Vestry Minutes - August 14, 2017

September 22, 2017


Vestry Meeting Minutes


August 14, 2017


Call to Order -  The August 14th meeting of the Calvary Vestry was called to order by Fr. Roberts at 6:40 PM.  There was a quorum present.  Marilyn Clark, Kim Heinicka, Rick Schock and Jim Yanacheck were excused.   Those present were Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, David Kline, Renee Lee, Chuck Pond, Jo Simpson, Jim Widell, Fr. Roberts, Tom Monk, and Judy Marx.


Welcome and Special Prayers – Fr. Roberts welcomed the Vestry members back from summer break.  He led us in the Parish Prayer and the following people were mentioned for Special Prayers:  David, Heather, Helen, Julie, Rick, Rick’s mother, Kim and Julie for safe travel, Zach, Danny and Eric as they go to college, Nicolai, MacKenzie, Ryan and Courtney, Dottie, Nigel, Peter, Joe and Peter.


Necrology – Prayers were said for Anne Carter who died on June 19th. 


Leadership Perspective – Jo Simpson – Jo quickly reviewed that in March she told us about Herman Miller who used his Christian teachings to build his Fortune 500 business.  In April she shared a discussion of Timothy Keller’s blog about how faith affects our workplace.  At this meeting, Jo shared her thoughts on Timothy Keller’s book: Every Good Endeavor – Connecting your work to God’s Work.  Keller speaks about the true meaning of vocation – “a calling” and he then moves into connecting our faith with the workplace, with God’s calling.  Jo said that Keller looks at three areas:  1) Why do we want to work; 2) Why is it so hard to work; and 3) How can we overcome difficulties.  Keller then explored 1) God’s plan for us: design, dignity, cultivation, service;  2) Our problems with work:  fruitless, pointless, selfish and idolatrous; and 3) The Gospel at work:  New story, new conception, new compass, new power. Keller states that God’s plan for us in the very beginning was work.  God put us in the Garden to work with direction; dominion and procreation.  God also instructed us to rest as He did.  After man’s fall from grace, we received an instruction manual – The Ten Commandments.  Keller spoke about our problems – lack of dignity and making work idolatry.  He said that work should be view with dignity – God can work through whoever he wants.  As far as fruitlessness, selfishness, and idolatry, Keller suggests that we first understand how our sin distorts work and then we look to reap the satisfaction God planned.  Jo stated that Keller, using our Christian foundation, provides us with practical direction – connecting our work with God’s.  Following Jo’s perspective an active discussion was held with the Vestry members sharing their thoughts on connecting our work to God’s work.


Rector’s Report – Fr. Roberts – Fr. Roberts reported about the Mission Trip to Wisconsin and the St. Michael’s Conference.  Both were wonderful experiences – both the youth and the adults were deeply touched by these experiences. 

Old Business

          May 8th Vestry Minutes – After a short review of the minutes, Mike Alford made a motion to accept the minutes of the May 8th Vestry meeting as written.  Jo Simpson seconded the motion and the motion carried.


          January – June Financials – Tom Monk - Tom Monk, Treasurer reported that the total designated giving and total income were up over budget.  The total income for June was $20,374 compared to last year’s figure of $25,780.  Property was over budget by $17,000.  This was because our property insurance was paid twice (one was refunded) and we had several major repairs done (roof, carpeting in the parish hall, dumpster pad and fence and paving in front of the church.  There were donations to cover part of these projects.  $33,000 was budgeted and we spent $44,000.  Tom stated that there was $51,000 in our Regions checking account today.  He said that the cash flow will improve by October when our snowbirds start to return.  Tom said that the next Finance Committee meeting will be held on August 22nd and Vestry members are encouraged to attend.  Mike Alford asked Tom if he could present the comparative figure each month on where our current pledge income stands with our yearly budget figure.  David Kline made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report for June.  Renee Lee seconded and the motion carried.


New Business

          Nominations to General Convention – Judy Marx reported that Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, and Tom Monk were elected as delegates to the Diocesan Convention to be held in Punta Gorda on October 13 – 14 at the organization meeting of the Vestry in January.  David Kline was selected as the alternate.  Mike Alford is running for Diocesan Council and Fr. Roberts is running for a clergy position on the Standing Committee.


Reports (Written)

          The July-August Crier contained the written reports:  Rector’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Outreach Report, Missions Report, Pastoral Care Report, Property Report, Stewardship Report, Connections Report, Christian Education Report, Worship Report and Fellowship Report. 


Updates (Verbal)


                    Important Leadership Vacancies/Nominations

                             Derek Good Position (6 months) – Fr. Jon asked that each Vestry person send possible names to him.  He also asked that each Vestry member submit three names of possible candidates for Vestry next year to him.  A person appointed to fill Derek’s position would be eligible to run for a three year term next year.  Filling an unexpired term is a good way to get acquainted with the working of a vestry.


                             Endowment Chair on FC – Chuck Pond brought up the resignation of a person on the Finance Committee who resigned because the person felt the Vestry didn’t support the recommendations of the Finance Committee.  There was a discussion about this issue.  It was pointed out that the Finance Committee is an advisory committee but the Vestry makes the final decisions.  Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford and Tom Monk all sit on the Finance Committee and they can convey the feeling of the Vestry.  The Finance Committee is searching for a new Endowment Chairperson.


                             Food Pantry Director – David Kline and Renee Lee stated that they are looking for someone to take over the day to day operation of the Food Pantry.  They are reviewing the membership list to see if they can find someone who is qualified to fill this important position.  Fr. Roberts will send a PDF copy of the Roster to all vestry members.


                             Fellowship Director – We have a huge need to find someone to become the Fellowship Director.  This is a very important position.  We need new people to volunteer to take the coffee hours.  The members who did if for years are tired and they need replacements. Each Vestry person should take a turn hosting the coffee hour.  Any suggestions to fill this position should be given to Jim Yanacheck.


                   Deanery Workshop at SPC Collaborative Lab – September 9th – So far Cathy Athanson, Renee Lee, Elyssa Coker, Judy Marx, Marilyn Clark and Fr. Roberts are attending this workshop.  We still need two more to attend. 



          Routine Sunday services have resumed 8/10 am


Exchange of Peace procedure – Fr. Roberts asked the congregation to be more conscientious about the flow of our liturgy during the exchange of the Peace.   The duration of exchange and the distance we travel has become a bit too much.  Mike Alford made observation that Fr. Jon appears to go to the back of the church and this may energize others for follow suit,.  Fr. Jon vowed to remain close to the front and allow the Peace to “spread” as it should, to the back of the Church.  Michael Burke will signal with chimes on the organ when the service is going to continue, to rally people back to their seats.


“A Funeral to Live For”  (Vestry encouraged) – Booklets for funeral planning are in both narthexes.


Pastoral Care:

          Laun Baby born – Parishioners have taken meals every night for a week.


          Hospitalized (End of May – Present) – Julie Day, Heather Pontikos, Nigel Thomas, Gordon Burton, Helen Jedrey, Karen Hilligas, John Watson, Cherie Smith



          Crier and eNews articles – Renee Lee asked that each Vestry member write an article about their commission and sent it to Renee by August 25th.  Fr. Roberts also asked that each vestry member submit a Crier article for their ministry and he stressed that pictures are very welcome.


          Still working on new nametags and a road sign


          Facebook postings – Vestry members are encouraged to send Facebook postings to Renee Lee.


Christian Ed:

          St. Michaels Conference – Summer Mision Trip(s) – covered in Rector’s Report.  Jordan and Dylan Coker and Skyler Small attended summer camps at DaySpring.


          Children’s Chapel/Teen & College Classes - There will be two classes this year – the Children’s Chapel and a Teen and College Class.  The Teen and College class will be a discussion led by the participants on the Gospel of the day.


          YAM – Youth and Missions – The youth are scheduling a Thanksgiving Dinner at the church for patrons of the Food Pantry on Wednesday, November 22.  It was suggested that parishioners who have no family in the area might also attend.



          1st Street Repaved – finished


          Fence issue on south lot with City – The fence was built because of complaints from the owner of the house about the appearance of the garbage, trespassing by patrons of the Food Pantry and the use of her driveway.  The church obtained permits from the City before the fence was built.  The owner has “demanded” that 25 feet be cut down to 3 feet in height.  Calvary is challenging the interpretation of the municipal code that was present to us by the city. 


          Barge Hall renovation/gift provision – Fr. Roberts and members of Calvary are renovating Barge Hall for the youth program.  Doing most of this work “in-house” will allow us to do more work using the generous and anonymous $10,000 gift received recently.  These monies were designated for this project of building renovation that enhances space being used for the purpose of youth ministry.  A new Children’s Chapel altar was built by Gene Chapman to go into the newly renovated space.



          New Members – Chuck Pond encouraged the Vestry to invite new people to Church.


          Newest Members:  Brenda McCoy (6/13); Marilyn Appell (6/13), Mary Bealls (5/22)



          Food Pantry update


          School backpacks and supplies delivered to the Diocese – Renee Lee and Ralph Kiphuth delivered them to DaySpring.  (Send pictures to the Crier)


          Christmas shoeboxes being gathered


          Tuesday Hot Dog for nearby kids ongoing – Chuck Pond suggested that Calvary’s kids come next year as well as the neighborhood kids.


          Coffee Hour (Vestry Encouraged) – (Covered under Leadership – Fellowship Director



Crier articles due by August 25th


Vestry (written) Reports due by September 9th


Next Vestry Meeting – Monday, September 11th


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.



Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry

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