Vestry Minutes - April 10, 2017

June 8, 2017


Vestry Meeting Minutes

April 10th, 2017



Call to Order – The April 10 Vestry meeting was called to order by Fr. Roberts at 6:35 PM.  All members were present except Kim Heinicka who was excused.  Fr. Roberts led us in the parish prayer.  Prayers were offered for Cherie; Peggy; for the families of the Coptic Christians who were bombed on Palm Sunday; for the victims in Syria, for the Confirmands as they journey through Holy Week; for all on our Calvary prayer list; Jan; Karen; for a person  seeking guidance; Julie; and for Jesse and Archie and all who are homeless and seeking help and support.  There was a thank you for all those who support the Food Pantry.  Necrology – Anna was remembered. 


Leadership Perspective – Jo Simpson spoke to us about a blog she found by Tim Keller. Pastor of New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church who wrote a book entitled Every Good Endeavor – Connecting Your Work to God’s Work.  He said there are four ways Christian faith influences and shapes our work.  1) A moral compass that takes us beyond merely the legal aspects or requirements in any situation. 2) New spiritual power that keeps us from being overthrown by success, failure or boredom. 3) A new conception of work as the means by which God loves and cares for this world through us. 4) A new world and life view that shapes the character of our work.  “Putting all of these four aspects together, we see that being a Christian leads us to see our work not as merely a way to earn money, nor as primarily a means of personal advancement, but truly a calling to serve God and our neighbor.”  Jo’s perspective was followed by a discussion on ethics.


Old Business                       

     March 13th Vestry Minutes -  David Kline made a motion to accept the minutes from the March 13th Vestry meeting as written.  Marilyn Clark seconded and the motion carried.


     Jan-Feb. Financials – Fr. Roberts welcomed Tom Monk, Treasurer to the meeting.  He stated that things look good.  We had $38,000 total income which is $5,000 higher than last year mostly contributed from Winterfest and pledge members.  Expenses were a little over budget ($7,774) because we overpaid the health insurance.  We won’t have to pay that again until June.  We had a good month in investment gains.  We budgeted $2,000 – we actually made $19,400.  Our net income was $19,000   Last year we lost $9,000.  Year to date we have $75,000 net income and last year we were a negative $10,000. 


     Finance Committee Recommendations – The Finance Committee recommendation was to move the $25,000 from the Regions operating account to the Merrill Lynch Endowment account.  After a lengthy discussion about expenses that we are facing Mike Alford made a motion to put the $25,000 from the Regions fund balance into the Merrill Lynch unrestricted investment account while we get clarity on our roof, the air conditioners and the paving.  Rich Schock seconded and the motion carried.  Jo Simpson asked that we extend an appreciation to the Finance Committee for the recommendation and for giving it careful thought but because of the nervousness of the Vestry on the outstanding expenses we feel we need to wait a little longer on the move to the endowment account.  


    Rector’s Housing Allowance – There was a discussion about putting the Rector’s Housing Allowance of $27,764 in the minutes.  This motion was already voted on and is included in the  organizational meeting minutes from January 29th. 


    Food Pantry – David Kline stated that a representative from the Food Pantry whould attend the next Finance Committee meeting.


   Cemetery Plots - Jo Simpson asked about the cemetery plots that Calvary has been given.  There are two at Serenity Gardens and one at Memorial Park.  They can be sold.


New Business        



    Name Badges – Renee Lee has looked into getting new name badges.  We can get 300                                   

   badges for $1,680.  Fr. Roberts asked if she could get these badges for the Vestry to see what  

   they are like.


    Food Pantry – Renee Lee distributed a copy of the new Food Pantry facebook page.  They

   are still working on a Web Page. 


    Rector’s Report – Fr. Roberts asked that we all read his report.  


    Outreach – Chuck Pond suggested having our youth host a free hot dog and drink lunch for      the local children to celebrate summer.  He thought there could be a movie or some kind of a program in the parish hall.  He feels this would make an impact on the Indian Rocks Beach youth.  Chuck Pond also announced that Jim Yanacheck will now be in charge of the usher scheduling and assignment.  He also stated that the wine and cheese party held last Wednesday was a great success.


    Pastoral Care – Marilyn Clark and Jim Widell reported they have looked into Dart.  The price is $4.50 one way.  Jim and Marilyn are putting together a pamphlet telling about Dart, Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney.  They will put some pamphlets in the Food Pantry when they get them finished.  They are hoping to establish a data base and it was suggested that Steve Hein might be able to help with this.


    Missions – David Kline stated that the Celebration of Giving far exceeded anything the committee could ever have hoped for.  There were 218 people from both the parish and the community.  The youth did an outstanding job.  David said they couldn’t have done it without their help.  Matt Burke did a great job with the music.  The main purpose was to thank our supporters.  There were twelve supporters who received plaques recognizing them for their help.  The publicity was very good.  A Celebration of Giving will be held yearly.  Holiday meals will be distributed to fifty-two families by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department.  David stated that we need volunteers for Beachfest.  We will be the sole vendors for selling soda, water and hot dogs.  Plumlee is donating all the soda and water and Crabby Bills is giving us the hot dogs at cost.  The Food Pantry is buying a grill for Beachfest so we will always have one when we need it.


  Leadership –  Jo Simpson stated that she had gotten a gift card from Indian Shores Coffee Company for Steve Hein and Pat Whalen to thank them for all the work they did compiling the results of the parish survey.  They sent a thank you note which Jo shared with the Vestry.




     Holy Week – April 9-16th  - Rick Schock asked everyone to check the Holy Week schedule.  The youth are staying in the church for the watch on Maundy Thursday and they will be doing Stations of the Cross on the beach on Friday morning.


    Connections -  Derek Good stated that April 19th is the deadline for the May/June issue of the Crier and there will be a July/August issue.



          Roof Repair status – May 8th – Arie Roofing will begin on May 8th.

          Paving west lot parking status (Fr. Jon) – The paving bid was a disappointment.  The price   submitted was too high so we will hold off until the roof work is done.  Kim Heinicka submitted a written report.


        Christian Ed:  - Elyssa Coker reported that the youth had 15 kids work for the Food Pantry Reopening.  There was acolyte training for Holy Week.  They made 250 palm crosses.  Elyssa is working on cleaning up the nursery.  She is going to get new toys and books.  They are going to have a fund raiser in the parking lot for Beachfest to raise funds for the mission trip.  The youth are going to set-up, serve and clean-up for the coffee hour on April 30th.


     Lenten Series, “The Spirit of…” summary (Fr. Jon) – The Lenten Series went very well.  There was a solid core of people in the morning session and for several weeks there was a good group for the evening session, especially for the wine and cheese party on the deck.


     Good Friday with the Confirmands – Fr. Roberts said the Confirmands were doing some of the readings.  He has contacted St. Johns, Church of the Isles and Church of the Ascension.



          Cinco de Mayo Dinner – Friday, May 5th – Susan Koester is hosting a Cinco de Mayo Dinner on Friday, May 5th.   All Vestry members are urged to attend this dinner. 



     Crier articles due by April 19th 

     Vestry (written) reports due by May 7th

     Next Vestry Meeting – Monday, May 8th  - The goals for the “Middlers”  will be presented at the May 8th Vestry meeting.     


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry


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