Vestry Meeting - October Minutes

November 10, 2015

Approved Monday, November 9th, 2015


Vestry Meeting Minutes

      October 12th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:35pm


Attending: Fr. Jon Roberts (Fr. Jon), Mike Alford (Sr. Warden), Julie Heinicka (Jr. Warden), Cathy Athanson, Cherie Smith, Diane Oeste, Jim Yanacheck, Jo Simpson, Marilyn Clark, Derek Good, Chuck Pond.


Excused: Cynthia Laitinen, Judy Marx


Opened with the Parish Prayer


Cathy opened the meeting by sharing a brief passage concerning leadership. Successful Leadership is attained on the “emotional” level. The “Heart” precedes the “Head” when successfully leading others.


The Minutes from the Vestry Retreat were reviewed.  Marilyn Clark motioned to accept the    minutes. Cherie Smith seconded the motion. Approved by all in attendance.


Financial Report:

Cherie Smith reported while expenses have been curtailed and various fundraisers have helped offset some of Calvary’s annual shortages, the Church continues to operate at a deficit. The deficit is remarkably less than year’s past.  Cherie Smith reported the recommendation by the Finance Committee (FC). Upon completion of Year-End-Report, it was decided by the FC that the contract with the current CPA, Ellen Fontana be terminated. The relationship was necessary in the absence of a Treasurer, however it was not measuring up to our expectations of access, reporting and ease-of-use between our office and the CPA. All agreed that bringing this back in-house would, under direction of a capable Laurie Lawther and proven volunteers would benefit Calvary going into 2016.  Derek Good motioned to accept the Financial Report. Mike Alford seconded the motion. All approved the motion.


Cherie Smith reported that we need to bolster pledged giving in order to help build a budget that will compensate for projected expenses. Chuck Pond questioned why Calvary has a low percentage of Pledges by the congregation.  This led to the discussion entitled, “Journey to the Tithe.”  The Journey to the Tithe will be discussed and a 3% increase will be requested as we move forward. Jo Simpson questioned why a 3% increase was decided upon and Fr. Jon indicated this would help parishioners understand taking an incremental journey as most churches have “proportional” givers rather than “tithers” (10%). Jo volunteered to provide a brief article in the next issue of the Crier regarding the importance of “sharing” vs. “tithing.”


The ‘Pie Chart’ in the Crier will hopefully assist our Parishioners understand the importance of “Pledging.” The Pledge Campaign will begin during Advent as it was last year, starting November 29th.  Pledges will be brought to God’s Altar during the Doxology each Sunday of Advent.


During the Vestry Retreat we discussed having Vestry Members make the weekly announcements prior to Sunday Services.  It was decided that the Vestry Members who attend the 8:00am Service make the announcements at that service, and the Vestry members that regularly attend the 10:00am service handle those announcements. Jo Simpson will handle the announcements at the 8:00am service on November 1st, and Chuck Pond volunteered to make the announcements at the 10:00am service on the 1st of November. Fr. Mike Day will celebrate and preach at the Mass since Fr. Jon will be attending the CREDO conference 10/28-11/2 at Camp Logan in Canton, NC.


Fr. Robert’s Vision:

To broaden interest by Calvary members to our Commissions, Fr. Jon suggested that each Vestry member should plan, organize, and host an event totaling approximately 12 attendees per event.  It was decided that a Focus Group be organized to answer some preliminary questions and logistics concerning these hosted events.  Among the questions that should be addressed are the ‘location’ for these events (at the Church, home of the Vestry member, independent location) and the Time of day for these events are essential to a quality and well- received event.  Survey and questions will be developed by Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson for our Calvary members.




Finance Committee-  It was decided by the Finance Committee that some of the functions be brought back into the Church.(ie. Data Entry, check writing, etc..).We are currently paying an outside CPA approximately $500 a month.  Laurie Lawther is currently being trained on Quick Books to help alleviate these costs.  The Finance Committee recommended the termination of the contract with the CPA.   A letter will be sent with the required 60-day notice.  Chuck Pond motioned to accept the Finance Committee  recommendation.  Jo Simpson seconded the motion.  All approved the resolution.


Staff evaluations- 

Cathy Athanson will assist Fr. Jon by checking into the evaluations for congruency and accuracy.  Laurie’s is the next scheduled Evaluation.  At the time of her review in late November, Laurie Lawther will be offered a new title and increased responsibilities. Fr. Jon asked Cathy Athanson to review that evaluation prior to it being presented to Mrs. Lawther for accuracy.



Calvary has drywood termites in the Loft/ Balcony.  It was determined that Calvary does not have coverage for “dry wood” damage and infestation.  Tenting the Church is an option with an estimated cost of $10,000.00.  Julie and Kim Heinicka inspected the affected area.  After disassembling the affected area, they sprayed for the termites in the area.  The carpenter recommended ‘SWAT’ for treatment.  Derek Good has used the service recently and offered his recommendation of said company.


It is in agreement that we are still in limbo concerning cost and resolution of the issues relating to our septic line repair. Julie is currently in the process of working with Slaughter plumbing on an estimate.


The Organ Renovation project is COMPLETED! After seeing mention of the issue in the recent Crier, a parishioner, Denna Shiban contacted Fr. Roberts and offered to pay for this expense. The Vestry was most grateful for this charitable and designated gift and Fr. Jon extended a note of appreciation.


On November 7th, 2015 the south parking lot is expected to be raised and leveled for safety and to facilitate proper drainage by one of our parishioners, Mr. Terry England. 


Another essential need for the Parish Hall is a major updating of the audio/visual performance as needed for upcoming events.  Initial estimates are in the $24,000 range.  We will be continuing to look at more feasible options.


With the added room on the Eastside/ Waterside, ideas are being solicited.  We want the dock area to be better utilized and exposed so that people may choose to come to Church worship by boat. This would make us a most unique Church, attractive perhaps to our local residents.


The retiring Vestry members need to meet and become the “Nomination Committee“ in order to solicit and receive nominations for possible new Vestry memberships. These members include Cynthia Laitinen, Mike Alford, Julie Heinicka and Judy Marx. Mike is eligible for re-enlistment due to his satisfying of an unexpired term.


A very special thanks to Theo Komarnitzky and Susan Koester for their raising of $1675 by utilizing our parking lot for the Rocktoberfest event held recently at IRB’s Kolb Park.


Motion to close the meeting at 8:26pm by Cherie Smith.  Seconded by Marilyn Clark.


Respectfully submitted,


Jim Yanacheck

Acting Secretary






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