Vestry Minutes - October 9, 2017

November 18, 2017


Vestry Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2017


Call to Order -  Mike Alford called the October 9, 2017 Vestry meeting to order at 6:33 PM.


Attendance/Quorum – Kim Heinicka, Jo Simpson, and Elyssa Coker were excused.  Those present were Mike Alford, Marilyn Clark, Steve Hein, David Kline, Renee Lee, Judy Marx, Tom Monk, Chuck Pond, Fr. Jon Roberts, Rick Schock, Jim Widell and Jim Yanacheck.  The clerk stated that a quorum was present.


Welcome and Special Prayers – Fr. Roberts welcomed Steve Hein to the Vestry.  Steve is filling Derek Good’s position which expires in 2017.  Mike Alford led us in the parish prayer.  Those mentioned for special prayers were Sara, Megan and Jay, Jann and Jon, Dick and Marguerite, Ben and Helen, Jacob, Kevin, for all who were affected by the mass shootings in Las Vegas, for Carolyn as she continues with her mission work in Uganda that she will stay healthy and safe, giving thanks for all the workers cleaning up after the storm and getting the electricity restored, for strength and courage for Renee as she starts a new enterprise, for safe travel for Kim and Julie and for Jo, giving thanks that Derek and Cyndi were spared in the storms that hit the islands and look forward to their arrival in November, for Billy that he will recover from his back injury.


Necrology – We pray for those who are no longer with us, especially Edna Folio and for all others who have made a difference in our lives. 


Leadership Perspective/Rector’s Report – In Jo Simpson’s absence, Fr. Roberts gave his perspective and he stated that this Vestry is doing a wonderful job.  He stated that he was so pleased with each and every member.  He is looking forward to closing with a strong year. 


Old Business

          August 14th Vestry Minutes – After reviewing the minutes, Marilyn Clark made a motion to accept the minutes of the August 14th Vestry meeting as written.  David Kline  seconded and the motion carried.


          January – August Financials – Tom Monk – Tom Monk stated that we received an anonymous gift of $10,000 for major improvements in the month of August.  Non pledge  exceeded the budget of $2,000 by $1,655.  Plate numbers were off about $1,000 from the budgeted number.  Pledge numbers were down about $5,359.  Youth programs exceeded their budget by $666 and they are double their budget right now but they will not be incurring further expenses this year.  The electric bill is a little higher than normal ($1,900 – budget was $1,250).  We made a little money on our investments.  Net income was a positive ($2,700 – budget of $1,900) and year to date income is a positive $86,000.  Cash is a little tight right now.  Randall Marcum of Merrill Lynch recommended that we change the restricted account which is the Endowment account to a hybrid model of the unrestricted account.  The unrestricted account is in an ETF and he recommends that we put the Endowment account into an account like this.   It lowers our fees and it gives us the flexibility to move funds at any given moment.  The internal costs are cheaper.  This is a recommendation from Finance Committee and from Randall Marcum.   The Vestry will vote on this next month.


New Business

Reports (Written) – The Crier articles are the New Business reports for this month (Rector’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Outreach Report, Missions Report, Pastoral Care Report, Property Report, Stewardship Report, Connections Report, Christian Education Report, Worship Report and Fellowship Report).


Updates – Verbal

          Leadership – Important Leadership Vacancies/Nominations

                   Derek Good position filled by Steve Hein

                   Endowment Chair on Finance Committee – still open

                   Food Pantry Director – David Kline “Chair of committee has a team in place

                   Fellowship Director – no leads


The Deanery Workshop at St. Petersburg College Collaborative Lab has been changed due to Irma to October 28.  Those scheduled to attend are Cathy Athanson, Marilyn Clark, Judy Marx, Renee Lee, Steve Hein, Jo Simpson and Fr. Roberts


                   The Diocesan Convention is at Punta Gorda October 13 and 14. 


Safeguarding All God’s Children is required of all Vestry members.  Those on Vestry who have not attended are Jim Yanacheck, Steve Hein and Renee Lee.


          Outreach – Chuck Pond proposed a new members reception in Barge Hall or on the deck on the 1st Saturday in December (2nd) from 6 – 8 PM.  Marilyn Clark, Mary Schock, Renee Lee and Steve Hein will form the committee. Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served.  Chuck and Peggy Pond invited the Vestry to their home on December 16th for the Indian Rocks Beach boat parade.  Fr. Roberts stated that the boats also come by the deck of the church and that we might want to do something at the church.


          Connections – Renee Lee asked that people submit pictures, articles or stories for the Crier.  Mike Alford suggested that the Crier might be made a little smaller (27 pages).  It was suggested that we ask the members of the parish if they read the Crier.


          Worship – Mike Alford stated that he read an article in the Diocesan paper about a woman who is at St. Peter’s Cathedral who gives seminars on prayer and meditation.  He stated that he would like to look into the possibility of bringing her here.  Rick Schock will follow up on this.  Rick Schock stated that the Ecumenical service will be held at Calvary on November 16th  at 7 PM.   The Vestry are encouraged to attend the Wednesday Noonday Mass and Healing Service and Evening Prayer held at 6PM in the Chapel.  Fr. Roberts is reaching out to assisted living facilities for the Mass and Healing service.   Mike Alford stated that we are encouraging the Vestry members to set an example by containing ourselves in our immediate area for  Exchanging the Peace.  We need to try to strike the balance.  The Blessing of the Animals was a wonderful success – a great turnout.  Rick Schock mentioned the wonderful job that our Music Director, Matthew Burke is doing.  His preludes and postludes are beautiful.


          Stewardship – Mike Alford announced that the Finance Committee is now meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month (October 19 – please note change) at 6 PM.  Vestry members are welcome to attend.  Fr. Roberts said that every Vestry member is going to receive an e-mail which will have a work sheet to assemble the blanks for the budget of their ministry for 2018 which they will submit to the Finance Committee.  They would like to have these figures in 30 days.  If there are any questions we should call Tom Monk.


          Legacy Society – The Vestry is encouraged to be a part of the Legacy Society.  It involves estate planning.


          Pastoral Care – Those hospitalized from the end of May to the present are:  Julie Day, Heather Pontikos, Nigel Thomas, Gordon Burton, Helen Jedrey, Karen Hillegas, John Watson and Cherie Smith.  Fr. Roberts asked if there are others who should be added.  Those names are Jann and John Komarnitzky, Robin Hite, Ellen Ludlow, Sandra Schock, Ben and Helen Jedrey, Nigel Thomas, Margurite and Dick Widell.  Jim Widell suggested that through the Food Pantry we work on setting up a Thanksgiving basket for our shut-ins. 


          Connections – Renee Lee needs our help with articles and pictures.  Marilyn Clark suggested that we thank Lia for her good work on the E-News.   Renee handed out some material about new parish name badges that are being looked into for Calvary.  Mike Alford thanked everyone for a great job on our new directory.


          Christian Ed – MacKenzie Laun is being baptized on All Saints Day – November 5th.  The Summer Mission Trip will take place in Loveland, Colorado.  There are three applications in thus far. There are 14 spots total which includes youth and adults.  The Children’s Chapel was held in the newly refurbished chapel last Sunday.  The teen class leads their own discussion on the day’s gospel and there is always an adult present.  Fr. Roberts said that we need some adult volunteers to go into this class.  Youth and Missions meets once a month to instruct the young people in youth and mission work.  The Youth and Missions group is hoping to host a Thanksgiving meal for members of our church who have no family here for the holiday and they are looking for about 12 families from the Food Pantry patrons to come to this dinner on November 22nd.


          Property – Kim Heinicka is out of town.  We have some shingles missing from the roof as a result of Irma.  Aries has given us a bid which Kim Heinicka is looking over.  We also  have to replace a gutter in the front by the Food Pantry.  The damage will probably be about $20,000.  The Diocese has asked us to submit our damage estimates.  The insurance costs have increased a lot as have the deductibles.  We have had several AC problems that have been caused by faulty air ducts.  It they detect smoke, they shut down the air conditioners.  For $2,000 they have resolved these problems.


          Outreach – We have two new members – Lily Palmer and Brandon McClintock.                     


Food Pantry Director – David Kline said that they have made excellent progress in the management team. Steve Hein is handling the data base and the web site.  Chuck Pond is handling the outreach goals.  Ann Mason, a newcomer is a very enthused new member from the community on the board.  Dennis Ritinmeier is handling grants and fund raising (outreach) and Janet Aldridge (also a member of the community is the volunteer coordinator.  David Kline, Renee Lee and Connie Curran complete this board.


Christmas Shoe Boxes – We need 100 more.  We are doing 200 shoe boxes this year.



Coffee Hour – Volunteers are badly needed.  The sign-up sheet is in the parish hall and the open slots are listed.


Coffee System Upgrade – An anonymous gift has given us money part of which is to purchase a new Bunn Coffee system which will be installed by mid-November. 



Crier articles due by October 20th  


Next Finance Committee – Thursday, October 19th – 6 PM


Vestry Written Reports due by November 9th


Next Vestry Meeting – Monday, November 13th


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.


Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx, Clerk of the Vestry

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