Vestry Minutes - January 8, 2018

February 5, 2018

Vestry Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2018



Call to Order  - The meeting was called to order by Fr. Roberts. 


Attendance/Quorum  - Those present at the meeting included Mike Alford, Marilyn Clark, Elyssa Coker, Steve Hein, Kim Heinicka, David Kline, Renee Lee, Chuck Pond,  Rick Schock, Jo Simpson, Jim Yanacheck, Fr. Jon Roberts, Laurie Lawther, Jane Small and Greg Donham.  Judy Marx, Clerk was excused.  There was a quorum present.


Welcome  - Fr. Roberts led us in the parish prayer.


Special Prayers – Prayers were asked for Wendy; Jann and John Komarnitzky; Chris and his family; for those candidates who will be joining this Vestry, the finance committee and a Treasurer; in thanksgiving for the 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood of Fr Hugh Bell; for all who are sick or under the weather; for Mike; for all who have made a long journey and who need rest; for Martha; for Jeffrey; for Bill Athanson, chair of Winterfest; for those who we love and see no longer.


Necrology – Evelyn Donham, Helen Dunbar and Dorothy Cox


Old Business: 

          Chuck Pond, on behalf of the entire Vestry, thanked Jo Simpson for her hospitality on January 6th at the Epiphany party. 


December 10th  and 11th Vestry Minutes – There was a motion to accept the minutes as written.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried.


January – November Financials – The November financials have been reconciled.  David Kline made a motion to accept the November financials.   Mike Alford seconded and the motion carried.  Fr. Roberts thanked our bookkeeper, Laurie Lawther for her splendid job of bookkeeping.


External Diocesan Audit – Mike Alford updated the Vestry on his discussions with CBIZ as to cost of a full forensic audit.  It will be a minimum of $10,000.00 and cannot be started until after tax season.  The M & M bid is $7,000.00.  After lengthy discussion, Rick Schock made a motion that we retract our motion from the last meeting to hire CBIZ and that we authorize the firm of Mercurio and Maxwell (M & M) to move forward with the forensic audit for the stated final price of $7,000.00 to be paid by the Diocese 100%.  Chuck Pond seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Stewardship Campaign – Laurie Lawther  reported that as of Thursday (January 4) we had a total of 58 pledges for a total of $175,808.  Four new have come in since Sunday.  Last year at the end of January we had 77 pledges for a total of $198,000.  Fr. Roberts thanked Mike Alford and Greg Donham for giving their testimonies on stewardship. 


2018 Vestry Ballot – Mike Alford reported that we have four candidates who are willing to run for the 2018 Vestry.  They are Margaret Richcreek, Bob Lima, JoAnn Martindale and Penny Yanacheck.  Chuck Pond moved that we accept Bob Lima, JoAnn Martindale, Margaret Richcreek and Penny Yanacheck as the nominees for the four positions on the Vestry.  Jim Yanacheck seconded and the motion carried.


Treasurer – Greg Donham stated that a treasurer does not need to be a CPA to be a parish treasurer.  It was suggested that we might find a mentor for a new treasurer.  Fr. Roberts will

bring up this possibility at the Clericus meeting this Thursday to see if our deanery parishes could help with this. 


New Business

Rector’s Initiatives – Fr. Roberts would like to start three committees which he feels would be of great importance to his ministry and for the ministry at Calvary.

     Rector’s Calendar Review - One initiative is that he would like to ask three individuals to go through his calendar from 2017 and go through it and meet with Fr. Jon to determine where the majority of his time was spent in 2017.  He would like to ask Rick Schock, Jo Simpson and Cathy Athanson to serve on this committee and to be part of the calendar sharing. 

     Professional Expenses – Fr. Roberts is going to ask three people to go thru Fr. Roberts 2017 clergy professional expenses from 2017. This committee will have conversation with resources and from that conversation, guidelines will be drawn so that there will be no further questions about these expenses.  There is a $500 budget item for professional expenses.   He would like to ask Marilyn Clark, Judy Marx and one other person to serve on this committee.

     Transparency (Full Disclosure) – Fr. Roberts wants all minutes and other supporting documents or history to be put on the cloud so that when new vestry members or new finance committee members will have access to all this information.  He will disclose the members he would like on this committee in the near future.


Food Pantry – Leadership Announcement – David Kline stated that his Vestry membership and Food Pantry leadership roles both end in 2018 and he has decided not to continue in either of these positions.  We have a full year to find David’s replacement.  The Food Pantry is a big business.  The Food Pantry is having a strategic planning session in the coming week.  David Kline will report on this meeting at the February Vestry meeting.


2018 Budget Draft – Jane Small – There were two motions from the Finance Committee that need to be brought to the Vestry.

     Motion #1 -  Greg Donham motioned that the Finance Committee recommended to the Vestry the approval of $23,000.00 in order to proceed with roof repairs quoted by Aries Roofing which are approximately $11,000 and the A.C. repairs which are necessary and are quoted by Blair and are approximately $12,000.  This motion was seconded by Mike Alford.  All members voted in favor of the motion.  This is the recommendation from the Finance Committee to Vestry because the expense is over $1,500.00.

     Motion #2 – Greg Donham made a motion to rescind the 3rd bullet in the agenda dated October 1917.  This item should be kept in major improvements.  Mike Alford seconded  and all present voted in favor.  This was the $25,000.00 gift to capital building renovations.  This motion is to correct history.  $23,570.00.


The first recommendation from the Finance Committee is that the Vestry approve the $23,000.00 for the roof and the A.C. Jo Simpson moved that we move forward with the approximately $23,000 to repair the roof (Aries) and the A.C. (Blair) as approved by the Finance Committee.  Renee Lee seconded and the motion carried.


The second recommendation from the Finance Committee is that the $25,000 gift to capital building renovations be kept in major improvements.  David Kline moved that the classification of the $25,000.00 gift should be major improvements.  Rick Schock seconded and the motion carried.


Fr. Roberts asked the Vestry if they received the listing of all the special gifts that Calvary received in 2017.  The Vestry will receive that listing in a few days.  These gifts total over $75,000.  We received a gift from Helen Dunbar’s estate in the amount of $10,000.00.  The funeral for Helen Dunbar and Dorothy Cox will be on Saturday, January 20th at 4:00 PM (the funeral is 1:00 PM). 


Parochial Crosses – Fr. Roberts needs names for whom we can pray about to receive the Parochial Cross at the Annual Meeting.  There have been 72 issued since 1979.   


2018 Budget Draft – Laurie Lawther – This draft is dated January 7, 2018.  The hope is that we will leave this meeting  with all the budget lines filled in. 


The remainder of this Vestry meeting was spent formulating the Revenue side of the 2018 Budget.  A copy of the 2018 Budget will be attached to the minutes of the special meeting that will be held to formulate the Expense side of the 2018 Budget.  The date and time of this meeting will be determined.



Crier articles due by JANUARY 9th 


Next Finance Committee – Wednesday, January 25th


Annual Reports due by January 24th


Next Vestry Meeting – Sunday, January 28th at 11:00 AM (following the Annual Parish Meeting at 9 AM).

*** Please set to task the importance of submitting a written report for every Vestry meeting for your Commission.  This is a historical record of the Church. ***


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts led us in a closing prayer.


Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 PM and will be reconvened at a time and date to be determined for the purpose of formulating the Expense portion of the 2018 Budget..


Respectfully submitted,





Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry









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