Vestry Minutes - March 13, 2017

June 8, 2017


Calvary Vestry Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 13, 2017


Call to Order -  Mike Alford, Senior Warden called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM.  Kim Heinicka and David Kline were excused.  All other members were present.  Cathy Athanson and Steve Hein were also present.   Fr. Roberts led us in the parish prayer.  Prayers were offered for  Jacob, Cherie, Peggy, Kevin, the Roberts family, Cherie and Kaley, Peter, Loretta, Bob, all those on Calvary’s prayer list, Suzanne,  for the much needed rain, for all the Vestry members.  We prayed for all those who are no longer with us – for Bud Schock, Mary Lou, Virginia, and Maria.


Leadership Perspective – Jo Simpson shared information about  Max DuPree, a known publisher and a member of the Fortune 500 list.  He wanted to be able to be successful using his Christian beliefs in the business world.  His philosophy is “the first responsibility of a leader is to define the reality.  The last responsibility is to say “thank you” and in between the leader is servant.”  In looking at our mutual ministry review and our parish survey, that will be the reality.  Publishing these in the Crier will be the thank you.  In between, we, as Vestry leaders, will be bringing those issues to fruition for us as Calvary.


Old Business                          

      February 13th Vestry Minutes -  Judy Marx, Clerk stated that in the Necrology paragraph from the February 13th minutes, the name should be Bettylee Lightcap.  Jo Simpson made a motion to accept the minutes from the February 13, 2017 meeting as corrected.  Rick Schock seconded and the motion carried.


      No Financials reported this month


New Business – Arry’s Roofing Contract – Chuck Pond made a motion to accept the bid of Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc. for $11,200 to repair the needed items with an additional  amount of $1,500 annually for twice a year inspection as part of the Maintain and Sustain program.   There is a two year warranty on all repairs performed on the roof.    Rick Schock seconded and the motion carried.                                                  



      Rector’s Report – Fr. Roberts  stated that he is looking at Lent as a way of building up to Easter.  He has met with several people making the necessary plans.  He stated that he is the last one to present his part of the Mutual Ministry reports.  It will come but he has been wrestling with it.  He is feeling a great sense of growth personally and in the church.   (See attached report)


      Jr. Warden’s Report – In Kim’s absence, Mike Alford presented the Junior Warden’s report.  Mike mentioned the work that Mark Roth has done on the walkway and the deck.  He flipped all the boards and it looks wonderful.  He also attached the sagging cable for the carillon along the eaves. (See attached report)


      Treasurer’s Report – Tom Monk stated that he will have the financials ready for next month’s meeting.  He stated that the Region’s cash account is $94.451.  We are right on budget.     Rick Schock made a motion that we accept the Finance committee’s recommendation of selecting Jane Small as the Finance Committee Chair.  Derek Good seconded and the motion passed.  Tom Monk made a motion that we accept Betsey McKenna as the Endowment Chair.  Mike Alford seconded and the motion carried.   The Finance Committee recommended that we have publicity in the Crier each month about the Legacy Society.  Mike Alford made a motion to accept the Finance Committee’s recommendation to raise the deductible on our property and casualty insurance from $1000 to $3000.  Rick Schock seconded and the motion carried.  Tom stated that this will save the church $1,335.00 in premiums.  Mike Alford asked Tom Monk to transfer the $25,000 gift to the unrestricted fund.  Chuck Pond made a motion to accept the recommendation of Finance Committee asking Merrill Lynch to reinvest the dividends in the Endowment Account in Mutual Funds rather than allowing them to remain in the Money Market account.   Rick Schock seconded and the motion carried.  Tom Monk reported that the income from Winterfest was $16,230 and the expenses were $2,524 for a profit of $13,705.  The Vestry thanked Bill Athanson and his committee for all their diligent efforts.  Tom Monk will send a copy of the financial report of Winterfest to each Vestry person.  The Vestry thanked Tom Monk for his first report as Treasurer.



      Mutual Ministry Review (Jo) – Mike Alford thanked Kathy Athanson and Jo Simpson for all their efforts in collating the results.  Mike recommended that the Vestry  read the information and come back next month with thoughts and ideas for discussion.    Each Vestry member was given a copy of the Mutual Ministry Review 2016 .   Mike Alford thanked everyone for being honest and supportive as we filled in our questionnaires.   Cathy Athanson reminded us that this is an instrument that came from the Diocese.  We will have a focus discussion next month.         


            Church Survey Review (Jo) – Jo Simpson stated that if it weren’t for Steve Hein we would not have this wonderful report.    There were 73 questionnaires returned.  The Vestry watched the computer presentation put together by Steve Hein.  The results will be put in the Crier and also on the Cloud so that we will always have it.  The report has four sections.  The first section is a high level view and the second, third and fourth sections are demographics.  


            Senior Vestry Goal (Jo) – Due to the length of the meeting Jo distributed the report for the Leadership Commission with her goals being to establish a mentorship program for new Vestry members and to disseminate the Parish Survey results.  



      New Committee - Chuck Pond said that Steve Hein is putting visitor information into a database program.  Chuck has added Steve Hein, Renee Lee, Daniel Meyer and Shelly Clark to the Outreach committee.   (See Outreach Report attached)


      Church Signage – Renee Lee gave her report on possibilities for new signage and name tags for the church.  (See attached report)




       Stations on Fridays


      Acolyte Training – April 2nd  - Mike Alford reminded those with acolytes in the family of the  Acolyte Training Day on April 2nd.


      Palm Cross & Easter Egg prep – April 2nd



      Senior Vestry Goal – Derek Good’s goal is to work with Renee Lee for a smooth transition on Connections.


     Church Directory Update (Fr. Roberts) – Fr. Roberts distributed our most updated roster.  He asked that each member review it and get their corrections to Judy Marx asap.  Fr. Roberts is planning to get the information to “Remember Me” this week.  It will be out sometime this summer.


      Reminder: Crier articles due by April 19th 


      Next Vestry Meeting – Monday, April 10th  - Holy Week


   Property: (Kim)

      Work Crew Day, Saturday, March 18


Christian Ed:

      Lenten Series, “The Spirit of…” – The program is well under way and going well. Alyssa Coker reported that their family had visited DaySpring and the children are excited and can’t wait to attend summer youth camp.



      Food Pantry Update (Renee Lee for David Kline) – Renee Lee reported that the event was originally to honor partners and sponsors but it is to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Food Pantry.  The cost is $15.00 and there will be a raffle for a half day fishing trip.  They are hoping to involve the youth in helping that night and they need Vestry members to help as well.  Our sponsors are being given tickets which will be hand delivered to them.


      Summer Mission Trip update (Fr. Jon) – The trip has been planned.  There are 13 members going including  Fr. Jon and Lynne Roberts, Elyssa Coker and Maria Gonzalez as well as the youth.  The Indian Rocks Beach Homeowners Association generously gave a donation of $1,200.00 towards the mission trip.  Fr. Roberts sent a thank you letter from the church.


Pastoral Care:

      Pastoral Care Team development (Jim & Marilyn) – They are still develoiping.



      Senior Vestry Goal (Jim Y.) – Jim Yanacheck reported that he is working with Cynthia Laitinen reorganizing the coffee hours.  He hopes to get the youth involved with the coffee hours as well.


      St. Patricks Dinner – Friday, March 17th  - 6:30 after Stations of the Cross


      Wednesday night, Lenten Soup & Salad


Closing Prayer – Fr,. Roberts led us in the closing prayer.


Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry




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