Vestry Minutes - February 13, 2017

May 8, 2017



Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

                                               Monday, February 13, 2017         


Call to Order – The February Vestry  was called to order at 6:35 PM by Fr. Roberts.  Mike Alford and Tom Monk were excused.   Our parish prayer was recited and many were remembered by name in our special prayers.  Fr. Roberts prayed for good weather on Saturday for Winterfest.  He also said prayers thanking God for our seasonal people who add so much to our parish life.


Necrology – Fr. Roberts remembered in prayer Maria Sullivan, Al Matthews, Marcus Kelley and Bettylee Lightfoot.  


Leadership Perspective – Jo Simpson shared a meditation from “Our Daily Bread” entitled Unseen Heros.  She stated that unseen heros matter.  Supporters and those who encourage leaders play a key roll.  She stated that the Lord does not overlook the quiet worker.  God is using us.  Jo asked that we remember our unseen heros.   Renee Lee also shared a poem that has great meaning for her entitled “Let Me Be A Light”.


Old Business  - David Kline made a motion to accept the Vestry meeting minutes from January

11,  January 15, the Reorganization Meeting of the New Vestry on January 29 following the Annual Meeting and the Vestry Retreat on February 4.  Marilyn Clark seconded the motion and the motion carried.  Fr. Roberts thanked the Clerk for recording the minutes.


Financials – Fr. Roberts said that he excused Tom Monk because we just had financial reports two weeks ago and we do not have new ones now.   We are going into this new year in good financial condition.


New Business

2016 “Mission & Ministry Dividend” – Because we pay our monthly Diocesan assessment on time, the Diocese gives us about a half of a month of our apportionment back.  We have approximately $2,000.00 being returned and we have the option of where to spend it.  Rick Schock made a motion that we split the $2.000.00 between capital improvements and youth programs.  Jo Simpson seconded the motion and the motion carried.



Rector’s Report – See the attached report


Lavabo Bowl – A brief report was given on the Lavabo Bowl.  A good time was had by all.


Jr. Warden’s Report -  See the attached report.   Fr. Roberts stated that this was an excellent report.





Leadership:  “Bootstraps” exercise results/ Vestry Retreat – Jo Simpson stated that each group that met at the Vestry retreat in the “Bootstraps” exercise was to set some goals and then report to the Vestry.  The Senior group will report on their goals at our March meeting.  The Middlers group will report at the April meeting and the Freshmen group will report at the May meeting.


Mutual Ministry Review  –  Jo Simpson stated that the Mutual Ministry discussion will be held in March.  Mike Alford collated the results of the Mutual Ministry survey and since he was not able to be at this meeting he will report in March.  Steve Hein will also attend the March meeting to update us on the Parish Survey.  We received over 80 surveys back which was an excellent response.  Steve compiled the information from these surveys and he will report the results to us in March.


Property – Kim Heinicka reported that he received an estimate for roof repairs from Arry’s Roofing Services.  They feel we have ten years left in our roof.  They have a Maintain and Sustain program which will cost $750 twice a year.  Fr. Roberts stated that we are doing very well without a sexton.  Ralph Kiphuth and Mark Roth have been a big help working around the church. 


Donation of Lowry organ to Calvary – Ed Frost (a friend of Rich Deary’s) has given a $75,000 organ to the church.  It is in the parish hall which is good because it doesn’t have to be moved.   Fr. Roberts sent a thank you note to Mr. Frost.


Customaries – Renee Lee reported that we ran out of customaries.  Derek is now helping with the ushers at the 8 AM service.  Seasonal people can be ushers and greeters while they are here.


Work Day Crew – Saturday, March 18 – Kim Heinicka stated that we are having a work day at the church on Saturday,  March 18 from 9 AM to 1 PM.  There is work for everyone, youth included.  The more helpers we have the more work we will get done.


Outreach – Chuck Pond stated that he is looking for youth participation.  Youth Sunday is coming up in May.  Chuck is planning an activity to say good bye to the snow birds and to welcome the newcomers.  Chuck will set up a meeting to plan this activity.


Missions – Fr. Roberts reported that there are thirteen missionaries going on the Mission Trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin this summer.  We have asked the Indian Rocks Homeowners for a grant for  $1,200.00 this year.  They gave us $900.00 last year.


Food Pantry – David Kline report that things are functioning very nicely at the Food Pantry.  The grand re-opening of the Food Pantry is scheduled for April 1st  from 5 to 8 PM and it is titled “Food From The Heart – A Celebration Of Giving”.  The ribbon cutting will be done by city officials.  There will be four restaurants providing two appetizers each.  Gift baskets and prizes will be auctioned off.  Carol Beauchamp, Harvey Brillat and Chuck Pond will tell the history of the Food Pantry.  We need to formally thank our supporters like Slyce Pizza, Publix, Rotary, etc.

Pastoral Care – Marilyn Clark stated that she is setting up a committee to assist in plans for elder care – providing rides to church, Calvary cooks to bring in food, etc.  Everyone in the church should be included.


Fellowship – Jim Yanacheck is now in charge of Fellowship.


Upcoming Events

St. Patrick’s Dinner – Friday, March 17 – Fr. Roberts asked all to attend.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper – February 28th  - 6 PM – This is a fund raiser for the Altar Guild.  Tickets are being sold - $5 for adults - $3 for children.



Ash Wednesday – March 1st – There will be three services on Ash Wednesday – 8 AM, 12 Noon and 6 PM.


Morning Prayer – Fr. Roberts said that he would like to urge more people to attend Morning Prayer during Lent.  He will be doing Morning Prayer on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 AM and Tuesdays at 8 AM.  Anyone can lead Morning Prayer.


Christian Ed – Elyssa Coker stated that we have a lot of work to do.  We need to keep building the Christian Education program.  She hopes to set up a babysitting program during church for the small children so that the parents can get more out of church.  We have three baptisms scheduled for the

Easter Vigil.


Church Directory Update – Fr. Roberts hopes to have all the information into “Remember Me”, the church directory company, by  the end of next week.


Connections -  February 19th is the deadline for the Crier.


Vestry Retreat Spreadsheet – Jo Simpson distributed a summary of the workshop at the Vestry Retreat.  Jo is looking for us to set goals to work on – i.e. Mentorship, Financial Education, Communication and Parishioner Support.  (See attached copy)


Next Vestry Meeting – Our next meeting will be held on Monday, March 13th at 6:30 PM.  Steve Hein will be here to go over our Parish Survey results and Tom Monk will be here with financials.


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in our closing prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry

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