Vestry Meeting - March Minutes

May 10, 2016


Calvary Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2016


Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee was cancelled due to Mike Alford (Sr. Warden) and Phil  Beauchamp (Treasurer) being out of town.


Call To Order:  Fr. Roberts called the March 2016 Vestry meeting to order at 6:33 PM in the sailing room.  The Clerk reported that a quorum was present.


Attendance:  Mike Alford and Phil Beauchamp were excused (out of town) and Dianne Oeste was absent.  All other Vestry members were present.


The meeting was opened with the Calvary Parish Prayer followed by prayer requests including Kacy and Scharf Turner, Barb Annen, Jackie and Jim Emaus, Jo Montgomery, Larry Hite, Judy Clemens, Tommie Stone, Muriel Burton, Renie Lehman, Gene Chapman, Sandra and Bud, Baby Sophia, Tina Gallo and husband, Natalie and others. 


Welcome:  Fr. Roberts welcomed the Vestry and asked for God’s blessing in all that we do.


Leadership Perspective:  Jo Simpson read an enlightening passage from a book entitled “Jesus CEO” written by Laurie Beth Jones.  Following the reading Jo stated that when planning an activity we should always ask “Where is Christ in this event?”.   Jo asked us to think about “how often and what do we celebrate at Calvary?”  She said that Calvary celebrates Christ.  She said we should celebrate big and little things.  Through sharing with community, we celebrate both large and small things.


Old Business

Minutes to be approved from last meeting/retreat:  Cherie Smith made a motion to accept the minutes from the January 31, 2016 Organization Meeting as written.  Jo Simpson seconded the motion and the motion carried.


David Kline moved that the minutes from the February 13, 2016 Vestry Retreat be accepted as written.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion passed.


Email vote:  3/1/16 on acceptance of Parochial report:  Judy Marx, Clerk submitted the copy of the email vote to accept the Parochial Report (see attached copy).  It was suggested that Cherie Smith proofread items such as the Parochial Report before they are sent out for approval.


Financials (Balance Sheet, P & L, Budget YTD, Budget MTD):  The financials were not available for the meeting.  Cherie Smith reported that we made approximately $11,900 at Winterfest – a success in spite of the weather.  Letters of thanks are being sent to the participants.  Fr. Roberts thanked Cherie Smith, Bill Athanson, Betsey McKenna and Claire English. 


Cherie Smith stated that the Winterfest committee feels a portion of the proceeds from Winterfest should be distributed to the local community.  After much discussion Rick Schock moved that a portion of the proceeds, not exceeding 10% of the profit, be distributed to the local community.  The recipient(s) will be determined by the Winterfest Committee.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried.


Development of goals and action steps in our commissions:  Cathy Athanson suggested that we have our goals and action steps for our commissions at the April meeting.  These goals will then be placed on the website.  Reports should be submitted to the Crier as to our activities.  Each Vestry member should make an appointment with Fr. Roberts two weeks after Easter to video their commission spot that will appear on the website. 


New Business:

Calvary Signage: A new sign is needed near Guppy’s on Gulf Boulevard.  This sign is on city property.  It should be a nice sign and it should not be on a metal pole because of rusting from the elements.


Finance Recommendations (if any):  There were no Finance Committee recommendations.


Other Announcements:

Directory:  There are only five slots left for picture taking.  We will try to schedule the 1st Sunday in May for additional times.


Holy Week:  Fr. Roberts will meet with Pat Tarrant to decide how to make people feel very welcome during Holy Week.  There could be up to 1,000 people attending all the Holy Week activities.


The Easter Egg Hunt will follow the 10AM Easter Sunday service. 


The “Ten Great Commissions” points of interest are attached to these minutes.


There being no further business, Fr. Roberts led us in a prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.




Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry



















“The Ten Great Commissions” points of interest

Leadership:   Cathy Athanson suggested that we have our goals and action steps prepared for the April meeting.  She noted that a good photographer can help each commission share their activities.  She asked that each commission chair make an appointment with Fr. Roberts two weeks after Easter to video the spots for the website.


Stewardship:   In Mike Alford’s absence, Fr. Roberts reported that Susan Koester, T J Komarnitzky (and others?) had raised $277 from people using our parking lots.


Worship:  The torch needs to be repaired.  We need to have the Maundy Thursday Prayer Vigil sign-up sheet  filled so that it is covered through the night.  We need to invite friends and acquaintances to attend the events of Holy Week.  An ad for Calvary has been placed in the Beach Bee for two weeks with the Holy Week Schedule.


Pastoral Care:


Property:  A new Calvary sign is needed on Gulf Boulevard near Guppy’s.  The Calvary Clean-Up date has been changed to April 23rd.  Kim Heinicka (and Julie) are keeping up with all needed repairs and improvements.  All in charge of locking up on Sundays are reminded to carefully check all outside doors (including the one by the Food Pantry hall on the south side of the building.  Also be sure all air conditions and lights are turned off.     


Christian Education: 

Confirmation:  Confirmation instruction will resume on April 6th. 


St. Michaels Conference Plans:  Plans are proceeding for St. Michael’s Conference in August. 


Outreach:  Chuck Pond showed the first post card that Calvary sent to new people who have moved into our area.  100 post cards were sent. 



St. Patrick’s Dinner:  Susan Koester is in charge of this event.  It will be on March 16th and tickets are being sold.


Tea & Fashion Show:  Leslie Long is chair of this event.  It will be held on Saturday, April 9th and she has tickets for sale.


Boating Day:  All members of our church family who are interested will meet and go to an island by boat.



Food Pantry:  The food and produce supplies are excellent.  It is being well run and well funded.   We need to educate the workers that some monies should be spent for signage and publicity instead of only on food.  The Rotary Pancake Breakfast is Saturday, April 2nd and all proceeds go to the Food Pantry.  Beauty and the Beach is being held on April 30th and the Food Pantry will handle the sale of all non-alcoholic beverages.


Connections:  Vestry Crier articles are needed.  Each commission should submit an article for the Crier and it helps to have pictures with your article.



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