Vestry Minutes - February 4, 2017 (Vestry Retreat)

May 8, 2017



Calvary Vestry Retreat

Feberuary 4, 2017


Welcome and Opening Prayer – Tom Monk, Rick Schock, and Jim Yanacheck were unable to be with us for the retreat.  All other members were present .  We began with our Parish Mission prayer.  We then remembered those in need of special prayer – Rick Schock and his family, Loretta Scott, Diane and Gary, Ben and Natasha, Peggy, Phil, Carol and Allie, those suffering with the illness of the season, Bill Athanson.  Fr. Roberts thanked Cathy Athanson, Cherie Smith and Dianne Oeste for their years of faithful service on the Vestry and he prayed for Jim Widell, Renee Lee, Elyssa Coker and Marilyn Clark as they begin their terms.


Review of Agenda – Jo Simpson shared something she had read which states: “Begin where you are” which she felt was appropriate for this retreat.  She reviewed the agenda for the day.


Leadership Relection – Jo Simpson gave the Leadership reflection.  She stated that when we think about “Beginning where we are”  - when we personalize it we begin to learn.  Think of a time when you were in a leadership position.  Ask yourself – “What did I learn?”  Then ask, “What did I learn about myself?” and finally ask “What can I do to improve on my development from that situation?”    That reflection  is a continuation of the intentional leadership growth.


Review of Orientation Package – Jo Simpson talked about the Vestry Resource Guide.  Each member should have one.  Fr. Roberts spoke about the roll of Vestry members.  We  meet and we have contact and substance and we know where God has let us.  Fr. Roberts stated that we have an Executive Committee which consists of Mike Alford, Senior Warden, Kim Heinicka, Junior Warden, Tom Monk, Treasurer and Judy Marx, Clerk.  We are all working and functioning together.  We rely on our volunteers.  We have to learn to delegate.  He said we should not operate as a lone wolf.  Fr. Roberts also spoke about the Vestry Resource Guide – an excellent reference guide.  We are attached to a larger body.  We are a volunteer denomination.  We are held together by our own volition.  We belong to the National Church and to the Diocese of Southwest Florida.


Review/update contact information – The clerk puts together the roster of the vestry.  We need to keep this information updated.  Each member reviewed their information and the information given will be changed on the roster and redistributed.


Announcement/lock-up schedule -  Judy Marx reviewed the Lock-Up and Announcement schedules.  The lists were distributed and our new members were encouraged to sign up.  Many of the vestry members have signed up in many places and the new members were encouraged to take some of these spots as well.   It was suggested that when we do the announcements we introduce ourselves and state that we are a member of the Vestry.  Jo suggested that before you lock up the first time, it is wise to shadow someone who has been doing it for a while. 


Small Group Activity – The activity was called “Bootstraps”.  There are three groups – those who are in the 2017 class are one group; 2018 the second group and 2019 the third group.  She gave each group a sheet of questions that we were to discuss.  Jo Simpson will give us a handout on the results of the discussions held.  The discussions were very helpful.  Jo Simpson sated that we will review the notes from our discussions at the February or March meeting as well as reviewing the results of the parish survey.


Review of Vestry Mission – Fr. Roberts stated that vision and mission are two different things.  One is a sense of identity and one is a sense of activity.  What inspires us to do these things.  We are both doers and hearers of God’s Word.  Our strongest symbol is the Cross – the vertical assent and the horizontal reach.  We come to church to be fed.  From this we can feed others.  Our mission is To know Christ and to make Him known.


Commissions – Fr. Jon then spoke to us about the Commissions.  There are ten of them –

          Stewardship - Mike Alford                          Fellowship -

          Christian Education – Elyssa Coker             Connections – Derek Good, Renee Lee

          Missions – David Kline                               Pastoral Care – Marilyn Clark, Jim Widell

          Leadership – Jo Simpson                             Outreach – Chuck Pond

          Property – Kim Heinicka                             Worship –


Discussion of Vestry meeting format – Mike Alford spoke about the Vestry meetings.  He stressed the importance of attending all meetings.  If you are out of town, you can participate through a conference call.  Fr. Roberts and the Clerk solicit agenda items.  The meetings last 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  We follow Roberts Rules of Order.  As Vestry we support what the group supported.  We can have a diversity of opinions.  This is how we work so well.  The meetings are held at the church on the 2nd Monday of each month in the east classroom.  The Executive Committee meets at 6 PM in Fr. Robert’s office and the Vestry meets at 6:30 PM.


Role of Sr./Jr Wardens -  The Senior Warden is the sounding board for the Rector.  The Senior Warden is a buffer; a reality check – he is Fr. Robert’s support.  The Junior Warden is in charge of the property of the church.  Kim Heinicka stated that it is a never ending battle and Julie is a great help to him in this.  He is in the process of changing all the church lighting to LED lighting.  Chuck Pond spoke a bit about evangelism.  He said evangelism is why we want to come to church.  How do we reach these people?  We need to ask a friend to come to church.  There are people who really need the church.  We need to think about how we are going to bring the people in.  We have 32 new members this year and we have 12 who died.  Each member needs to reach out to one individual or one family.


Finance Committee Structure – In Tom Monk’s absence Mike Alford spoke about the Finance Committee structure.  Mike urged the members to bring their binders to the meetings.  He stated that we get a PDF of the financials each month. We go to the By-Laws when in doubt. He stated that we need to let our By-Laws work for us.  The church checking account is at Regions Bank.  We need to have two signers on each check.   The Finance Committee members have expertise in financial matters.  The Finance Committee reviews issues and bring recommendations to the Vestry.  It is the Vestry’s decision. 


Endowment and Legacy Fund - Merrill Lynch holds our investment accounts and Randall Markham is our financial advisor.  In our investment account we have the restricted endowment and the unrestricted account.  We can withdraw from the unrestricted funds.  The restricted funds are earmarked.  The Legacy Society is usually connected to a person’s estate.   Mike Alford asked us to remember Calvary in our wills.  We currently have approximately $600,000.00 in the Endowment Account.  Our goal is to grow this fund to $1,000,000.00.There was a brief discussion about a surrogate.  A surrogate is easier to work with.  The law says you must follow the surrogate’s directives. 


Wrap-Up – Jo Simpson suggested that each commission  set one goal for their Commission for the year and then set up a meeting with Fr. Roberts.  She suggested that the Senior group report back at the February meeting; the Middlers will report at the March meeting and the Freshman will report at the April meeting. 


Reminders – Chuck Pond urged each member to attend Winterfest and to bring friends and neighbors.  Fr. Mike Day will be in the church during Winterfest to answer questions about the church  and Matt Burke will present a concert at Winterfest.

  David Kline reminded the group that the Food Pantry will have a grand re-opening on April 1 from 5 – 8 PM.  More details will follow.

Following the closing prayer we adjourned to the front of the church to have a Vestry photo taken.   We adjourned at 12:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry


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