Vestry Meeting - June Minutes

September 15, 2016


Calvary Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2016


Call to Order - Attendance

Fr. Roberts called the Special Vestry meeting to order at 10:40 AM on Sunday, June 12, 2016 in the East classroom in Barge Hall.  Chuck Pond, David Kline and Derek Good were with us through the conference call option and all other Vestry members were present.  Also present were Deacon Melissa Sands, Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer and Judy Marx, Clerk.


Parish Prayer

Fr. Roberts led us in the Calvary Parish Prayer.  Prayers were then requested for the following:  Thanksgiving for the return of Martha Kelley, her daughter Beneria and granddaughter Cosette; Prayers requested for Caleb, Chuck Pond, Connie Curran’s brother’s family especially his companion Sarah who died recently; for Jackie Keech following the death of her family; for the victims of the shooting overnight in Orlando; in thanksgiving for the faithful service of Laurie Lawther to Calvary.



Those remembered are Tommie Stone, Barbara Annen, Herb Keech, Robert Keifer and Sarah.


Welcome and Introduction

Fr. Roberts extended an apology to Kim and Julie Heinicka for having to cancel our June Vestry Meeting/Social Event at their home on June 6 due to lack of a quorum.


New Conference Calling Option

Fr. Roberts mentioned that we will have a Conference Calling option available by our next meeting.  He then turned the meeting over to Sr. Warden, Mike Alford.


Main Purpose of this meeting

Mike Alford stated that the main purposes of this meeting are as follows:

  • Laurie Lawther’s resignation

  • Finance Committee’s Recommendations

  • General Fundraising in the fall

Mike then turned the meeting over to Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer.


Phil reported that Calvary is on the short end on the income side because of events that did not take place as planned and because some budgeted items have come up short on the budgeted items.  He stated that the Finance Committee has met 3 or 4 times this year.  At their last meeting Fr. Roberts shared with the Finance Committee that Calvary has been given an anonymous gift of $50,000.  The Finance Committee recommends that $25,000 be retained in the Operating Account and the remainder be deposited in Calvary’s Merrill Lynch - $15,000 in unrestricted and $10,000 in the Endowment Fund.  After much discussion, Mike Alford moved that we put $25,000 in the Operating Account and $25,000 in unrestricted funds.  Rick Shock amended the motion to read that we put $25,000 in the Operating  Account, $20,000 in the Unrestricted Account and $5,000 in the Endowment Funds.  Cherie Smith seconded and the motion carried.


Phil Beauchamp reported that the Finance Committee recommended that the small cash balance (about $6,000) that has not been invested in that has been maintained in the dividends and interest earnings for the Investment Account be retained in Cash Money accounts and not be reinvested in Mutual Funds.  Rick Shock moved that we accept the Finance Committee’s recommendation to put the dividends and interest earnings for the Investment Account in Cash Money accounts.  Jo Simpson seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Laurie Lawther Resignation

Phil Beauchamp reported that Laurie Lawther has resigned to accept a position with the YMCA which is closer to her home.  He has met with Laurie and they have discussed creating a part-time position to retain Laurie Lawther to do bookkeeping work for Calvary from her home electronically.  A job description has been formed listing the weekly/bi-monthly, monthly, yearly and miscellaneous items that Laurie will maintain (see attached Job Description).   Laurie will also keep the pledge roster of each parishioner to keep track of pledges.  She will come into the church not less than by-weekly to pick up and leave the work she has done.  She has agreed to do this bookkeeping work for $100.00 per week.  This will be paid as a contract and she will have no benefits.  Deacon Melissa Sands suggested that she keep track of her hours so we are sure we are fair in her pay.  The Finance Committee recommends that we change Laurie Lawther from Parish Administrator to the contract roll as bookkeeper for $100.00 per week.  Kim Heinicka made a motion that the Finance Committees above recommendation be accepted.  Marilyn Clark seconded and the motion carried.     


Finding a new Parish Secretary

Fr. Roberts stated that if this event had to happen, the timing is good because we are in summer activities which are much lighter than the rest of the year.  He has reached out to Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson, Leadership because they were instrumental in acquiring Laurie.  We are going to start a search committee and we need to get the work out that we are searching for a Parish Secretary and we have our job description.  Fr. Roberts has contacted the Diocese and they will advertise on their website.  The position will be posted on our website and we will contact neighboring parishes.  He will send the job description to the members of the Vestry.  We are looking for a 16 hour per week Parish Secretary.  We are looking for people with bookkeeping skills.  There is $14,800 left in the budget from Laurie Lawther’s salary for this year.  We do not have to pay benefit for 16 hours per week.


Fundraising Possibilities for Calvary

Several possibilities were put forth for fundraising activities in the new future.  These include:

  • Trivia Night – Sell tickets – Award prizes

  • “Carol’s Cooking Class” – Carol Beauchamp

  • Tea and Fashion Show – need excellent leadership

  • Purchase a popcorn machine – could be used for several fund raising events

  • Chili Cook-off combined with the boat parade in December

  • Church Cook Book

  • Wine and cheese tasting  with Matt’s band for music

  • Spaghetti Dinner

  • Car washes three or four times a year

  • Shrimp boil with Matt’s band  – perfect for the beach

  • Renting boat slips


We need to form a committee at large to work on this.  We need to get into the community to help with this fundraising with publicity and ticket selling. 


Fr. Roberts stated that he feels that with the monies we raise, a portion should be set aside to utilize Barge Hall space as a possible retreat center.  By doing this we can take advantage of our location.  It could hold vestry retreats, wedding venues, retreats for other parishes, etc. 


Constant Contacts Tool (an online software application – server based)

Fr. Roberts has purchased an annual membership ($320.00 per year) to Constant Contacts to allow three users (Fr. Roberts and two others) to be able to keep information intact and allows us to put a donation app on our Web Site.  With Laurie leaving the gathering of this information falls on Fr. Roberts and the volunteers.


Music Director’s Evaluation

Fr. Roberts and the Leadership team have reviewed Matthew Burke’s evaluation and he has sat with him to review it.  We are very pleased with Matthew’s work.  They talked about youth music programming for the future. 


Fellowship for the Summer

Denise Collins has volunteered to step forth for July to help out with coffee hour.


Fr. Roberts’ Schedule

Fr. Roberts will be out of town on Sunday and Fr. Day will be here in his absence.  Fr. Roberts will be here on Saturday for Tommie Stone’s funeral. 


Jo Simpson thanked Fr. Roberts for setting time aside for Barbara Annen’s memorial service before he leaves town.




Janitor Contract

Kim Heinicka stated that  the Jan-Pro (our custodians) contract has been re-worked.  They will be here once a week rather than twice a week for a total of $490 per week rather than $875 per week.


Chuck Pond

Chuck Pond thanked everyone for their prayers and well wishes during his illness.  He is ahead of schedule in recuperation.


Closing Prayers and Adjournment

Fr. Roberts closed the meeting in prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 AM. 


Respectively submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry










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