions  


Announcements: Fr, Roberts announced that our new Presiding Bishop is The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry.  He is our first African American Presiding Bishop and he was elected on the first ballot.  
Fr. Roberts asked that we pray for our Bishop, Dabney Smith who has been diagnosed with cancer. He is undergoing treatment and the prognosis is promising.   
Fr. Roberts shared that 330 + resolutions were passed at the Triennial Convention.   The Episcopal Church has agreed to bless same sex unions. Prayer book revision will come but not immediately. 
The church is needed and it is vital.  Our role is vital. There will be challenges to the non-profit status of churches.  This will be under review.  
Closure – Fr. Jon, Cathy, Jo  
Mission Prayer  
Respectfully submitted, Judy Marx Clerk     



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