Vestry Meeting - January Minutes

January 30, 2016


Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

Epiphany Social/Vestry Meeting

January 9, 2016


The Calvary Vestry and spouses met at the home of Kim and Julie Heinicka for a brief meeting and social on Saturday, January 9, 2016.  The meeting began at  6:30 PM.  Cathy Athanson, Leadership Co-Chair led the discussion on the various commissions – our goals and our accomplishments.  They are as follows:



We worship God in heart, mind and soul and the work of the people ('Liturgy') is that corporate response to God's love. In Word and Sacrament we celebrate what God has done for us and this expression is found in our common prayer and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Evensong, Vestry making announcements, Ministry Sunday, Music, Morning Prayer on Tuesdays, Youth Sunday, Italic instructions in the Customary



Going out to serve others is the response to God's call to, 'walk in love as Christ loves us and gave himself as an offering and sacrifice.' Serving others should come naturally as it is a reflection of how Jesus loves us. A Mission can also be a place to serve that is unfamiliar.


Youth Mission Trip, Shoe Boxes, Food Pantry, Holiday Meals, Tree Lighting, Parking Lot, Winterfest


Christian Education

Teaching Holy Scripture, the traditions of the Church (history and liturgy) and encouraging areas to reason with one's faith, as it is informed by God's Holy Spirit is an intellectual journey that reveals the mystery of Jesus Christ. This is applicable to both youth and adults.


Mission Trip, First Confirmation Class, Families United



Everyone should reach out to their neighbors, family and friends, inviting them to join us in Church. In today's world people need good and wholesome community living more than ever. Keeping track of all our visitors is a worthwhile exercise, letting them know we are grateful they chose to visit and worship with us. Members should wear nametags in order for people to become known by all.


Post cards to new members, Welcome new members to coffee hour, video for Website, spaghetti dinner


Pastoral Care

Christians are to be 'pastoral' towards one another by caring and praying for the needs of others. You may be interested in volunteering as a member of the Prayer Team or become licensed as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) to offer such care and prayer. Volunteers are also called upon to go and visit those in assisted living, nursing homes, their personal residence, recovery units or the hospitals. This is time well spent and a blessing to assist the clergy so that everyone feels they are loved and given Pastoral Care.


Training for Eucharistic Visitors, Prayer team – list kept up to date, Flower delivery





We love having fun and we love spending time together in informal settings of fellowship. From hospitality offered on Sundays to special events and fundraisers, enjoying time together is so important. The kitchen and parish hall often become the central location for fostering these relaxing and fun-filled moments where we, 'Loving with food.' Those who enjoy working with a team who prepares for these events should consider volunteering for Fellowship.


Working together on Winterfest, Wednesday night dinners, Help on coffee hours, Shrove Tuesday pancake supper



Jesus taught his disciples to go out and make disciples of men. We need to be in a continuous rhythm of selecting and growing leaders of the Church for today and for tomorrow. We are always seeking new ways to grow and through the circles of leadership in the Church we humbly discover our own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Volunteering to be a leader is daunting for some but afterwards many will say it is the most rewarding experience they ever had. There are many areas of Leadership at Calvary, many committees and sublevels, but the 'Vestry' remains, per the Canons of the Church, the base of volunteers required to function and assist the Clergy in Leadership. They are elected at the Annual Meeting (January 31, 2016) by the congregation and consent of the Rector.


By-Law Revision, Looking at who the ministry leaders in the parish are, Replacements in place for retiring leaders



God has given us this amazing Church. Valued at over $4 million dollars, it is more than an investment of finances. It is an investment of blood, sweat and tears; joy and gladness; vivid memories of our struggles and triumphs through historical moments. It is a place of sacramental rhythm unlike any other, where we have come to worship and praise God in good times and bad. Each pew we sit, book we've opened, door entered, and cross lifted, has become a part of who we are. Under the leadership of our Jr. Warden, several volunteers are called upon to paint walls, clean windows, change light bulbs and troubleshoot repairs. On occasions of necessity and interest, we have held Capital Campaigns to renovate and improve our property. Stay tuned to the calendar and announcements on when Clean-up Days are held and volunteer. Inquire about how your skills in carpentry, drafting, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping may assist us and glorify God. Of course, those who have no skills but willing to roll up their sleeves and give some old fashioned 'grunt' work are much appreciated. With land and building, there is always something to build or maintain with our Property.


Many ongoing projects; Termite treatment ongoing, Rose window light, Work day to be scheduled after Winterfest, Replace lights, Back parking lot, Sacristry storage, Work for Youth Christmas Play including a new curtain for the stage



There is always a tendency to reduce the scope of the Church to finances. If we do not have the money to operate then we cease to exist. While there is some truth to the practical nature of how we operate, there is more to it than paying our bills. It is actually about what we give God of our time, talent and our treasure. Stewardship is an act of devotion to our Lord Jesus, accepting and inviting him into one of the most private areas of our lives. It is never 'our' money as we declare, 'All things come of thee O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.'





Active Finance Committee, No money transferred from investments to cover shortfall, we have a very generous parish, Maria Gonzales has stepped in to help in Cherie Smith’s absence



Staying connected as Christians is so important. The Great Commissions of Calvary are areas of growth and vitality. For those of every generation in the Church we offer a wide variety for you to be alerted to events and to retrieve information. We have discovered there are many different ways in which to communicate the things we do and in order to stay connected to all the events at Calvary they are listed here:


-Our Front Desk reception/volunteers

-Our Web Site,

-The 'Crier' monthly newsletter

-Weekly Announcements via email

-Sunday Announcements both verbally and in written form

-Sign up sheets at the Front Desk

-Signs posted around the Church

-Our front marquee sign

-Christmas/Easter newspaper ads


Cathy Athanson thanked everyone for their reports.  Fr. Roberts said the blessing and the meeting was adjourned and dinner was served.



Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry





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