Vestry Meeting - December Minutes

January 22, 2016

Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2015


Fr. Roberts called the December 14 Vestry meeting of  Calvary Episcopal Church to order at 6:45 PM in the east classroom off Barge Hall.  Mike Alford, Marilyn Clark, Chuck Pond and Cherie Smith were excused.  All other members were present.  Fr. Roberts led us in the Calvary parish prayer and prayers were offered for all who are in need of prayers with special prayers for the musical on December 20.  Special prayers were offered for the deceased remembering Emily Stinson and Naomi Kennedy.



Fr. Roberts welcomed the Vestry members and announced that we have a quorum.  He welcomed Bill Athanson who came to tell us about the progress of Winterfest.  Bill said that last year’s Winterfest raised $14,500.00 and he is hoping we will make 20, 000.00 this year.  He said that we need more volunteers and there are sign-up sheets available.  He also said that we need more vendors.  Winterfest is February 6 and we were urged to spread the word to our friends and neighbors and to post the Winterfest  flyers. Bill stated that we have bought a paddle board that comes with a life jacket, a paddle and a tether for $1,000.00 that will be raffled  off.  The raffle tickets are $10.00 each.  Fr. Roberts told Bill how appreciative the Vestry is for the hard work that Bill, Cherie Smith, Betsey McKenna and rest of the committee have put into this wonderful fund raising project for Calvary and he urged us all to get involved.


Leadership Perspective

Cathy Athanson spoke to us about how we recognize great leaders and their effectiveness.  She said that often success is based on appearance and if that were true one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century would have been overlooked – Mother Teresa.  Mother Teresa had great influence over people around the world.  While there were those who disagreed with some of the positions she supported, she was highly respected; indeed she was considered one of the greatest leaders of her time.  As a vestry, our positive influence is a powerful tool in doing God’s work here at Calvary.


Old Business

Leadership – Minutes to be approved from last meeting

Jo Simpson made a motion to accept the minutes from the November 9 Vestry meeting as written.  Cynthia Laitinen seconded the motion and the motion carried.


By-Laws (See attached copy)

Jo Simpson led a discussion on the revisions she is proposing to the Vestry,  She said that the revised By-Laws are a blend of our original By-Laws and a template that Fr. Roberts found.  Many of the changes that Jo is proposing are grammatical or capitalization changes.  She is waiting for advice from the Finance Committee.  It is suggested that terms and rotation on the Finance Committee be patterned after those of the Vestry.  Fr. Roberts said that the Treasurer will always be the Chairman of the Finance Committee.  Jo Simpson asked that the Vestry send any feed-back directly to her rather than in a group e-mail.  The Vestry will go over the changes at the social meeting in January so the By-Law revisions will be ready for the Annual Meeting in January.  Cathy Athanson thanked Jo Simpson for her excellent work on the By-Law revision.


Treasurer Search

Fr. Roberts reported that he has approached one other member of our Church recently and he mentioned that another member has come forth with interest in joining the Finance Committee.  Those names were mentioned in trust and further discussion will take place.





Vestry Nominees

Fr. Roberts reported that Mike Alford and Rick Schock have agreed to run for Vestry.  Two of the other selected nominee candidates remain in discernment about running.  There are several other possibilities.    We need to have the bios of the nominees in ten days so they will be ready for the January Crier.



Vestry Small Group Meetings

Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson have met on how the small group meetings will work.  They suggest that we begin with a group that is already formed like the Altar Guild or the choir.  This will be tabled until after the holidays.  They suggest that the meeting would open with prayer; an explanation of the purpose of the meeting; an overview of the commissions; a review of our activities – what are the successes; opportunities to grow the church; a plan to go forth.  These meetings will be used to get a “view from the pews”  The meetings will close with the participants in a circle, holding hands with prayer and a hymn.


Vestry Video Project

This is tabled right now until Chuck Pond can return and present our progress.


Overview of Sunday Announcements

Fr. Roberts thanked the Vestry to changing the announcements at the 10 AM service back to the beginning of the service.  He also asked that we stay with the script and not ramble or make them more lengthy as people may be disinterested with too much information.



The Vestry reviewed the financial reports.  Derek Good made a motion to accept the financial reports as presented.  Julie Heinicka seconded and the motion carried.


New Business


Fr. Roberts stated that thus far we have 42 pledges turned in in the amount of $130,000.  Our goal is $170,000.  We had 68 pledges last year.  It was suggested that next year the Vestry should go up as a unified body to turn in our pledges so that the congregation sees our support.  He stated that Laurie Lawther has been attending the Finance Committee meetings lately to help with the budget process.  She will be sending copies of the Finance Committee meetings to the Vestry members.  Notice has been given to Ellen Fontana that her firm will not be retained after the first of the year and the work will be done by Laurie Lawther.  It was pointed out that we should celebrate the fact that we did not take any money from our operating budget from our bequests this year.  This is the first time in a long time that we have not used money from the bequests to subsidize our income.  The Vestry feels that this should be shared with the congregation.  We have a $4,700.00 deficit. 



Our Calvary Clean-up day will be held on a Saturday in January.  Julie Heinicka will work with Phil Beauchamp on this date and notify the parish.  Julie Heinicka has been working with C. C. P. Construction and they have submitted two bids – one for $1,750.00 for the interior work to repair the damage done by the termites.around the window opening upstairs.  The second bid is $2, 000.00 to do the outside work with scaffolding.  Derek Good made a motion to accept the two bids – 1,750.00 for the interior work and $2,000.00 for the exterior work.  Cynthia Laitinen seconded the motion and the motion carried.  Julie stated that we have cancelled our contract with Orkin and, as of the first of the year, we will be cancelling our contract with Terminex.  SWAT will take over.  Their annual fee is less for both jobs than what we have been paying Terminex.



Fr. Roberts reported that Tom Monk, Gordon Ross and Natalie, and Ralph and Kate Quarles have recently joined Calvary.  Judith Sterling has requested a transfer to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  She has not attended Calvary for several years.



Wednesday Night Dinners in the Spring

The Wednesday night dinners will start again next year as pot lucks.  We will have our soup suppers during Lent.  This should be mentioned in our announcements.  There was concern raised by Fr. Roberts that something should be thought about to offer to our families who have diligently attended for reasons related to Confirmation classes last year or the recent musical rehearsals in the fall.  He mentioned that the music band that Matthew Burke has developed for the musical is a good way to keep the youth engaged.  Dianne Oeste agreed that this was a good idea for some of the youth “on the fringe” who might become more involved with such an offering.  Fr. Jon will discuss this with Matthew Burke.


            Recruitment of 2017 Winterfest Leaders

Bill Athanson has asked that someone step up to lead Winterfest next year and we need to actively recruit this leadership.  This is a huge money making project for Calvary and it is important to have good leadership.



December       20th      “Christmas Mission Across America”  3 pm

                        21st      “Greening of the Church”  10 – 12 am

                        24th      Christmas Eve – 4:30/9 pm

                        25th      Christmas Day – 11 am


January          6th        Epiphany Holy Eucharist

                        9th        Next Vestry Meeting:  Epiphany Part at the Home of Kim and Julie Heinicka

                        31st      Annual Parish Meeting; combined 9am service


February        6th        Winterfest



            Securing God’s House/Sign up

All seems to be going well with this.  Sign-up sheets for Securing the Church and for the Announcements are located on the bulletin board in the counting room and also in the Vesting Sacristy on the bulletin board.


Other Announcements

Fr. Roberts announced that the we are running an ad in the Beach Bee for the musical and the Christmas service schedule.


Closing Prayer

Fr. Roberts led the Vestry in a closing prayer.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Judith M. Marx, Clerk of the Vestry


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