Vestry Minutes - November 14, 2016

March 4, 2017


Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

                                              Monday, November14, 2016         


Executive Meeting

The Executive Committee met in the East Classroom beginning at 6 PM.  All members were present.





6:30pm Vestry Meeting

East Classroom, Calvary


Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Fr. Roberts at 6:30 PM.   


Attendance – Cathy Athanson, Dianne Oeste and Chuck Pond were excused.  All other members were present.  A quorum was present.  We prayed our Calvary Parish Prayer.


Special Prayers – Special prayers were offered by the Vestry members for those who are in need of comfort and healing prayer.  Prayers were also offered for all who have died.  Following our special prayers, Fr. Roberts turned the meeting over to Mike Alford, Senior Warden. 


Old Business

October 12th Vestry Minutes – Rick Schock made a motion to accept the minutes from the October 12th Vestry Meeting as written.  David Klein seconded and the motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report/Financials – Phil Beauchamp, Treasurer stated that the year looks very good.  He said that people are keeping up with their pledges.  The Food Pantry is doing very well.  Fellowship is a little bit behind. Expenses are $22,000 below budget year to date.  We are $33,851 to the good thanks to the $50,000 anonymous gift we received.  We have not taken any funds from our investment account.  We have made some good changes on the expense side which have helped.  Our big deficits were Winterfest, the Tea and Fashion Show that didn’t happen, and the parking lot revenue came in below budget because there were two events instead of three.   Mike Alford thanked Phil Beauchamp, Laurie Lawther and Maria Gonzalez on behalf of the Vestry for all of their hard work on the financials.


Change in Laurie Lawther’s Bookkeeper Pay – Phil Beauchamp met with Laurie Lawther regarding her salary as bookkeeper for Calvary.  The Vestry agreed to a weekly rate of $125 but she had requested $150 per week.  The Vestry had stated earlier that this needed to be revisited.  Phil talked to Laurie and said that with Vestry approval we would revisit this salary and would pay her $150 per week retroactive to July 1.  David Kline moved that we increase Laurie Lawther’s pay from $125 per week to $150 per week retroactive to July 1 through 2017.  Jim Yanacheck seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. 



New Business


2017 Budget – Phil Beauchamp – The Finance Committee had a very good meeting with Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford, Phil Beauchamp, Betsey McKenna, Greg Donham.  For next year’s budget we are looking at an income of $353,000.  The figure for this year’s budget was $372,000.  We are projecting spending $365,000 in 2017 which will give us an operating deficit of $17,120 for next year.  Some of the significant changes that are driving the budget for next year are Youth Fund Raising which is going from  $5,700 to $12,000 and facility rental which is going from $6,500 to $10,000.  They have also put an amount of $25,000 in the budget for the roof.  The Budget Committee has no idea of what this figure needs to be but it was felt that an amount needs to be there for the inevitable work that will have to be done on  the roof.  The pledges, the plate offering and the pledge members were left exactly as they are this year.  On the expense side youth programs was budgeted at $3,000 and $11,000 was spent so $12,000 is budgeted for next year.  The other big item is the health insurance program of the Diocese.  Fr. Roberts was allowed to shop around for his coverage which he got for $14,500 but that is not allowed this year and the Diocesan cost will be $24,500 ($10,000 more for less coverage).  This is still being worked on.  Phil Beauchamp will send the Vestry members a first draft of the budget.  Phil would like each commission to look at their budget figure and come up with a realistic figure for next year’s budget before the next Finance Committee meeting.  The  Finance  Committee will meet the second week in December.  The budget will be presented and passed at the annual meeting.  Mike Alford thanked Phil Beauchamp for a great job with the financials.



Rector’s Report –Fr. Roberts feels encouraged but he said we need to be open to the thoughts and suggestions of other people.  (See attached report)



Leadership: (Cathy and Jo)

Mutual Ministry Review - Fr. Roberts said that he is very happy with where we are as a Vestry and where we are as a church.  He stated that the mutual ministry review will be done by  the January meeting.  In February or March we will do a parish survey to see where we stand with the parish.  The surveys for the Vestry members which were passed out at this meeting are due back by November 30th.


Vestry Nominations – There is a nominating committee meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, November 15).  There are four positions available.


Staff Update – Fr. Roberts is very happy with the staff.  They are part-timers.  He also loves this Vestry.



Outreach:  (Chuck)

          New Member’s Wine and Cheese Reception Summary – Although Chuck Pond was excused, Mike Alford thanked Chuck and the committee for a wonderful event.    The new members were interested in knowing the activities that we have available at Calvary.  It was suggested that we introduce the new members to the parish during a service.  Kim Heinicka suggested that we might hold a pot luck after the Christmas play to introduce these new people.


Missions: (David)

          Food Pantry Improvements Update – David Kline reported that the Food Pantry is still on target for their renovations.  On December 7th everything will be moved out and the new flooring will be installed.  On December 12th the new refrigeration will be installed.  The Food Pantry will miss two client days.  The refrigeration is coming from Bertram’s.  They were highly recommended by Crabby Bills and they are partner’s with us in the Food Pantry. They are local and the warranty is strong.  They will get everything up and running.  The warranty is 3 years parts and labor and 5 years on the compressor.   After much discussion pertaining to obtaining other bids and thorough investigation of available venders, Kim Heinicka made a motion to accept Bertram’s bid for refrigeration as presented by David Kline,  not to exceed $11,000.   Jim Yanacheck seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Property:  (Kim) – (See attached report)

          Curb Replacement – (See attached report)


Worship:  (Rick)

          New Method receiving Communion (Fr. Jon) – We need to be proactive in our training of the ushers and the Lay Eucharistic Ministers.  There have been comments from some of the shut-in – it is nerve racking for them.  They run into each other with their walkers and balance can be a problem.  For those who are weak standing there can be a problem.   It was suggested that Fr. Roberts remind the parishioners each Sunday for a few weeks until the congregation gets accustomed to the procedure.  Fr. Roberts feels that we should at least keep trying this until Advent.


          Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service: (Rick) – The service is at 7:00, November 16th at Church of the Isles.  Fr. Roberts plans to attend as do Marilyn Clark and Judy Marx.


          Christian Education:  Youth group is going well.  Confirmation is going well.  Children’s chapel needs more recruits.


Connections:  (Derek)

          Sunday announcements Verbal and Overhead - All is going well.  It is suggested that we give only  two or three announcements but that they be done with the microphone rather than having them on the wall.  Mike Alford asked they we politely remind people to silence their cell phones and that we remind people to take their customaries home with them to read all the announcements.

          Indian Rocks Beach Christmas Card – Derek said we are moving forward with this project.  Fr. Roberts met with the artist and he is making the design.  This will be put up on our property.  The city will store them over the year. 


          Church Directory Update (Cherie, Marilyn, Judy) – We need to get a sign-up list going to get the pictures of the new members taken.


          Crier articles due by December 19th EARLIER (Derek) – Derek Good stated that they need the Crier articles by December 19th or earlier if possible. 


Next Vestry Meeting “Social” – December 12 – Mike Alford offered their home for the Christmas social which will be a short business meeting with a pot luck supper for Vestry and spouses.  Mike and Fr. Roberts will determine the time.


Rick Shock stated that he wanted to thank Matthew Burke for the beautiful music he provides for our services.


Closing Prayer – Mike Alford led us in a closing prayer.


Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.


Respectively submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry







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