Vestry Minutes - May 8, 2017

June 8, 2017


Vestry Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2017

Call to Order -  Fr. Roberts called the May 8th  Vestry Meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Mike Alford, Jim Yanacheck and Jo Simpson were excused.  The clerk stated that there was a quorum present.  Fr. Roberts led us in the parish prayer.  Prayers were then offered for Cherie, Jann and John, Kevin, Richard, Trevor and Anna, (a few that I couldn’t hear); a thanksgiving  for bringing Peggy back to good health; safe travels for Jim Yanacheck, Mike Alford and Elyssa Coker in heavy traffic and safe travel for Fr. Roberts and his family as they travel to visit his parents.  Necrology – Helen England, Al and Pete were remembered in prayer.  

Leadership Perspective – Fr. Roberts spoke to the Vestry about the Vestry retreat held at DaySpring on Saturday, May 6th.   Marilyn Clark, Judy Marx and Fr. Roberts represented Calvary.  The guest speaker was Bishop Gary Lillibridge from the Diocese of West Texas.  His theme was from 2nd Timothy 1:6 – Rekindling the gift of God within.  He stressed the importance of community within the church.  Community is a sense of belonging – a sense of purpose.  We need to pattern ourselves after Christ.  We need community awareness.  Our eyes are open to the community in the breaking of the bread.  Fr. Roberts stated that we need to have more of our Vestry attend this retreat next year.

Old Business:
    April 10th Vestry Minutes – Fr. Roberts stated that anyone is welcome to attend a Vestry meeting.  They do not have voice or vote but they may attend.  Renee Lee volunteered to help keep the website updated with Vestry minutes, etc.  Rick Schock made a motion to accept the Vestry minutes of April 10 as written.  Derek Good seconded and the motion carried.   

    January – March Financials – Tom Monk stated that $24,500 was budgeted for the Rector’s health insurance when the figure should be $24,938. After some discussion, Kim Heinicka moved that the figure be changed to $24,938.  Derek Good seconded and the motion carried.   Tom Monk stated that the Finance Committee voted to move ahead with the paving  job on the 1st Street parking areas.  There is a gift of $4,000 toward this project which will leave the church with approximately $4,500.  Kim Heinicka moved that we approve $4,800. to pay the remainder of this project.  Marilyn Clark seconded and the motion carried.  Tom stated that we were close to budget.  Our expenses were higher in March but this was partially because we paid the quarterly insurance.  We made money on our investments.  Our balance sheets are in order.  There is $75,000 in our checking account.  He said that the youth program and the food pantry are usually self-funded.   The current Treasurer’s Report is in the Crier.  David Kline made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Derek Good seconded and the motion carried.

New Business:  Kim Heinicka is looking into new carpet in the parish hall in the form of carpet squares.  We have a gift of $2,700. towards this project.   

Reports (4 Commissions) – Fr. Roberts said that it is wonderful to have the written Commssion reports – we had four this month.

    Leadership – Due to Jo Simpson’s illness, the Mutual Ministry Review will take place at our next meeting.  

    Endowment Chair vacancy on Finance Committee – Fr. Roberts stated that Betsey McKenna has resigned as the Endowment Chair and we need to find someone to replace her.  The Finance Committee doesn’t meet again until August.  We need to fill this position by then.  Calvary ranks 20th out of 77 in the Diocese in Endowment.

    Worship:  The combined service at 9 AM will begin on June 4th
Rick Schock, Worship Chair thanked the Altar Guild for their outstanding work during Holy Week and Easter.  The church was beautiful.  He stated that the Stations of the Cross on the beach was an outstanding success with about 65 people participating.  Our service men and women will be mentioned by name in the Prayers of the People on national holidays and Rick Schock  will wear his uniform and carry the American flag in the procession.  Rick has received inquiries about having a healing service at Calvary.  This will be looked into.

    Pastoral Care – Marilyn Clark stated that many members of the parish are doing pastoral care.  Julie Day is having hip replacement surgery in August.  Dick Widell is going to be undergoing a procedure and will need prayers.  John Kormanitzky has been in the hospital again.  Ellen Ludlow and Karen Hillegas are still recovering from hip surgery.  We need more volunteers and we need a better list of those who need to have a Lay Eucharistic Visitor.

    Connections – Nametags Update - Renee Lee brought samples of  possible new name tags for Calvary.  We need to order at least  250 to get the price break.  She suggested we should order more than we need so that when we need to add someone new or replace one, we just have to order it.  In August we will begin putting next year’s budget together and this will come under the Connections budget request. 

    Directory Update – Fr. Roberts stated that our material has been sent to the company.  They will put it together and return it to us to preview and we should have our new directories by Christmas.

    Christian Ed – Elyssa Coker reported that the youth made $2,600 in the parking lot for Beachfest towards their Mission budget.  She stated that she is halfway through the work she is doing in the nursery.  Things have been cleaned, some new items have been purchased and a new book shelf has been donated.

    DaySpring Summer Camp – Elyssa Coker reported that Dylan Coker and Skyler Small are going to attend the Summer Camp and possibly Cedric Fisher.  Calvary has not sent anyone for years.

    Youth Sunday Presentation – May 28th – On this day our youth will be doing most of the readings, prayers, music and teaching.  
    Confirmation/Pentecost – June 4th – Bishop Barry Howe will be here to confirm Terra Kingston, Spencer Yanacheck, Daniel Yanacheck, Carmen McDaniel, Garrett Fisher, and Jordan Coker.  This will be the first Sunday of the combined 9 AM service.

    Fellowship – There was discussion about the holiday dinners.  It is felt that we need to reach more people and that we should include the youth with a program or activities that will interest them as well as the adults.

Crier articles due by June 18th – Derek and Cyndi Good will be moving to the island of Nevis in the Caribbean on July 16th.  We will be having a “farewell” fellowship event for them.  Derek and Cyndi will be taking youth running shoes for the island inhabitants.  A new running track has been built on the island for the youth.

Vestry (written) Reports due by August 11th

Next Vestry Meeting – Monday, August 14th

Closing Prayer – Fr. Robert led us in a closing prayer.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Judith M. Marx
Clerk of the Vestry


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