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Vestry Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2016

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee met at 6:00 PM in the office conference room. Junior Warden, Kim Heinicka, Clerk, Judy Marx, Treasurer, Phil Beauchamp and Fr. Jon Roberts were present. Senior Warden, Mike Alford was out of the country.

Call To Order: Fr. Jon Roberts called the May 9, 2016 Vestry meeting to order at 6:32 PM. The Clerk reported that a quorum was present.

Attendance: All members of the Vestry were present except Mike Alford, Sr. Warden who was out of town. The meeting was opened with the Calvary Parish Prayer followed by prayer requests from the Vestry members for friends and family.

Necrology: Fr. Roberts asked that we pray for the families of those who have died recently: Tommie Stone, Judy Clemens and Muriel Burton.

Welcome: Fr. Roberts welcomed the Vestry.

Old Business

Motion/Approval of April 11th Vestry Minutes: Judy Marx, Clerk stated that the minutes of the April 11th Vestry meeting need to be amended on page 3, paragraph 4 to read “West doors of the church: Kim Heinicka has received a bid of K$900.00 to repair the stain glass windows on the west church doors.” (not the north doors as stated in the minutes. Kim Heinicka moved that the minutes of the April 11th meeting be approved as amended. David Kline seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Balance Sheet, P&L, Budget YTD/MTD; Motion/Approval of Jan.-Feb. “Financials”: Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer, reported that we are $11,654 below our budgeted income. Our year to date loss is $10,504.00 and we had budgeted a gain. There are several reasons for this. Due to inclement weather, Winterfest made several thousand dollars less than we had budgeted and some of the booth rental money went in last years’ income report. Also the Tea and Fashion Show was cancelled and we had budgeted $2500.00 for this event. Phil stated that our cash flow started about $20,000 less than last year. We currently have $33,000 in our Regions checking account. Phil said that we need to have some income raising activities and we need to seriously look at where we can cut costs. We do need to be concerned. We need to supplement our income. Fr. Roberts thanked Phil Beauchamp, the Finance Committee, Maria Gonzalez and Laurie Lawther for all their hard work on the financials.

Jo Simpson made a motion to accept the financial reports as presented. David Kline seconded and the motion carried.

Finance Committee Recommendations: Phil Beauchamp – Phil brought two recommendations from the Finance Committee. After some discussion, Derek Good made a motion that Calvary’s pension contribution for our two employees be a 5% contribution rather than the 3% we have been paying. Jo Simpson seconded and the motion carried. This amounts to less than $300 for the year. Derek Good made a motion that Calvary set up a Line of Credit (LMA) from Calvary’s Merrill Lynch Investment Account. This would be available to temporarily meet any cash shortfall from our Operating Budget of significant Capital Improvement needs of the church, but is a loan obligated for repayment and pledged by our Investment Funds. Jo Simpson seconded and the motion carried.

Commissions Reports/Notables: Fr. Roberts requested that each commission prepare a written report for the vestry meetings that are to be submitted one week before the vestry meeting. These reports would also be the commission report for The Crier. He thanked Kim Heinicka and Phil Beauchamp for submitting written reports for this meeting. The next Crier deadline is May 20th. The next Crier will be the summer issue (June, July and August). Fr. Roberts will highlight one commission for each vestry meeting so the meetings are not so lengthy. Tonight we will hear from the Missions Commission and David Kline.

Leadership Perspective: Cathy Athanson focused on how important prayer was to vestry leaders as they planned for the future. Prayer connects our hearts, minds, and our voices. The Collect is a short but powerful prayer because it “collects’ the community and God into common spiritual ground. The simple act of prayer together is not ordinary to millions of Christians in the world nor was it to the African American slaves. Cathy shared information on the history of the Prayer Kettle, a black cauldron, a container used to gather all the prayerful hopes and dreams that the slaves lifted to God. Calvary is our Prayer Kettle and its walls are steeped in our prayers. Prayer enhances all that we do in our faith community and is the very foundation on which we plan for the future of our parish.

Missions Perspective – David Kline: David introduced Connie Curran, the chairperson of the Food Pantry. David and Connie reported on the figures from “Beachfest”. The Food Pantry earned $1335.06 profit from the beverage sales; $1,559.00 from the sale of food for a total profit of $2249.48. David said that this was a learning process and they gained valuable information from this occasion. Connie and David said they need a volunteer to handle the Food Pantry inventory. David also stated that the Food Pantry will be handling Holiday Meals from now on rather than Calvary.

Other Announcements:

  • Fr. Roberts stated that we need volunteers for the coffee hours. There will be no coffee hours after June 5th.

  • Dianne Oeste reported that the pool party will be on May 28th..

  • Cathy Athanson reminded the Vestry that we need to turn in our goals and action steps.

  • Chuck Pond suggested that we have a parish social during the summer on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.

  • The Vestry will have a June social at the home of Kim and Julie Heinicka. The date will be selected by Fr. Roberts and Julie. Each person is asked to bring an idea of a creative fundraiser to be put in the hat.

  • Fr. Roberts reported that the new microphone is in.

Devotion – Fr. Roberts: Fr. Roberts asked if we had been praying for the person whose name we drew at the last vestry meeting. All of us have been praying for our partner and we agreed that is has been a very inspiring activity. He then asked us each to think of one word that expresses what we would like to have our prayer partner pray for and, as he called each person’s name we spoke their request. Fr. Roberts then led us in a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Judith M. Marx,

Clerk of the Vestry

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