Vestry Minutes - January 11, 2017

March 4, 2017

Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

                                             Wednesday, January 11, 2017       


6:50 PM Vestry Meeting

East Classroom


Call to Order – Fr. Roberts call the January Vestry meeting to order at 7:05 PM in the east classroom.   Fr. Roberts thanked Derek Good for furnishing pizza and salad for the meeting.  He then read a thank you note from Lia King thanking the Vestry for the monetary Christmas gift.  Chuck Pond told Fr. Roberts that the gifts were from the entire parish.  He then turned the meeting over to Mike Alford, Senior Warden. 


Attendance – .  All members of the Vestry were present along with Fr. Roberts, the clerk, the treasurer, Greg Donham and Tom Monk from the Finance Committee and Bill Athanson representing Winterfest. 


Old Business

November 14th Vestry Minutes – Marilyn Clark made a motion to accept the Vestry meeting minutes from November 14th as written.  Chuck Pond seconded the motion and the motion carried.


December 12th Vestry Minutes – The December meeting was held to discuss the Health Insurance coverage for Fr. Roberts.  Since that meeting Fr. Roberts decided to carry the Diocesan health insurance (DHP), because of the National Church (TEC) resolution that makes it a mandatory obligation and to be enforced by the individual diocese. Although there is a small, legal loophole that could be exercised (according to the Church Medical Trust), Fr. Jon decided it was not worth jeopardizing our relationship with the Diocese which now enforces this resolution more strictly. The motion that was discussed and carried at the December meeting was null and void.  David Kline made a motion to accept the December Vestry minutes as noted.  Kim Heinicka seconded and the motion carried.


Special:  Winterfest – Bill Athanson – Bill’s committee has been working for six months.  He stated that if we have good weather we will have a very successful event.  There is a steel band coming; the Marines are returning, the bagpipers, dancers, Fr. Day is going to be a docent in the church if anyone wants to visit with a priest.  He has 24 vendors registered so far and has hopes of obtaining many more.  There is a kayak worth $1000 being raffled off.  They are selling chances.  We already have $5,800 from sponsors.  The vendors are paying $75 this year.  The committee plans to raise that to $100 next year.  No matter what the weather, we still have the raffle money, the sponsors money and the booth rental from vendors.  Next year they want to get the date set earlier because many people had booked for someplace else already.  If we get on the calendar earlier we can draw some of these people.   He has a great committee and they would appreciate any help we can give them.  Cherie Smith, on behalf of the Vestry, thanked Bill Athanson and his committee for all his hard work in planning Winterfest which is our major fundraiser of the year.


Treasurer’s Report/Financials – Phil Beauchamp -  Phil Beauchamp distributed two handouts 1)”2017 Key Budget Notes” and 2) “2016 Financial Review” (See attached).  Phil Beauchamp reported that we are $55,000 ahead of budget for the year.  Pledges are ahead of budget.  We are at break even after 11 months.   We had projected a $30,000 deficit.  We have $178,000 in Non-Restricted funds and $610,000 in the Endowment Fund.  He reported that we finished the Parochial Report and the Audit on time.  Phil stated that our financial report was a great team effort.  We are in a great position.  Phil announced that he is resigning as Treasurer following the Annual Meeting and we are very fortunate that Tom Monk has agreed to take over as Treasurer.


New Business

2017 Budget (Phil Beauchamp) – The budget for 2017 is $348,100 – about the same as last year’s budget.  Significant changes in the budget over last year’s budget are: 1) Youth programs has increased to $10,000.  2) Winterfest budget was reduced from $15,000 to $11,500.  3) Facility Rental increased to $10,000 including the dock rental.  Phil stated that Winterfest gets the money from the vendor’s space rental and from the sponsors is guaranteed whether we good weather or bad.  We already have $172,000 pledged for 2017.  The Finance Committee has no recommendation for dispersal of the $25,000 anonymous gift.  We are doing very well financially.  Kim Heinicka stated that the roofer will give us a quote to “Maintain and Sustain”.  Cathy Athanson said that the budget is the most important item that we deal with.  She suggested that we have a budget workshop.  We will have a special Vestry meeting on Sunday, January 15 after the 10AM service to go over items that need to be further clarified such as staff costs and where to put the $25,000 gift.  There was a very lengthy discussion about the budget as a whole and the salaries of Fr. Roberts and Matthew Burke.  Rick Schock made a motion that we give a 1.7 cost of living raise to Fr. Roberts for 2017.  Jim Yanacheck seconded the motion and the motion carried.  This will give Fr. Roberts a pension base that is slightly above the average compensation benchmark compared to other Episcopal clergy, in parishes that are similar to Calvary.


The Vestry will meet again on Sunday after the 10AM service to discuss and vote on the proposed budget, discuss the $25,000 gift distribution and the remainder of the agenda from this meeting.  The Vestry thanked Phil Beauchamp for his outstanding work as our Treasurer and for stepping in at a time when we desperately needed him.


A short discussion was held on the $25,000 anonymous gift.  Kim Heinicka stated that we need a new air conditioner in the Food Pantry; cabinets in the kitchen; work on our deck.  We need to make this decision on Sunday.


The meeting was tabled until January 15 following the 10AM service. 

Respectfully submitted,

Judith M. Marx,  Clerk of the Vestry

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