Vestry Minutes - December 11, 2017

January 18, 2018

Vestry Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2017



Call to Order  - Fr. Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM. 


Attendance/Quorum  - Those present at the meeting included Mike Alford, Marilyn Clark, Elyssa Coker, Steve Hein, Kim Heinicka, David Kline, Renee Lee, Chuck Pond,  Rick Schock, Jo Simpson, Jim Yanacheck, Fr. Jon Roberts, Judy Marx and Laurie Lawther.  There was a quorum present.


Welcome  - Fr. Roberts welcomed all to the meeting and led us in the parish prayer.  He noted that we have the Property Report from October rather than the November report. (It was later discovered that we did have the November report as well.)


Special Prayers – Prayers were asked for Jann and John, the Roberts Family, Martha, Deacon Melissa Sands, Greg Donham and Greg’s mother as they go through this time of pending transition with his mother; Peggy, Rich, Gene and Toni, Sandra and Mary, Loretta, for all of our Calvary family.


Necrology – Helen Dunbar


Fr. Roberts reported that he had spent all day at the Diocesan Wellness Conference.  He encouraged the importance of making small groups a part of your life, people that you can share anything with.   Fr. Roberts also thanked Laurie Lawther for being present.


Special Presentations

2018 Budget Preparation – Laurie Lawther, Mike Alford

Laurie Lawther stated that all members need to give Finance Committee the figures you need for your commission for the year.  Mike Alford said that churches are a little different than businesses because we don’t have all the facts – we have faith.  We have to estimate and we have unexpected expenses.  We have budgeted for a shortfall.  We have been fortunate to have undesignated gifts. David Kline and Renee Lee discussed some of the Food Pantry finances.   Fr. Roberts said “We don’t proclaim the budget – we proclaim the mystery.”  We need the members of the Vestry to give all budget information to Laurie Lawther by December 1st.  We are going to change computer programs from Quick Books Online to ACS Cloud.  We will need to keep Quick Books around for a while because the two programs are not compatible.  Maria Gonzelez will do the reconciliation.  


At this point, Fr. Roberts turned the meeting over to Mike Alford. 


2018 Pledges – Lori Lawther stated that she is about a week behind in recording the pledges.  As of last week we had 23 pledges turned in with $39,524.00.  She still has a stack to enter. 


Old Business

January-September Financials – Laurie Lawther – The Regions balance as of today was $27,500.  She asked the Commission heads to get their budget worksheets turned in as soon as possible.  The Merrill Lynch balance is up from last month by about $2,500.  The expenses are over revenue by about $690.00 but we have been doing a lot.  Laurie Lawther sent the financials out today.  Fr. Roberts stated that the Finance Committee welcomes Vestry members to present their budget information to them in person. 


November 13th Vestry Minutes – Judy Marx – Judy Marx reported several small corrections to the November 13th minutes.  David Kline moved to accept the minutes of the November 13th Vestry meeting as corrected.  Jim Yanacheck seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 


December 10th Vestry Special Meeting Minutes – Steve Hein made a motion to accept the December 10th Special Meeting Minutes as written.  Marilyn Clark seconded and the motion carried.


External Diocesan Audit – Mike Alford – Mike Alford reported that the Vestry had decided to hire CBIZ to do our Diocesan audit.  Mike Alford has talked to Anne Vickers and she told him the Diocese will be reaching out to CBIZ and connecting Mike with the individual who will be doing the non-profit audit.  Anne Vickers also told Mike Alford that $7,000.00 is the top amount the Diocese will pay for this audit so we may have to budget for this if it goes over the $7,000.00.


Stewardship Campaign – Mike Alford -  Our stewardship campaign is underway.  It was suggested that a lay person might address the congregation about stewardship.  Some parishioners are pre-paying for next year already.  Elyssa Coker suggested that we talk about what the pledge does for our particular commission.  Fr. Roberts said that some of the children have pledged.  Mike Alford will give a talk on Sunday (December 17th) and he would like information about how different groups use their budget (i.e. Altar Guild, etc.)


2018 Vestry Prospects – Jo Simpson – Jo Simpson reminded the Vestry that prospects must be 1) a member in good standing 2) over 18 years of age 3) a giver of record.  Several names have been suggested so far – Joanne Martindale, Bob Lima, Shelly Clark, Lisa Kingston, Penny Yanacheck, Marlene Stark, and Margaret Richcreek.


New Members Party on December 2nd – Chuck Pond – Chuck Pond stated that it was a great party.  There were 31 people there.  He had great help from Renee Lee and everyone chipped in.  It was suggested that we possibly do this when more of our winter visitors are here.  It makes our new members feel special.  We can get newspaper publicity from the Beach Bee and that will help us get new members as well.


Yard Sale on November 25th – Kim Heinicka – Kim reported that we made $2,600 which is up about $700 from last year.  There was good help from many parishioners, particularly the Spicers, Brillats, Julie Heinicka and many of our parishioners were there working much of the time.


Food Pantry – David Kline – (written report submitted)  - Chuck Pond suggested that each Vestry member should spend a day working in the Food Pantry.  The Food Pantry started staying open on Thursday evenings and nobody came but David Kline feels that this will catch on.  We did get approved for a $3,500 grant towards the new refrigerator.  The Irwin Regata brought food and donations for the Food Pantry.  David Kline also announced that $5,000 was collected on “Giving Tuesday” towards the van for the Food Pantry.  There were 41 donors.  We are a third of the way to the goal.


Christmas Shoebox deliveries – Marilyn Clark – Marilyn Clark announced that the shoe boxes are all packed (152 boxes) and going to DaySpring tomorrow.  Jackie Bowman from Resurrection (formerly St. Dunstans), Ralph Kiphuth and Marilyn Clark are taking them down. 


Christmas Service Update – Rich Schock

       November 20 – Wednesday Mass and Evensong followed by Advent devotion – Rick


       9:00 am Advent IV (combined morning service)

      10:30 am – Greening of the Church

       4:30 pm – Christmas Lessons and Carols

       9:00 pm – “Candlelight” Christmas Lessons and Carols


New Business

Finance Committee Recommendations – Mike Alford – Jo Simpson has volunteered to serve on the Finance Committee.  Mike Alford stated that we will make known to the congregation during the announcements that the Interim Treasurer’s position is open.  Mike also said that we need more counters.  Mike Alford volunteered Rebecca (Alford) to be the coordinator of the counters.  If we can get enough counters, you should only have to do it once a month.


Laurie Lawther’s Compensation – Kim Heinicka said that at the Finance Committee meeting it was brought up that Laurie Lawther has been working extra hours in the absence of a Treasurer.  She was asked to add up her hours and turn them in so she could be compensated.  She normally works six hours per week but she worked thirty six hours in November. 

David Kline made a motion that we compensate Laurie Lawther at her hourly rate for the hours that she works during the period of time that we have no Treasurer.   Rick Schock seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Christmas Ad Going into the Beach Bee – Renee Lee – Renee Lee thanked Pat Whalen for helping with the Crier and the ad.  A copy of the ad was included with the agenda.  It is red and white and is being kept simple. They are trying to gain consistency and to adhere to the Episcopal Church’s style etiquette.


Christmas Boat Parade, December 16th – Elyssa Coker - Elyssa said the party will be 7 to 9 pm on the deck at the church and there will be snacks and drinks.  Kim Heinicka will bring a fire pit.  Please come and bring friends.


2018 Annual Parish Meeting – Fr. Roberts - The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on January 28th.  All commissions need to submit their reports for the Annual Report.


Christmas Vestry Party – This year we will hold an “Epiphany Party” at the home of Jo Simpson on January 6th.  Time and details will follow. The Finance Committee and Deacon Melissa Sands and Greg Donham will be included.


New Business

Property – Kim Heinicka – Kim Heinicka reported that part of the $25,000.00 gift includes a new coffee maker.  This has not been ordered and Kim would like to get it ordered.  It is automatically plumbed.  It will make fellowship much easier.  The deck will be stained in the near future.  



Crier articles due by December 20th  – Renee asked that each commission get an article to her for the Crier.


Next Finance Committee – Wednesday, December 21st at 6:30


Vestry (written) reports due by January 5th


Next Vestry Meeting – Monday, January 8th


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.



Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry



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