Vestry Meeting - September Minutes

January 8, 2017


Vestry Meeting Agenda

Monday, September 12, 2016


Executive Committee:  Fr. Roberts met with Mike Alford, Senior Warden,  Kim Heinicka, Junior Warden, and Judy Marx, Clerk of the Vestry at 6:00 PM in the East Classroom.  Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer, was out of town.


Call to Order:  Fr, Roberts called the September Vestry meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Attendance:  All members were present except Derek Good and Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer who were out of town.                                                  


Special Prayers:  Special prayers were offered for those who about to travel; for Cherie; for Cathy Athanson’s sister-in-law; for Bud and Sandra; for Helen Dunbar; for Carolyn Goodwin, Missionary; and for Fr. Roberts for continued courage, strength and high vision.                        


Necrology:  The Vestry remembered Wayne McCall (Diane Lincoln’s father), Renie Lehman, Robert Stevenson,  Dorothy Cox and Judy York.


Welcome:  Fr. Roberts welcomed the members and thanked them for faithful attendance.  He asked Mike Alford to chair the meeting.          


Leadership Perspective:  Jo Simpson talked to us about Mother Theresa who worked with the poorest of the poor for over 50 years.  She said that Mother Theresa asked herself “What makes me start my work?  What inspired me?”  Her answer was Jesus.  “Ask and you will receive.”  God knows what is good for us.  One of Mother Theresa’s favorite says was “God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle – I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.”  Jo stated that, as Vestry members, we too might ask “what makes me want to be on Vestry – what inspires me?


Old Business


Vestry Minutes:  Cathy Athanson made a motion to accept the May 9 Vestry meeting minutes and the June 12 Vestry meeting minutes as written.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion passed unanimously.                                                        


Treasurer’s Report/Financials:  In Phil Beauchamp’s absence, Mike Alford reported that we are in good shape financially.  He stated that he and Phil met with Randall Marcum from Merrill Lynch to discuss our account .  Chuck Pond asked a question about the financial report that has the “pie charts” in the Crier.  The “difference” sum is a negative value which is misleading. Should be a positive number if we have a favorable balance. Fr. Roberts will discuss with Laurie Lawther and Phil Beauchamp.   Cherie Smith thanked the Audit Committee for doing an excellent job with this year’s audit.  Jo Simpson made a motion to accept the Financial Report as presented.  Marilyn Clark seconded the motion and the motion passed.                                                


New Business


Delegates “Correction” to Convention:  Due to health concerns and other obligations three of the originally elected delegates/alternate are not able to attend the convention.  Jo Simpson is still able to go.  Mike Alford made a motion to elect Marilyn Clark and Judy Marx as replacement delegates.  Kim Heinicka seconded and the motion carried. 


Bookkeeper pay increase (E-Mail Vote):  Chuck Pond moved that the e-mail vote taken to approve a $25.00 per week pay raise be given to Laurie Lawther for the book work she is doing for Calvary.  David Kline seconded and the motion carried.  (A copy of this recorded vote will be attached to the official minutes.)  Kim Heinicka asked about the original amount of pay negotiated with Laurie Lawther. It was decided to table this until Phil Beauchamp is here to discuss that outcome.  Rick Shock asked if pay increase could be retroactive to June when she started doing this work.  This too was tabled until Phil Beauchamp is here for discussion. 


Diocesan Rebate:  Fr. Roberts stated that we will be receiving a rebate from our Diocesan assessment of about $1,000.00 and they like to know how we plan to use this money.  Cathy Athanson suggested that the Vestry members look at their ministries and make suggestions as to how they would like to spend a portion of this rebate in their ministry.  Fr. Roberts asked that each member submit their suggestions to Judy Marx prior to the October Vestry meeting.  She will tally them and present them at the meeting.



Discussion Topics


Nominating Committee and Process (Cathy & Jo Simpson):  Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson put together a Vestry Application Form which was e-mailed to each Vestry member.  When additions and corrections are completed this document will be given to each person who is interested in running for a Vestry seat. (A copy of this document will be attached to the official minutes.)  The nominating committee will meet at the end of October.  Each Vestry member is asked to submit 4 names of possible Vestry candidates to Judy Marx, Clerk of the Vestry by the October 10th Vestry meeting.  The nominee’s applications must be turned in my mid-December. 


New Member’s Dinner (Chuck Pond):  Chuck Pond (Outreach) suggested that Calvary hold a “New Members Dinner or Wine and Cheese Party to introduce and honor our new members.  After discussion it was decided that a “Wine and Cheese” party on Friday, November 11th in the Parish Hall would be a good date.  Chuck volunteered to plan this event and set this date after speaking with some of the new members.


Food Pantry update (David Kline):  David Kline stated that he wants to create a Food Pantry website.  He will get together with Fr. Roberts to create this.  David stated that the Food Pantry is in excellent financial shape.  He has obtained estimates to complete the new flooring and refrigeration in the Food Pantry.  The cost will be approximately $11,500.  David has submitted a grant request for the Diocese to get funds to help with this project.  We cannot start the project until the grants are announced.  Work will probably start in December.  David would like to hold an open house in the Food Pantry when the work is completed for the community.  Fr. Roberts expressed his gratitude for all the volunteers who work in the Food Pantry.  It is a very successful operation.


Mutual Ministry Review (Mike Alford):  Mike Alford reported that Fr. Roberts gave him a source to obtain materials to help us prepare our Mutual Ministry Review of the total parish from the Diocese.  This is required to be done annually in our Letter of Agreement with Fr. Roberts as our Rector.  This review provides the Rector, the Wardens and the Vestry the opportunity to assess how well they are fulfilling their responsibilities.  This review will involve not only the Vestry but the congregation as well.  Mike will update us next month on this process.


Upcoming Events: 

Wednesday, September 14 – Country-Western Night dinner

Saturday, February 8 (2017) – Winterfest

1st Monday of each month – “First Monday Fun Bunch” at Slyce Pizza – Slyce Pizza gives 10% of their sales on the first Monday of each month to Calvary and they have been very generous.  All Vestry members are urged to support these events.


Closing Prayer:  At the April Vestry member each person drew a name of a Vestry member or member of the Executive Committee as a “prayer partner” and we have been praying for that person daily.  During the closing prayer we went around the table and each person disclosed the name of their “prayer partner” and said a prayer for them.  All agreed that this was a very spiritually fulfilling and moving exercise and we will continue praying for our “prayer partners. .


Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry




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