Vestry Meeting - October Minutes

January 8, 2017


Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes
    Monday, October 12th, 2016    

Executive Meeting
There was no executive meeting because most of the Executive Committee was out of town.
6:30pm Vestry Meeting
East Classroom, Calvary

Call to Order – Fr. Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.   

Attendance – Mike Alford, Kim Heinicka, Dianne Oeste, Cherie Smith and Phil Beauchamp were excused.  All other members were present.  We did have a quorum.  Fr. Roberts led us in the Calvary Parish Prayer.
Special Prayers – Special prayers were offered for Cherie, for the victims of Hurricane Matthew, for Larry and Robin Hite, for Bob Fischer, for Cherie Peterman and family, for comfort, for our confirmation students, for Chuck’s sister, Debbie, for safe travel for the Oestes.

Leadership Best Practice – Cathy Athanson led us in a discussion about Long Term Planning.    She said that life has a past, present and future.  Vestry planning needs to be done in these terms.  We need to pause and think about Spiritual Long Term Planning.  She asked “Do we know where we are and are we effective?”  “What is God calling us to do?”  We need to pause and discern about our next steps. Our journey has to do with the climate of our church and our ministries.  Cathy spoke to us about Moses and Aaron – Moses’ job was to envision the future and Aaron was the voice of management.  Moses received the commandment – Aaron organized the daily life.  Both were needed for the journey.   Leadership needs to search for vision – management needs to take care of the travel.  Cathy asked “What is the holy conversation we need to have at this time?”  Where are we?  Where do we need to be?  We need to take our vision and move to the future. A planning process cannot be all vision without structure and direction.  How can we facilitate change?  Jo Simpson and Cathy Athanson will meet with Fr. Roberts to discuss this and they will report to us at our next meeting.  Cathy Athanson asked that each commission look at their future, thinking in terms of long term planning. 
Old Business 
September 12th Vestry Minutes – Rick Schock made a motion to accept the minutes from the September
12th Vestry Meeting as written.  Jo Simpson seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report/Financials – Treasurer, Phil Beauchamp was excused from the meeting.  Fr. Roberts      reported that the cash revenue is still in positive factor.  He suggested that, if we have any questions, we should wait to ask Phil Beauchamp. David Kline asked that he be given the names of those who give financial donations to the Food Pantry so that they can be properly thanked for their contribution.   This will be looked into.

Diocesan Rebate feedback – The Vestry recommended that the Diocesan Rebate from our assessment ($1,200.) be placed in Capital Outlay    .                

New Business
Indian Rocks Beach Christmas Card – Derek Good – Derek said that the Indian Rocks Beach Executive Committee would like to reestablish the tradition of the Citywide Christmas Card presentations.  The old ones were ruined by termites and the rest were lost in a fire.  The new cards will be made of a different material and will cost approximately $350 each.  Calvary’s card will be displayed by the church.  Fr. Roberts stated that there are several areas in our budget where this money could come from.  Derek stated that an artist friend of Cyndi’s could design our card.  Marilyn Clark made a motion that Calvary participate in the Christmas Card tradition with the city.  Jim Yanacheck seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Boat Slip Rental – Fr. Roberts stated that Bob and Shelley Clark would like to rent a boat slip behind the church for $300 per month.  The will provide Proof of Insurance, sign a year’s lease with Vestry sign-off each year.  Derek Good made a motion to rent a slip on our dock for $300 per month with a signed lease, proof of insurance and a hold harmless agreement.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried.

Discussion Topics
Church Attendance & Rector’s Communications (Fr. Jon) – Fr. Roberts stated that our church attendance is a bit lower, especially at 8 AM.  He feels there are several reasons for this – deaths, illnesses, the monetary crunch for the Canadians, to name a few.  The attendance at 10:00 is holding its own.   Fr. Roberts stated that he had received several comments about his article about the noise in church at announcement time.  After discussion it was suggested that the person making the announcements could start by ringing the bell that is used at communion time or saying “The Lord be with you” or both.  The announcements should be started a little before the hour.  He or she should pick three or four announcements to highlight and they should remind them to read the Customary to see all of the announcements.

Mutual Ministry Review (Cathy & Jo) – Cathy Athanson stated that we need to have reflection on how the life of the church is going.  We need to take an honest look at what is going well and we need to discuss how we can improve.  We need to assess the Rector, the Vestry and the Parish.  It was suggested that we could appoint a member from each of the parish organizations (i.e. Altar Guild, Choir, Ushers and Greeters, etc.) to assess the work of the Vestry.

Ministry Sunday (Cathy) – A discussion was held as to when this event should take place.  It should be held when our winter visitors are here.  This will be discussed and be brought up at our next meeting.

Clarification of Vestry Nomination Process (Cathy) – Cathy Athanson stated that the suggested names will be reviewed by Fr. Roberts and will then be given to the nominating committee to act on.

Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service (Rick) – Rick Schock announced that the Ecumenical Service will be held on November 15 at the Church of the Isles.  All Vestry members were urged to represent Calvary at this service. 

New Member’s Reception & Visitor’s gift (Chuck) – Chuck Pond reported that Marilyn Clark, Jo Simpson, Mary Schock and Cathy Athanson are on the committee to plan the New Member’s Reception.  Each Vestry member is asked to bring a bottle of wine and an hors d’ouvres.  Bill Athanson designed a beautiful invitation.  Each new member will receive an invitation.  We will hold another New Member’s Reception after Winterfest.  Announcements about the event will be made in church and in the Crier.  It was suggested that we ask Fr. Mike Day to be our facilitator.  

Church Directory update (Marilyn/Cherie/Judy) – Laurie Lawther has taken the directory home to work on it.  Cherie Smith, Marilyn Clark and Judy Marx will meet with Laurie Lawther soon.  

Liturgical change/administering H.E. (Fr. Jon) – Fr. Roberts announced that acolyte training will be held on Sunday, October 16 following the 10 AM service.  There will be a new way of administering communion beginning on November 6th (All Saint’s Day).  We will only need two LEMs on Sundays with this procedure.  There will be announcements made on Sundays and it will be put in the Crier and the Customary.

Food Pantry – David Kline reported that the Food Pantry will begin their renovations on Thursday, December 8th.  Everything will be moved out on the 8th.  The floor will be ripped up, new flooring will be put in place and new refrigeration will be installed   The Food Pantry will be closed on December 9th and 12th and work should be finished by the 13th.   They are planning to have the grand re-opening of the Food Pantry on Saturday, March 11th.  Crabby Bills will be providing the food.  The party will be from 6 – 9 PM and will include a ribbon cutting.  This will be a community event.

Upcoming Events:
YAM – A new youth group is being formed known as YAM. (Youth and Mission).  This group will encourage our young people to get “wild and crazy”.  They will be encouraged to work in the Food Pantry, go on mission trips, etc.  This will begin on October 16th from 5:30 to 7:00 PM for youth in grades 6 thru 12.  Food will be served and devotions will be held.
Carolyn Goodwin, Missionary in South Sudan – October 19  - following Compline and potluck supper.

Crier articles due by October 23rd.  The November/December Crier will be out by the 1st Sunday in November. – Articles are due to Derek Good by October 23rd.  Each ministry is encouraged to submit an article for the Crier.

New Piece of Furniture – Fr. Roberts announced that Gene Chapman has built a new piece of furniture that the projectionist will sit in.  This piece matches the Lectern that Gene also built.  He stated that we will hold a contest to name this piece of furniture in the near future.  

Octoberfest – Susan Koester is planning Octoberfest on Friday, October 23rd.  This will be catered by a German caterer. Tickets are $15 each.

Tour of Military Museum – Larry Hite will host a tour of the Largo Military Museum on Armistice Day.  More information will follow pertaining to this actitivity.

Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.
Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Judith M. Marx
Clerk of the Vestry


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