Vestry Minutes - January 29, 2017

May 8, 2017


Calvary Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting Minutes

Organizational Meeting of the 2017 Vestry

January 29, 2017


Call To Order:  Fr. Roberts called the Organizational Meeting of the 2017 Vestry of Calvary Episcopal Church to order at 11:30 AM .


Welcome New Members:  Fr. Roberts welcomed the newly elected Vestry members:

          Marilyn Clark

          Elyssa Coker

          Renee Lee

          Jim Widell

Fr. Roberts explained to the new members that the Vestry has twelve positions that serve this church in a very faithful way.  He stated that we have ten commissions on the Vestry and that we follow Roberts Rules of Order in the conduct of our meetings.  We meet on the second Monday of each month (usually in the east classroom) with a break during June and July.  Our Vestry retreat will be held on Saturday, February 4 in the east classroom from 9AM to 12:30PM.


Leadership:  Jo Simpson stated that 62 (28%) Parish Surveys have been returned.  75% of these are in the 50 + age group.  80% are very good or exceedingly good.  Fr. Roberts thank Jo Simpson and Cathy Athanson for their hard work on this project. 


Election of Officers:  Fr. Roberts announced that his Senior Warden will be Mike Alford.  Mike Alford moved that Kim Heinicka be elected Junior Warden for 2017.  David Kline seconded and the motion carried.  Derek Good moved that Judy Marx be elected Clerk of the Vestry.  Marilyn Clark seconded and the motion carried.  Jim Yanacheck moved that Tom Monk be elected Treasurer.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried. 


Diocesan Convention Delegates:  The Diocesan Convention will be held in Punta Gorda October 13 – 14, 2017.  We need to elect three delegates and one alternate.  Kim Heinicka moved that Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, and Tom Monk be elected as delegates to the convention and that David Kline be elected alternate.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried.


Rectors Housing Allowance:  Mike Alford moved that the Vestry vote to approve the Rector’s Housing Allowance of $27,764.00 for the fiscal year 2017.  Jo Simpson seconded and the motion carried.


Check Signers:  Mariyn Clark made a motion to add Tom Monk to those who sign check for Calvary.  Derek Good seconded and the motion carried.


Finance Committee:  Mike Alford announced that the Finance Committee will be Mike Alford, Betsey McKenna (Chair of the Endowment Committee), Greg Donham, Keith Oeste, Phil Beauchamp, Jane Small and Tom Monk.  The Finance Committee meets once or twice a month and we are encouraged to attend these meetings.


Adjournment:  There being no further business Fr. Roberts closed the meeting with a prayer.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 PM.



Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry




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