Vestry Minutes - January 15, 2017

March 4, 2017

Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

Continuation of January 11, 2017 Meeting

                                                Sunday, January 15,  2017


Senior Warden, Mike Alford reconvened the meeting that began on Wednesday, January 11, 2017.  Those Vestry members present were Cherie Smith, Jo Simpson, Rick Schock,  Chuck Pond, Marilyn Clark, Cathy Athanson, Jim Yanacheck, Derek Good, David Kline and Mike Alford.  Dianne Oeste and Kim Heinicka were excused.  Also present  were Fr. Roberts, Greg Donham, Finance Committee, Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer and Judy Marx, Clerk.


2017 Budget (Continuation from January 15, 2017) -   Mike Alford stated that the goal of this meeting is to come to a consensus  and vote in a proposed budget that we can present to the parish at the Annual Meeting on January 29th.   All Vestry members were to have studied the Proposed Budget and bring questions to the table regarding the budget.  After much discussion, Mike Alford proposed that we give Matthew Burke a 10 % increase in salary (from $19,800. to $21,800.) with the outside funds donated being later designated to his continuing education ($1,500).   The proposal passed.


The Vestry then discussed the cost of living adjustment to Fr. Roberts salary.  Phil explained that the cost of living is a 1.7% increase and that is applied to his stipend, his housing allowance and the Social Security taxes that he has to pay.  His total assessable compensation is $85,580.  The 1.7% cost of living increase would amount to $1,454.86.


Mike Alford moved that we approve the proposed budget as amended today with Phil Beauchamp making the necessary changes to the proposed budget for the Annual Meeting.  Cherie Smith seconded the motion and the motion carried.  Mike Alford urged that any Vestry member who would like to learn more about the budget preparation attend the Finance Committee meetings.  Cathy Athanson stated that we need to orient new members to the Vestry to the budget.


Discussion followed about where to put the $25,000 anonymous gift.  Rick Schock moved that we put the $25,000 in Calvary’s Merrill Lynch Unrestricted Investment Account until we know what our capital improvement needs are and we then revisit it.  Mike Alford seconded and the motion carried.



Rector’s Report (see attached report) – Fr. Roberts stated that his written report would take the place of a verbal report.


Junior Warden’s Report (see attached reports) – These items were previously discussed.


Leadership:  Cathy Athanson said that the surveys have been summarized and Mike Alford will give the feedback in February. 


Vestry Nominations – Fr. Roberts reported that the nominees are Elyssa Coker, Renee Lee, Marilyn Clark and Jim Widell.  They have all accepted and they will be elected by acclamation. 

Annual Meeting – The Annual Meeting will be held on January 29th following the 9AM service.  We need 75 for quorum.  The Vestry Retreat is February 4.  Jo Simpson stated that the focus will be to prepare new Vestry members for the year to come with attention on how to read the budget and go over the by-laws.  The meeting will be 9AM to 12PM.  Jo will appreciate any items we would like to see on the agenda.  Fr. Roberts suggested that we invite Tom Monk, Treasurer and Judy Marx, Clerk.   Commissions will be determined at the retreat.  Phil Beauchamp suggested that we add the Endowment Board and the Legacy Society to the agenda.  Cathy Athanson said that the retreat should be a spiritually enriching experience.  You should nurure or refresh your prayer life. 


Parochial Crosses – Fr. Roberts stated that these will be announced at the annual meeting.



Food Pantry Update – There was a discussion about the 10% tithe that the Food Pantry pays to Calvary.  After the discussion, David Kline said they will continue as we have been doing and the 10% will continue to come out of the Food Pantry budget.  David also said the Food Pantry is going to set up a Website and he is looking for a Website designer.  He has a Rotary friend who can do this but he was looking to see if we have anyone in-house.  He would like a professional designer to set it up.  Since nobody at Calvary does it, David will contact his Rotary friend.



Tea and Fashion Show – The Fashion Show was held on Saturday and it was a tremendous success.  We do not have the profit figures yet.


Italian Dinner – Susan Koester is planning an Italian Dinner for Friday, January  27th.  As Vestry members we need to support these functions.


Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper – Cathy Athanson asked that we all support the pancake supper.  The proceeds go to the Altar Guild.  As Vestry members we need to support all of these dinners.



Church Directory Update - Cherie stated that we hope to have the Directories here by Easter.  Marilyn and Cherie have been working on the roster part and Gene Chapman and Judy Marx have finished taking the in-house pictures.


Parish Survey – Steve Hein is willing to aggregate the material that comes from the surveys.  We have received 21 of 325 printed.  Those that have not been picked up will be mailed out after today. 


Reminder:  Crier articles – Articles are due by February 19th.  Derek Good stated the earlier  the better.


Next Vestry Meeting – There will be a short Vestry meeting with our new members immediately following the Annual Meeting.


Letter of Agreement (Copy is attached) – Fr. Roberts asked that the Vestry witness the signing of his Letter of Agreement between the Wardens and Vestry of Calavary Episcopal Church and Fr. Jon Roberts.  Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer and Mike Alford, Senior Warden and Fr. Roberts signed this letter and Fr. Roberts will forward this to Bishop Smith for his signature.


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 1:15PM.


Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry


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