Vestry Meeting - February Minutes

April 7, 2016


Calvary Vestry Retreat Minutes and Notes

“Lift Every Voice”

February 12th, 2016


Welcome/Introductions – Cathy, Father Roberts: - Cathy Athanson, Father Roberts

Fr. Roberts and Cathy Athanson (Leadership) welcomed the Vestry members to the retreat. Cathy informed us that the theme for this retreat is “Lift Every Voice”.  Jo Simpson and Jim Yanacheck were excused from the retreat.  She welcomed the newly elected members, Mike Alford, Kim Hienicka, David Kline and Rick Schock and Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer, Cathy Athanson thanked Kim (Julie) Heinicka, Derek Good and Dianne Oeste for providing and arranging the food for the retreat and Marilyn Clark and Judy Marx for setting up and cleaning up. 


Prayer – Father Roberts:  Fr. Roberts let us in an opening prayer.


Hymn Sing A Long – Matt, All:  Due to Matt Burke’s illness, the vestry sang “Here I Am, Lord”, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace, and I Want To Walk As A Child Of The Light” a cappella.   


Agenda Review:  Cathy Athanson reviewed the prepared agenda with the group.


“Thoughts on Leadership” – Cathy Athanson:  Cathy stated that leadership is an invisible strand and it is powerful.  Leadership creates unity out of disorder.  There must be a spark present.  She said that leaders must be born.  You have to have the passion.  The qualities of leadership are universal.  Leadership makes things happen.  You have to be able to trust your leader and know that that leader will serve the group without sacrificing the rights of the individual.  Timing is so important in leadership.  Leadership is trust and integrity.  It should never be destructive.


Heads, Hand, and Heart – All: –  Cathy next introduced us to Heads, Hand and Heart, our get-acquainted mixer.  We were each given a sheet of paper on which we were to draw our head, our hand and our heart.  Under the picture of the head we were to write down things that we know a lot about.  Under the picture of the hands, we were to write a list of the things we are good at.  Under the heart, we were to write a list of things that we are passionate about.  After we had finished writing we went around the room and each person reviewed what he or she had written.  Cathy reviewed the exercise by stating that our answers showed a great depth of knowledge.  She felt they showed humanness; that we are family oriented; that service is key, and that we have deep personal relationships.


Vestry 101 – All:  Cathy spoke about understanding our economy in these times of economic and institutional changes.  We as a vestry are responsible for the stability and health of our congregation.  We must be rooted in the gospel and its faith, hope and love so we can create a community of hope and unity.



Practices and Dispositions of Vestry Leaders – All:  We formed partnerships of two people each and Cathy distributed 10 statements..  The two person teams discussed the statement and then summarized their discussion to the group.  Cathy stated that conversation about leadership enriches us and allows us to grow.


What Do You See? – All:  Cathy then put four pictures on the board – a spring scene, summer scene, fall scene and a winter scene.  We then discussed what Calvary looks like through each of these scenes.  The responses were positive and full of hope for Calvary.  


Long Term Planning- All:  Cathy stated that the purpose of the retreat is to move forward in our long term planning.  We read Calvary’s mission statement and Calvary’s Vision statement.  Cathy stated that our goals are ideas transferred to workable plans.  Mission is the heartbeat of the church and the vestry is the oxygen that keeps us on a steady course.  Cathy suggested that we go to Episcopal Church Foundation on line and go to “Vestry Papers”.  She said there is a wealth of information on this website.


Treasurer’s Report – Phil Beauchamp:

Fr. Roberts then turned the meeting over to our new Treasurer, Phil Beauchamp.  Phil stated that with Vestry meetings being held on the second Monday of each month, we will not always have our financials ready.  He stated that we are now using Quick Books and we are bringing all accounting into the church through our Parish Administrator, Laurie Lawther.  Maria Gonzalez is helping Laurie with the spread sheets.  He stated that Tom Monk is going to be our Assistant Treasurer.  Phil stated that Calvary has two credit cards:  one is used by Fr. Roberts and Laurie Lawther and the other is used by the Beach Community Food Pantry with David Kline, Connie Curran and Tina Gallo.  There is a $2,500 credit limit.  There must be a receipt for each purchase and each statement must be reconciled. Tom Monk will be doing this.  Phil stated that the Calvary checking account requires two signatures.  Those eligible to sign are Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford, Kim Heinicka, Phil Beauchamp, Marilyn Clark and Judy Marx. 


Phil stated that there is approximately $562,000 in the endowment account at Merrill Lynch and $148,000 in the unrestricted account.  He said that Laurie Lawther, Tom Monk and Phil Beauchamp have “read only” access to this account and that Mike Alford and Phil Beauchamp are authorized to transfer unrestricted funds in the account.


Phil announced that Maria Gonzalez, Cherie Smith, Keith Oeste, Phil Beauchamp and Tom Monk will be the Audit Committee with Keith Oeste serving as chair.  Phil stated that the Diocese has guidelines and that we are working on being sure we are in line with these guidelines.


Phil told us that Bill Athanson is putting the Winterfest report together.  He stated that part of the success of Winterfest (venders, sponsorships, raffle tickets, etc.) was already guaranteed and did not totally depend on the weather.  Bill will soon report the final figure to the parish.


Amendment to the By-Laws:  Mike Alford made a motion that membership of the Finance Committee will consist of the Rector and up to seven members which shall include the Treasurer, the Endowment Committee Chair and the remaining lay members as approved by the vestry.  Marilyn Clark seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Finance Committee:  Marilyn Clark made a motion that Maria Gonzalez (Chairperson), Mike Alford, Keith Oeste, Greg Donham, Fr. Roberts, Betsey McKenna, Phil Beauchamp (Treasurer) and Tom Monk (Assistant Treasurer) be appointed members of the Finance Committee.  Derek Good seconded and the motion carried. 


Chuck Pond made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Kim Heinicka seconded and the motion carried.


Rector’s Housing Allowance:  Cherie Smith made a motion to accept the declaration of the Rector’s Housing Allowance for 2016 as presented by Judy Marx, Clerk of the Vestry.  Kim Heinicka seconded and the motion carried.  (See attached declaration)


Commissions – Father Roberts:  Fr. Roberts stated that we are better at what we do when we see through each other’s eyes.  He said we have responded quickly to the “commissions” model.  We need to have a vision and we need to know where we are going with it.  We need to share our talents and our strengths.  The following commissions were chosen:  Mike Alford –Stewardship; Cathy Athanson – Leadership; Marilyn Clark – Pastoral Care;  Derek Good – Connections; Kim Heinicka – Property; David Kline – Missions; Dianne Oeste – Christian Education; Chuck Pond – Outreach; Rick Schock – Worship; Jo Simpson – Leadership; Cherie Smith – Fellowship; and Jim Yanacheck – Pastoral Care .  We then looked at Calvary’s Website and listened to Chuck Pond’s presentation on Outreach and we watched Fr. Robert’s welcome to Calvary.  There were some suggestions made to make some minor changes but all were pleased with what has been done.    Fr. Roberts stated that we need to refer our members to our website. 


Fr. Roberts thanked all the members of the Winterfest committee – a very successful day in spite of the bad weather.  He led us in a closing prayer and we sang the Doxology.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry






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