Vestry Meeting - November Minutes

January 2, 2016

Approved Monday, December 14th, 2015


Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

November 9th, 2015

The November vestry meeting of Calvary Episcopal Church was called to order by Fr Roberts at 6:33 PM in the east classroom of the parish hall.  All members were present except Mike Alford who was out of town and excused.  The meeting began with the parish prayer and with special mention of those in need of prayers. 



Fr. Roberts welcomed the members of the Vestry and he shared how much he enjoys and looks forward to our meetings.


Leadership Perspective

Cathy Athanson distributed copies of the Vestry Goals and Expectations that she and Jo Simpson have prepared.  Cathy stated that goals are the core of our missions as Vestry.  Those who are interested in serving should be familiar with these goals.  Jo Simpson will ask our Parish Administration, Laurie Lawther, to put these goals on Calvary letterhead and they will be posted at both entrances, in the receptionist’s area and in the Parish Hall. 


Old Business


Minutes to be approved form last meeting:  Fr. Roberts thanked Jim Yanacheck for taking the minutes at the October 12th meeting.  Cherie Smith made a motion to accept the October 12th minutes as written.  Marilyn Clark seconded and the motion carried.


Treasurer Search Update:  Fr. Roberts stated that several people have been approached.  We continue to work at finding a treasurer as soon as possible.


Vestry Small Group Meetings:  Jo Simpson said that she has received minimal returns of the questionnaires that were distributed.   She feels that most people would like to have the meetings in the church to start.  Most people are for the small group meetings but they are cautious.  We as vestry members need to listen and guide.  It might be better to begin the meetings after New Year’s Day rather than before Christmas.  It was suggested that a group like Altar Guild, the choir or the ushers and greeters invite a member to attend with them to get the meetings started and the word will get around that the meetings are good.  Communication is very important.


New Format to Sunday Announcements:  Fr. Roberts is very happy with the way the announcements are going.  Beginning next Sunday the announcements at the 10:00 service will follow the passing of the peace.  This will help quiet the congregation following the peace and those who arrive late will be there to hear the announcements.   The 8:00 announcements will be done at the beginning of the service.


Fr. Robert’s CREDO experience:  Fr. Roberts shared his feeling about his CREDO conference.  The conference was hosted by the Church Pension Group.  He stated that there were four areas of emphasis; vocation, spiritual, physical and financial.  It is suggested that a priest attend this conference three times in their career.  There were 17 attendees.  Fr. Roberts stated that God has really blessed him.  He came home with lots of wonderful ideas.  He came away with something different than what he went into the conference with and he thanked Calvary for letting him attend.


By-Laws:  Jo Simpson briefly reviewed the proposed changes to the present By-Laws.  In our previous audit it was stated that the clerk must record by name all electronic votes.  In the discussion is was stated that we must include the process for operating when our rector is away or when we do not have a rector.  It was also stated that there should be no less than nine monthly meetings per year.  The Vestry must approve expenditures of $1,000 and over.  Jo also stated that there needs to be a paragraph in the By-Laws about the Finance Committee and the Endowment Fund.  All thanked Jo for a job well done.  Fr. Roberts stated that he would like to have the By-Law revisions fully approved by the December meeting.



Financials (Balance Sheet, P&L, Budget YTD, Budget MTD):  Cherie Smith stated that we need to continue the policy that “if we don’t need to spend the money – don’t”.  Investments are down.  Our insurance costs are up.  We need a Treasurer badly.  Cherie said we need to better communicate to the parish members the importance of pledging.  She said that stewardship needs to be discussed in the small groups.  Cynthia Laitinen made a motion to accept the October financial reports.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion was

approved unanimously.


November Crier “General Financial Statement” review:  The Vestry reviewed the graphs as they appeared in the Crier.  We need to find a way to simplify the message.  Cherie Smith suggested that under Revenue, we should list only Pledge (Members); Non-Pledge (Members) and Plate (Visitors).  Derek Good stated that the deadline for the December Crier is November 19th because he will be going out of town.


Pledge Campaign:  The pledge campaign officially begins the first Sunday in Advent (November 29th) although some have already been turned in.  The pledge cards are at both entrances, at the receptionist’s desk and in the Crier.  We need to send them to those who are not able to attend church.


Budget:  Cherie Smith stated that budget will be presented as soon as possible.



Termites in Loft/Balcony:  Julie Heinicka reported that she would like to change our pest control company to SWAT.  They will be able to take care of all of our extermination needs instead of dealing with several different companies for different problems.  The termites have been treated in the loft and she is continuing to work on this problem.


Septic Line Repair:  Money was given toward this project and it is being worked on.


Organ Renovation:  Money was given for this project and it is completed.


South Parking Lot:  Terry England has improved our south parking lot and it is greatly improved.  He still has more work he plans to do there. 


Parish Hall A/V:  Kim Heinicka is working with a friend to redo what we have.  They will do it as economically as possible. 



Vestry Commission Videos:  Chuck Pond reported that Fr. Roberts will make the first recording.  Each of us will record a brief statement about our ministry for the web site.


Chuck also reported that he is looking into sending post cards about Calvary to new residents who move to the beach.  These will serve to welcome new people.


New Business

Leadership – Vestry Nominations:  Fr. Roberts asked that each Vestry member submit two names to Judy Marx of people we would like to see run for the Vestry.  After the names are received the committee of Cynthia Laitinen, Julie Heinicka and Judy Marx will approach them.  These names need to be submitted by November 15th.  The deadline for receiving nominations is December 15th. 



Vision for our East/Waterside:  Several ideas have been talked about.  We are still dreaming about this project.


Calvary Clean-up Day:  Julie Heinicka reported that Phil Beauchamp will be in charge of this day.  It will probably be in the middle of December. 


Outreach:  Fr. Roberts reported that Mary Reynolds and Tom Monk have joined Calvary recently.


Housekeeping – Securing God’s House/Sign Up:  Fr. Roberts reported that this is going very well.  Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin boards in the counting room and in the vesting room.  Julie Heinicka asked that when we leave the church we make sure the door closes securely behind us.  We still need someone to volunteer for December 20.  Judy Marx will send out a new sign-up sheet for the first of the year very soon.


Quick glance at the annual calendar – Fr. Roberts mentioned several upcoming dates:

            November 14 – 7:00 PM – Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service at St Jerome’s Catholic Church

December 5 – Ted Irwin Sailing Regatta – all proceeds go to the food pantry

            December 6 – IRB Christmas Parade – Calvary’s youth will be on the Jolly Trolley

            December 19 – Boat Parade party at Chuck and Peggy Pond’s home

            December 20 – “A Christmas Mission Across America” – Musical put on by the youth as a fundraiser

                                     Adults $5.00 – Youth $2.00 – Proceeds go to youth work and the music department

            December 24 – service times TBA – the early service will have the children’s pageant.



Next Crier Newsletter deadline:  Derek Good asked that we get our information to him by November 19th because he and Cyndi will be out of town.


Next Executive Committee and Vestry Meeting:  The next Vestry Meeting will be on December 14th, 2015  (6/6:30 pm resp.).


Closing Prayer

Fr. Roberts led us in the closing prayer.  Dianne Oeste made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Jo Simpson seconded and the motion carried.   



The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.


Respectfully submitted,






Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry



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