Vestry Minutes - November 13, 2017

January 18, 2018



Vestry Meeting Minutes

November 13th, 2017



Call to Order  - The meeting was called to order at 7:45 PM by Mike Alford.


Attendance/Quorum  - Members present included Mike Alford, Marilyn Clark, AlyssaCoker, Steve Hein, Kim Heinicka, David Kline, Renee Lee, Chuck Pond,  Rick Schock, Jo Simpson, Jim Yanacheck, Fr. Jon Roberts, Deacon Melissa Sands, Judy Marx and Greg Donham.  Jim Widell was excused.  The clerk stated that a quorum was present.


Welcome  - Fr. Roberts welcomed all to the meeting and led us in the parish prayer.


Special Prayers – Prayers were asked for Peggy, Loretta, Ruth, Bob Fischer’s son-in-law, Larry, Jann, for the Vestry and our families, for Fr. Jon and his family, for the Finance Committee and their families, for a spirit of reconciliation and true Christian love among us, for help in our imperfections.


Necrology – Norman Sookhoo, Brad Martindale


Special Presentations

Discussion of Treasurer’s Resignation -  Mike Alford stated, for the records, that we received the resignation of our Treasurer, Tom Monk.  We will immediately begin discussion to search for an interim and if any of the Vestry members have ideas who might be willing and qualified to serve on an interim basis please come to Mike with those names. 


Deanery Workshop at SPC Collaborative Lab – Cathy Athanson – Cathy came to report on the Deanery Strategic Planning session that Steve Hein, Renee Lee, Judy Marx, Fr. Roberts and Cathy attended at the Epi Center on October 28th. Cathy stated that she admires the vision of the Deanery to bring together the family of parishes to have conversation about what we need to do to grow our faith community as Episcopalians.  We had discussions about where we are, where we need to go and why we need to go there.  We divided into cross parish teams.  We started with visioning and moved to establish goals for the Deanery and we worked down to the parish level by discussing if these are the goals that are deployed, who in the parish level would own  them.  We responded to five thoughts which were: this is where we are in the Deanery now and this is where we feel we are being called to be in the future.  We need to look at that gap and talk about how we are going to get from where we are to where we feel we are called to be.  Here is what we have to learn and do to get there.  The five goals we established to grow the church are: 1) Outreach and Youth;  2) build a Deanery wide outreach program; 3) Visability;  4) prayerfully engage in loving and serving the community through healing, social justice, mercy  and fellowship;  5)metrics and leadership.  Planning is hard work.  We the leaders of this church have to be the parents of change rather than the offspring of the past.


Stewardship Process – The families will bring their pledges to the altar during the doxology the four Sundays in Advent.  Christmas Eve is actually the 4th Sunday in Advent and the members might want to bring their pledges forth with their family that night. 



Old Business

October 9th Vestry Minutes – Judy Marx – Jo Simpson made a motion to accept the minutes of the October 9th Vestry meeting.  Steve Hein seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Judy Marx suggested that each member make their own copies of the materials needed for the meeting at home if possible.


January-September Financials – The financials have been provided.  We do not have anyone to walk us through them with the resignation of our Treasurer.  Please take the time to review them and if you have any questions, Mike Alford, Fr. Roberts, Janie Small or Greg Donham will help you through them.


New Business


     Leadership – Judy Marx will be retiring as Clerk in 2018.


     Nominating Committee report – Jo Simpson, Steve Hein, Chuck Pond and Jim Yanacheck will serve as the nominating committee.  Some names mentioned were Joann Martindale, Bob Lima, Judy Marx, Shelley Clark and Marlene Stark.  Please submit any names to Jo Simpson or to her committee.


     Safeguarding God’s Children reminder (a Diocesan requirement) – Deacon Melissa Sands – All Vestry members are required to attend this course.


     Worship – There is Wednesday Evening Prayer every week at 6PM.  The Vestry is encouraged to attend this.    


      Ecumenical Service – Calvary is hosting the Ecumenical service on Thursday, November 16th at 7 PM.  A reception will follow the service in the parish hall.  The Vestry and the parish are encouraged to attend this event.


     Fr. Roberts’ 10th Anniversary of Ordination – Fr. Roberts 10th anniversary of his ordination will be celebrated on November 19th with Evensong at the Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota at 5:15 PM.  The church is at 222 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota.  The Vestry and any who would like to attend are welcome.  His ordination date is actually December 5th.




     Stewardship Sunday – 1st Sunday in Advent – December 3rd - Fr. Roberts spoke about stewardship.  This year the Vestry is helping to form the budget through our commissions.  Mike Alford and Fr. Roberts attended a Stewardship Workshop.  They were told we should resist calling it a pledge campaign – it is a shared ministry. The families will bring their pledges to the altar during the doxology every Sunday in Advent.  By the time of the Annual Meeting we will have a budget.  Stewardship is actually an all year project.


     Budget Preparations – Vestry worksheets needed –


Pastoral Care:

     Hospitalized (End of October – Present) – Helen Jedrey, Ruth Tripp, Loretta Scott, Peggy Pond



     Crier release update – Renee Lee said that the Crier will be out this weekend.


Christian Ed:

     Youth Sunday on “Christ the King” – November 26th – The youth will be doing the readings at the 10 AM service and ushering.


     Advent Bible Study/Devotion – December 6th


     Boat Parade fundraiser – summer youth programs – December 16th – The youth are going to green the church on December 24th.


     The youth had a fund-raiser at “Taste of Indian Rocks Beach”.  They made about $200.00 and many people went in to visit the church.  Elyssa Coker suggested that we have a brochure for visitors giving information about the church.    


Property:  See written report provided – Kim Heinicka – Bob Lima gave a donation for window coverings to block the sun for the Children’s Chapel.  The cost is $435 per window.  Also there are new plantings in front by the office.  These are from the Memorial Gift to Margie Hunt.



     New Members Party – December 2nd – 6-8 PM (Vestry Encouraged) – Chuck Pond - All Vestry members are urged to attend the New Members party for new member and recent visitors.  Chuck needs an approximate count of those attending.






     Food Pantry Update – David Kline – There has been a great deal going on in the Food Pantry in the last month.  We have been approved for USDA food distribution.  We just got our first shipment of food – 2,052 pounds of food (we will receive this monthly).  This can only be distributed to those clients who have signed up for it (and most have).  We need additional refrigeration because we are leaving a large amount of produce behind when we leave Feeding America because we have no place to put it.  We have applied for a $5,000 grant from Pinellas

Community Foundation.  This will be used to purchase a new refrigerator, do the wiring necessary to hook up the refrigerator and purchase 80 storage containers which will fit into the freezers and refrigerators.  We will hear in the next 30 days if we are to get this grant.  Mike Alford reminded the Vestry that we need to have three estimates for any item that is over $1500.  David will get a third bid for the refrigerator and the storage shelves so he is compliance with our by-laws.  David Kline made a motion that the Vestry approve the purchase of the refrigerator, the storage tubs and install the needed wiring to accommodate the refrigerator not to exceed $5,000.  If the grant is not approved, there is money in the Food Pantry budget to make this purchase.  Kim Heinicka seconded and the motion carried. 


     David Kline proposed that we purchase a van ($15,000 to $20,000) which will be funded by    

a public funding initiative called “Giving Tuesday”.  The van is needed to pick up the food each month from our resources because our personal vehicles are not big enough to bring all we can get. We will not get all the needed funds from “Giving Tuesday” so we will use other funding initiatives  until we have enough money to pay for the van.  It could take more than a year to do this.  David estimates that it will cost the Food Pantry about $4,500 in gas and maintenance plus $1,350 for driver insurance.  The church will own the van, not the Food Pantry.  David Kline moved that the vestry allow the Food Pantry to move forward with van funding starting with “Giving Tuesday” and moving forward as far as we need to, to get the necessary funding.  Rick Schock seconded and the motion carried.


     On Friday, November 24, the Country Day School (formally COTI) is bringing in food that they have gathered in a food drive.  There will be 20 or 30 children and supervisors in the parish hall sorting and organizing their donations.


     Christmas Shoeboxes being packed – Marilyn Clark – We are encouraged to take several, fill them and bring them back to the church.


     Thanksgiving Holiday Meals (2 different events) – David Kline – Rotary handles the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Meals and Calvary handles the Easter Holiday Meal.


Every food pantry patron who signed up is being given a Thanksgiving turkey.  David said the Food Pantry is receiving many donations to offset the cost of these turkeys.



     Coffee Hour sign up (Vestry encouraged) – Please sign up if you see a blank spot on the schedule.


     Yard Sale – November 25 – All who will be in town are urged to come and help with this project.  This is big fund raising activity.




Crier articles due by December 20th  - Renee Lee – Renee asked that each commission get an article to her for the Crier.


Next Finance Committee – Wednesday, November 15th


Vestry (written) reports due by December 9th


Next Vestry Meeting – Monday, December 11


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.



Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry








Rector’s Report

November 13, 2017


Dear Vestry,

Since our last meeting on October 9th, your Rector has been involved with several things to which I offer you this report. Liturgically, there were special services that were celebrated, namely All Saints Sunday and Veteran’s Sunday, along with the baptism of Mackenzie Laun and a funeral of Norman Sookhoo. The Blessing of the Animals was extended to sixteen (16) dogs. Both Fathers Mike and Hugh provided supply work, preaching and celebrating during two recent travels I took for both business and pleasure. Pastorally, I made twelve (10) visits to hospitals and/or homes, and provided nine (9) full spiritual counseling sessions.

In regards to our property, I was involved in restoring the Church after Hurricane Irma and the progress of completing The Barge Hall project. For stewardship, I have attended the Finance Committee meetings and offered my opinion on the budget process that includes Vestry participation. For Outreach I wrote six (6) visitor welcome letters and one (1) new member reception letter (Lily Palmer). In Youth Programs, I taught one (1) Children’s Chapel and one (1) Youth & Missions/YAM.

In regards to community involvement I have attended the monthly gathering at Slyce Pizza, assisted with the provision of church property to the HOA for the recent Taste of IRB event, and have attended the IRB Town Council meeting (to which I am a member). Diocesan commitments included the annual Diocesan Convention with our delegates in Punta Gorda and the Clearwater Deanery workshop with our delegates at the SPC/Clearwater laboratory.

            This upcoming month, my efforts will include the calling of new leaders, the blessing of Thanksgiving and preparing for the season of Advent.

PS: Please attend the Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service this Thursday at 7pm for a choral production you do not want to miss. I also invite you to attend my 10th Anniversary event at Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota on Nov. 19th at 5:15pm for Evensong. I will be preaching at that event.

Humbly yours,

Father Jon+


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