Vestry Meeting - April Minutes

May 10, 2016


Calvary Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2016


Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee consisting of Mike Alford, Senior Warden, Kim Heinicka, Junior Warden, Judy Marx, Clerk and Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer met at 6:00 PM in Fr Robert’s office.  All members were present.


Call To Order:  The April 2016 Vestry meeting was called to order by Fr. Roberts at 6:34 PM in the sailing room.  The Clerk reported that a quorum was present.


Attendance:  All members of the Vestry were present except Dianne Oeste.  The meeting was opened with the Calvary Parish Prayer followed by prayer requests from the Vestry members for friends and family.


Necrology:  Fr. Roberts asked that we pray for the families of those who have died recently: Greg Pappas, Judy Pierce, Ardelle Palace and Jean DeDi.


Welcome:  Fr. Roberts welcomed the Vestry.  He had copies of all the materials we need for the meeting tonight and it was decided that we can all print our own copies of the financials to bring to the meetings.  This will save a lot of copying expense.


Leadership Perspective:  Cathy Athanson spoke to us about the “Happiness Trap”.  The Happiness Trap discussion offered a reflection on the challenges that leaders might have in bringing about change to a satisfied congregation.  Satisfied parishioners want to preserve what is going well.  As the Vestry moves forward with long term planning they will want to build into their plans a teaching learning phase focusing on their evolving goals.  This should include print communication as well as inclusion of face to face dialog with the folks sitting in the pews. 


Rich Schock mentioned that we should take time for each other – to pray for each other.  It was decided that we will insert Vestry prayers in the Agenda following the Parish Prayer and before the Special Prayers.


Old Business

Motion/Approval of March 15th Vestry Minutes:  Judy Marx, Clerk stated that the minutes of the March 15th need to be amended on page 3 to read “Plans are proceeding for St. Michael’s Conference in July” and this should be August.  Cherie Smith made a motion to accept the minutes from the March 15th Vestry meeting as amended.  Mike Alford seconded and the motion carried.


Motion/Approval of Jan-Feb. Financials (Balance Sheet, P&L, Budget YTD, Budget MTD):  Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer reported that Laurie Lawther has taken the books over.  Phil presented two months of financials – January and February.  He said that Maria Gonzalez is staying on as Chair of the Finance Committee.  Tom Monk and Phil Beauchamp are on the Finance Committee as well.  We will be doing an audit and Keith Oeste will chair this.   Tom Monk and Maria Gonzalez will also serve on the Audit Committee.  Phil said that the Food Pantry is in good financial shape.  He also stated that Tom Monk will be reconciling the credit card statements and Maria Gonzalez will be doing the same with the Calvary checking account.  Betsey McKenna is working on setting up better counting procedures.  The next Finance Committee meeting is April 26th.  Phil said we are doing well the first two months of the year and the pledges are doing well.  We made $11,922 on Winterfest - $15,000 was budgeted for this.  Cherie Smith requested that we postpone the decision until next month determining the distribution of the community portion (not exceeding 10%) of the proceeds from Winterfest.  Chuck Pond moved that the Financials be accepted as presented.  Jim Yanacheck seconded and the motion carried.


New Business:

Finance Recommendations (if any):  There were no Finance Committee recommendations.


Audio Equipment Upgrade – Matthew Burke:  Matthew Burke presented a request to the Vestry to upgrade our sound system.  We have a proposal from Keith Gilliam from Greystone Digital Technologies in the amount of $ 1530.35 to do this work.  This proposal will tie our sound quality with a boom mike which will tie into our system.  The boom mike will be on a stand and it will have a wireless pack.  This mike could also be used in the parish hall when we have events there.  It was suggested that we make a special announcement on Sundays and put an article in the Crier seeking donations to cover this project.  Matthew has written a special setting for the 100th Psalm which he will be doing on April 17th.   David Klein made a motion that we accept the Greystone Digital Technologies proposal and get the system installed by Sunday, April 17th.  Jo Simpson seconded the motion and all members approved.


“The Ten Great Commissions” – Important dates/events


  • Leadership:  Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson sent goals to each commission chair and all agreed that these were a great help.  Cathy and Jo will offer support to anyone who needs assistance in goal writing and action planning.  They reminded the members to be thinking of the script they want to use pertaining to their commission for the video on the Website.  These should be very short – no more than one or two minutes.  They also asked that each person submitting an article about their commission to The Crier include their name, E-mail address and their Commission to each submitted article.


May Vestry Retreat at DaySpring – May 7:  Judy Marx has made reservatons for Cathy Athanson, Marilyn Clark, David Klein, Judy Marx, Rick Schock, Jo Simpson, Cherie Smith and Fr. Roberts.


  • Stewardship:  Parking lot fundraisers (March 13th $ 266.00 from the Bluegrass Festival


Online Giving:  Mike Alford stated that we need to provide alternative methods of giving to our younger members.  We have “I give on line cards” that can be put in the collection plate.  We need to set up the web site or portal for online giving.  The cost is about $500 to $600 per year to imbed the giving in the website.  The companies are reducing their margins.  Right now it is about 3% of the amount given.  Fr. Roberts stated that if we get one new member we will justify the expense.  He referred us to the article in the April/May Crier.


  • Worship:  Holy Week & Easter summary:  Fr. Roberts thanked the Altar Guild, ushers, acolytes and servers.  He said that the attendance for all Holy Weeks services was about 1000.  Thanks to Greg Donham and his helpers, the church was beautifully decorated with palms for Palm Sunday.  There are a couple of new thoughts for next year – a Seder Dinner on Maundy Thursday and Stations of the Cross done on the beach on Good Friday morning.  The Easter Vigil was not well attended but is a very important service.  We need to have baptisms to increase our attendance.  There were about 80 people at the Sunrise Service, 80 at 8 AM and 265 at the 10 AM service. 


Combined Summer services (9 AM):  We will have one service at 9 AM during June and July and will resume two services on August 7th prior to the beginning of school on August 10th. 


  • Pastoral Care:  Prayer Team:  The Prayer Team is one of our most successful ministries at Calvary.


LEVs:  We need to recruit more Lay Eucharistic Visitors and we are starting a new group – Lay Pastoral Care (LPC).  We will try to set up a life-line with families of those who have no family in the area.   If we haven’t seen someone in church for two weeks we need to call them to see that they are alright.  Marilyn Clark and Jim Yanacheck are looking into arranging transportation for those who can no longer drive to church.  It was also suggested that there be Mapquest maps at church showing the way to the hospitals and the nursing homes.  We need to let our parishioners know that we want to help them to get to church.  It was suggested that we mail copies of The Crier to our shut-ins.


  • Property – Calvary Clean-up day (April 23rd):  This will take place from 8AM to  1 PM.  We will be pressure washing, trimming trees, washing windows, etc.  We need many volunteers.


Need Repairs/Improvements:  The lights in the ceiling of the church are going to be replaced with LED bulbs.  We will save money on the power bills and they won’t have to be replaced as often.   The door outside the Food Pantry into the south parking lot needs lots of work.  Kim Heinicka will be looking into this.  We now have hot water available in the building.


West doors of the church:  Kim Heinicka has received a bid of $900.00 to repair the stain glass windows on the west church doors.  Once they are fixed the doors will be painted red.  Kim Heinicka made a motion to accept the $900.00 bid and have the glass repaired and the doors painted red with the money coming from the maintenance budget.   Cathy Athanson seconded and the motion passed.  Jo Simpson will submit an article to the June/July Crier telling about the tradition of red doors in the Episcopal Church.


  • Christian Education   Adult Christian Ed. Class: - Class is going very well again.

            St. Michaels Conference – will take place in August

            The Living Church periodical – this is the periodical of the Episcopal Church

            World Magazine periodical – world reporting from a Christian lens

Chuck Pond suggested that we bring in a speaker about American Muslims.  Cathy Athanson suggested that we read “The Faith Club” by Ranya Idliby and Suzanne Oliver.


  • Outreach – New Memberships & Visitors:  Chuck Pond plans to work with the ushers to track our visitors from the cards they fill out.  It was suggested that we have some church business cards printed to give to new members that have a website and face book addresses.  A second mailing of postcards went  out in March.


  • Fellowship – St. Patrick’s Dinner (March 16) - $660.00 was raised from this event and it was suggested that it could be put toward the boom mike.

            Tea & Fashion Show cancelled (April 9th)

Cherie said that a northern parishioners potluck be held next year before they leave for the summer.  She also stated that we need more coffee hour help.

            Boating Day (April 16)


  • Missions – Food Pantry:  David Klein said that we need a business card for the Food Pantry.  They are going to make renovations to the Food Pantry and David is looking for a construction person and also someone who can design a website and facebook for the Food Pantry. 


Beachfest Vols, April 30th – The Food Pantry has been given the water and soda concession and they can also sell sausage sandwiches at Beachfest.  They need 30 volunteers – 5 volunteers per shift from 11 AM to 9 PM.  Most are needed from 1 – 5 PM.  The concession stand will be on the beach at the 18th Avenue entrance.   An e-mail needs to be sent to the parishioners looking for volunteers.  There will be some prepping work done in the kitchen on April 29th from 3 – 5 M and after 8 PM.  All proceeds from this concession will go to the Beach Community Food Pantry.

USPS Food Drop - May 14 – David Klein said the Food Pantry is ready for the food drive.  The trucks will not be arriving until after 3 PM.  They need volunteers from 4 – 7 PM.  The food will be sorted and labeled when put away. 


  • Connections  Next Crier is a June/July/August issue – Derek Good reported that the April/May issue of  The Crier is out and the June/July/August Crier will come out by June 1st.  The deadline is May 22nd.


Church Directory Progress – Derek said that the picture taking has been going well.  Some have not shown up for their appointment time.  He said there is no pressure to buy pictures.  We receive one free 8 X 10 and a free directory.  There is one more date scheduled on May 15.  All Vestry members must be in the directory.  Please get your appointment if your picture hasn’t been taken.


Other Announcements:  The next Vestry meeting will be held on May 9th with the Executive Committee meeting at 6 PM and the Vestry at 6:30 PM.


Closing Prayer:  Fr. Roberts closed the meeting with a prayer.


Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.




Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry






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