Annual Parish Meeting Minutes - January 28, 2018

April 21, 2018

Calvary Episcopal Church

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2018


Opening Prayer:  Mike Alford, Senior Warden welcomed everybody to the 2018 Annual Meeting of Calvary Episcopal Church.  Copies of the Annual Report were available for each person to receive a copy.  He then turned the meeting over to Fr. Roberts.  Fr. Roberts called the

55th Annual Meeting of Calvary Episcopal Church to order at 10:35 AM.  He opened the meeting with a prayer. 


Declaration of a Quorum:   The Clerk of the Vestry, Judy Marx reported that there was a quorum present. 


Distribution of Annual Report:  Fr. Roberts asked each person to check their SPAM if they are not receiving correspondence from the church.  He asked that each member make sure that their personal information that is on file at the church is correct.


Welcome by the Rector:  Fr. Roberts welcomed everyone to the meeting.  He listed the main reasons for holding an Annual Meeting.  They are 1) approval of the budget; 2) approval of the minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting and 3) election of new members to the Vestry. 


Approval of the 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes:  Deborah Nolan moved that the minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting (found on page 3 of the Annual Report) be approved as written.  Rich Deary seconded and the motion carried.


Election of Members to the Vestry:  Fr. Roberts explained the duties of the Vestry.  He presented the following people for election:

          Bob Lima, JoAnn Martindale, Margaret Richcreek and Penny Yanacheck.

Cathy Athanson made a motion to elect these four candidates to the Vestry.  Cherie Smith seconded and the motion carried. 


The Rector’s Report:  Fr. Roberts recognized the four outgoing members of the Vestry.  They are Jo Simpson, Chuck Pond, Steve Hein and Jim Yanacheck.  He thanked them for their years of service.  Fr. Roberts then discussed why we gather as a parish.  We gather because we are family – Calvary is a family.  Fr. Roberts is delighted about where we have come from and about where we are going.  He stated that the future of Calvary is all of our responsibility – we need to share this responsibility.  He is very hopeful about our future.  “God is with us.”  Fr. Roberts stated that the model of the ten Commissions is working well; we just need to keep working it.


The Sr. Warden’s Report: Mike talked to us about stewardship.  He said that all gifts are from the Father.  It is not just about money.  He said that Calvary has demonstrated stewardship very well this year.  He thanked everyone for being a part of this family.  He thanked Judy Marx for her service as Clerk of the Vestry.  Karen Hillegas has graciously accepted the position of Clerk.


Presentation of the 2018 Budget:  Mike Alford explained the budget process that took place this year.  The entire Vestry met several times and the budget was prepared by the Vestry and the Finance Committee.  Mike asked the Finance Committee to stand.  They are Jane Small, Greg Donham and Keith Oeste (now retired).  He thanked them for their faithful service.  Questions were asked by members in attendance and were answered by Mike Alford, Fr. Roberts and members of the Finance Committee.  Mike Alford stated that we are having a financial audit which will be done as soon as the tax season is over by an outside CPA firm.  This will be paid by the Diocese.  Larry Hite moved that the 2018 budget be approved by acclamation.  Deborah Nolan seconded and the motion carried.


New Member Mentions:  Fr. Roberts stated that we have had a lot of new members who have joined or returned.  Courtney and Ryan Laun were present as new members and Fr. Roberts said that we have had about 17 new members during 2017.


Honorable Mentions and New Recipients of the Parochial Cross:  Fr. Roberts thanked those members who have faithfully served in the Altar Guild, the adult choir, the bell choir, the acolytes, the readers, the Lay Eucharistic Ministers, the Lay Eucharistic Visitors, the Celebration of Life team, the prayer team, the hospitality teams, the Winterfest committee, the Cursillo members, the front desk volunteers, the St. Raphael Guild of ushers and greeters, the Crier Newsletter, the Calvary website, the Food Pantry, the holiday meals, the children’s chapel, the confirmation class, the Christmas shoe box ministry, the Legacy Society, the audit committee, the Sunday counters and the Finance Committee.  He also thanked the following individuals – Susan Koester for the special dinners throughout the year; Bill Athanson for chairing the Winterfest committee; Cathy Athanson, the directress of the Altar Guild; Marilyn Clark and Judy Marx for being available when needed; Debbie Thayer for volunteering at the front desk; David Kline for the Food Pantry; Lynne Roberts and Elyssa Coker for their work with Children’s Chapel; Renee Lee and Steve Hein for their work with publications and the data base maintenance this year; Jane Small, Finance Committee Chair; Maria Gonzalez who does the financial reconciliations for Calvary and Chad Olsen who helps so much at the 8 AM service.  He then thanked the staff who are all part time people but who give their all – Lia King, Secretary; Laurie Lawther, Bookkeeper and Matthew Burke, Music Director.  He thanked Harvey and Susan Brillat for all their excellent work and Cynthia Laitinen for all the Celebrations of Life.  Fr. Roberts again thanked the retiring Vestry members – Chuck Pond, Jo Simpson, Jim Yanacheck, Derek Good and Steve Hein who finished Derek’s term.  He thanked the returning Vestry members – Mike Alford, Kim Heinicka, David Kline, Rick Schock, Marilyn Clark, Elyssa Coker, Renee Lee and Jim Widell.  Fr. Roberts thanked Mike Alford, Senior Warden and Kim Heinicka, Junior Warden for their support, help and friendship.  He thanked Fr. Hugh Bell, Fr. Mike Day and Deacon Melissa Sands for their clergy support and assistance.  He thanked Flo Bell, Julie Day and Greg Donham for being wonderful clergy spouses.  He thanked Lynne for her love and support.  Fr. Michael Day thanked Fr. Roberts for being our wonderful spiritual leader and shepherd of this Calvary flock.  Deborah Nolan thanked the congregation and Fr. Roberts for being so welcoming to the snowbirds.  Fr. Roberts then thanked Judy Marx for being the Clerk since 2000.  Fr. Roberts presented Judy with a cup that says “Do what makes you happy” and a wonderful original painting of Calvary done by Dave Welch.


Fr. Roberts then presented the Parochial Cross recipients for 2017.   Those recipients are Elyssa Coker, Renee Lee, Steve Hein, David Richcreek, Jo Simpson and Julie Heinicka.


Dodie Spahr asked that we have more music from the Gather Hymnal.  Greg Donham thanked Gene Chapman for building the beautiful Columbarium in the Chapel.


The Necrology:  Those remembered in prayer were:  Anne Carter, Edna Folio, Dorothy Cox, Helen Dunbar, Maria Sullivan, Helen England, Evelyn Donham, Bettylee Lightcap and Norman Sookhoo.  We closed with the singing of the Doxology.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 AM.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith M. Marx

Clerk of the Vestry





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