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December 10, 2015



Calvary Weekly Announcements

December 13th, 2015


Welcome Visitors!   Please fill out the visitor card located in the pew and place in the offering plate. We enjoy our correspondence with you. Please include your information so we may get to know you.



Upcoming Events and Notices

Saturday, December 12th                    10:00 am               2nd Annual Cookie Bake

                                                                7:00 pm                 PSCF&R Christmas Party, Parish Hall

Sunday, December 13th                      8:00 am                 Rite I "Traditional" Holy Eucharist

                                                                10:00 am               Rite II "Family" Holy Eucharist

                                                                                                Youth Sunday

                                                                6:00 pm                 Youth:  Musical Rehearsal

Tuesday, December 15th                    8:00 am                 Morning Prayer

10:15 am               Sit and Be Fit

Wednesday, December 16th              6:00 pm                 Sung Evensong  

                                                                7:00 pm                 Youth:  Musical Rehearsal

Thursday, December 17th                   6:30 / 7:30pm       Bells / Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, December 20th                      3:00pm                   “Christmas Mission Across America” Musical.

~ Please visit for more calendar updates.


Nametags:  We encourage all parishioners to wear their nametags.  
~If you do not have a nametag please contact Laurie Lawther:


Crier:  Please pick up your monthly Crier Newsletter at the Narthex or the front desk.

~ If you would prefer an electronic version please contact Laurie Lawther (


Offering Envelopes: If you requested offering envelopes they are available for pick up at the front desk.


2016 Calendar:  If you would like a 2016 calendar they are available at the front desk.  $1.00 donation appreciated.


Christmas Flowers:  If you’d like to donate for flowers or other Christmas decorations please fill out the green form located at the narthex and the front desk.  Deadline is Monday, December 14th.


“The Christmas Mission across America” - One additional practice for the play on Sunday December 13th from 6-8pm. This will be a combined practice with agents and musicians. Please see Lynne if you are unable to attend.


Good News Daily:  Bible Reading Fellowship is committed to the Church's classic teaching that the Bible is the inspired word of God.  Pick up your copy at the Narthex.


Thank you!   We would like to thanks Father Bob Wagonseil and the Indian Rocks Family Sailing Association (IRFSA) for raising awareness and support to feeding the hungry with the recent 1st Annual Ted Irwin Regatta.  This event, held at Calvary last Saturday had over 30 Intrepid Sailors and about 20 boats launched from “Calvary Cove.”  The event raised over $5,000 and proceeds were given to the Beach Community Food Pantry and the IRFSA.



Vestry:  The nomination committee, Judy Marx, Julie Heinicka, Cynthia Laitinen and Father Jon, is taking names up to Wednesday, December 16th, for anyone interested in serving on Vestry.  All nominees must be in good standing with the church.



Pledges:  It’s time for us to prayerfully discern our financial pledges to Calvary.  We will take, “A Journey to the Tithe” and collect pledges throughout the Sundays in Advent.  Today is the second Sunday in Advent.  Pledge cards are available in the narthex.  Our goal is to receive 70 pledges totaling $170,000.  We currently have 35 pledges totaling ~$105,000.  You are invited to bring your pledge to the altar during the doxology to assist in reaching our goal. 



Winterfest on the Rocks: is only two months away. Last year we raised $14,500 for the church. In an effort to help us reach our goals, this year we’re adding a raffle for a beautiful $1,500  Bote paddle board. The raffle tickets are only $10 each. We ask your help, both, in selling and buying these tickets. Tickets are available at the office during the week or after church service at the front desk.  If you have questions regarding Winterfest please contact Cherie Smith, Betsy McKenna or Bill Athanson.



Serving this Sunday:


8:00 am




Susan & Harvey Brillat

Jim Yanacheck, Mike Alford



Sue Harry

Mary & Rick Schock



TBA Youth

Terra Kingston, Grace Alford, Jordan Coker



Cherie Smith, Shirley McAllister, Chad Olson

Martha Kelley, Judy Marx, Rich Deary




Garret Fisher, David Yanacheck, Terra Kingston, Cedric Fisher, Megan Oeste




Youth Musical production – “The Christmas Mission across America” Musical Play NEEDS YOUR HELP.  We are in need of a Stage mom and/or dad.  Please see Lynne Roberts if you have any questions.

Please consider donating the following items to the church that will help make our play a success.



  • Inflatable or artificial Palm Tree

  • Inflatable or any tall Lighthouse

  • Hats with earflaps, mittens or hats for “northern climate”




Singles Christmas party:  Calling all singles...mark your calendar for the Christmas party on Friday, Dec. 11th.



In Peace, …let us pray to the Lord”  Please make use of this intercession list during the Prayers of the People and in your daily prayers.  A running list is kept by our Clergy and Prayer Team as we pray daily for those listed.


For those in need of prayer (updated by the Prayer Team) Tommie Stone, Emily Stimson, Muriel Burton, Judy Clemens, Dorothy Cox, Helen Dunbar, Greg Pappas, Sandra Schock, Bud Schock, Bettie Benson, Shirley Steele, Suzanne Lovell, Ginger Motley, Denise Carter, Douglas Carter, Christine Carter, Lyneve Ramsey, Connie Dodson, Jann Komarnitzky, Brian Winter,  Rosemary Benoit, Elizabeth Kennedy, Naomi Virginia Kennedy, Cherie Smith, Judy Pierce, Alese Rocke, Adrianna Shaw, Carolyn Goodwin, Renie Lehman, Shawn Ingledue, Brian Mooney, David Edstrom, Bob Hunter, Katherine Turner, John Catalano, Ginger Motley, The Very Rt. Rev. Michael Curry (our presiding Bishop)

~Prayer request cards can be located in each Narthex and at the front desk.

~If you would like to donate flowers or candles please contact Laurie Lawther:


Birthdays:  Ileana Okonkwo, Patricia Call, Grace Alford, Jacob Alford, Carol Carpenter, (PSF&R) Chris Crowley, Ryan London, David Maratin


Anniversaries:  David & Karen Hillegas

~If we missed your birthday or anniversary please contact Laurie Lawther:





Calvary Episcopal Church

1615 First St., Indian Rocks Beach, Florida


Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 3:00pm, Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm


Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dabney T. Smith

           Rector: The Rev. Jon Roberts                 (941) 806-7232

           Deacon: The Rev. Melissa Sands           (727) 744-2522

           Music Dir.: Mr. Matthew Burke                (407) 618-6702

           Parish Admin.: Mrs. Laurie Lawther        (727) 595-2374

           Receptionist                                            (727) 595-2374







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