Vestry Meeting Minutes - January 28, 2018

April 21, 2018

Vestry Meeting Minutes


January 28, 2018



Call to Order -  The meeting was called to order by Fr. Jon Roberts.


Attendance/quorum -  Those in attendance were Mike Alford, Marilyn Clark,  Elyssa Coker, Steve Hein, Kim Heinicka, David Kline, Renee Lee, Bob Lima, JoAnne Martindale, Chuck Pond, Margaret Richcreek, Rick Schock, Jim Widell, Fr. Jon Roberts, Deacon Melissa Sands , Karen Hillegas and Julie Day. Excused was Penny Yanacheck.  A quorum was present.  


Welcome – Fr. Roberts welcomed newly elected vestry members Bob Lima, JoAnne Martindale and Margaret Richcreek. 


New Business: 

Presentation and Election of Officers of the Vestry -  Fr. Roberts announced Mike Alford as his appointed Senior Warden.  He presented to be elected: Kim Heinicka,   Junior Warden and Karen Hillegas, Vestry Clerk.  Dave Kline made a motion to accept Mike Alford, Senior Warden; Kim Heinicka, Junior Warden; and Karen Hillegas, clerk of the vestry.  Marilyn Clark seconded.  Motion passed.


Election of new members to the Finance Committee -  Julie Day and Jo Simpson were presented.  Kim Heinicka made a motion to accept as new members Julie Day and Jo Simpson. Bob Lima seconded.  Motion passed.  The Finance Committee now consists of Janie Small, chairman, members Julie Day, Greg Donham, Jo Simpson, Fr. Jon Roberts, Rector, and Mike Alford, Senior Warden.

 Fr. Roberts congratulated Janie Small, chairman, for her work and commented that we are still in need of a treasurer.


Election of Delegates to Diocesan Convention -  Mike Alford, JoAnne Martindale, Margaret Richcreek and Renee Lee volunteered to represent the Vestry at the convention.  Dave Kline made a motion to accept Mike Alford, JoAnne Martindale, Margaret Richcreek as delegates with Renee Lee being the alternate.  Kim Heinicka seconded.  Motion passed.  The three will join Fr. Jon and Deacon Melissa as representatives of Calvary


Document Portal via Dropbox -  Fr. Jon touched briefly on the system that will be implemented whereby all can have access to a shared office file.  Further information will be forthcoming, along with operating instructions, at the Vestry retreat meeting on February 10.


Regional Checking Account Signatories -  Fr. Jon presented the names and titles of church officers who will be granted permission as “check signers” with on-line access to the checking account as follows:  Fr. Roberts, Rector – Mike Alford, Senior Warden – Jane Small, Finance Committee Chairman – Greg Donham, Finance Committee member.  Kim Heinicka, Junior Warden – and Marilyn Clark, vestry member to be check signers only. The church will continue to follow the procedure of requiring two (2) signatures on all checks written.  Motion to accept those presented made by Bob Lima, seconded by Renee Lee.  Motion passed.


Clergy Housing Allowance annual resolution -  This item was tabled until next meeting.


Approval of 2017 Diocesan Rebate -  After much discussion of where the rebate in the amount of $1507.00 should be allocated, it was agreed to table this decision until next meeting.


Sunday Security of Building and Sunday Announcement Schedule -  The schedule is set through May for 10 A.M. and 12 P.M.   Fr. Jon is working to devise another method to handle the 8 o’clock service.  Clerk will notify Lia for publishing in Sunday’s Customary.  Members were advised to send a group email when unable to cover their Sunday, hopefully with a one to two day’s window notice, so someone else can step in.  The Clerk will notify Lia of any changes. A walk- through of the building and distribution of church keys will be held at the Vestry Retreat on February 10.


Final Notes -  Fr. Jon announced there will be two (2) Vestry Retreats this year:  February 10 at the church and the weekend of November 9-10 at Dayspring.  Rick Schock has reserved that weekend for the group and asked that we earmark those dates. Logistics will be discussed in the near future.

Fr. Jon thanked outgoing Vestry members Chuck Pond and Steve Hein for their service to the church.  He also explained that all members of the church are invited to sit in at a scheduled Vestry or Finance Committee meeting, with the stipulation they may not speak or vote on a subject.  If they have any business they wish added to the agenda, they must notify Lia or Karen beforehand.


Fr. Jon lead us in a closing prayer.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:45 P.M.


Reminders -  Vestry Retreat, February 10 at the church beginning at 9 A.M.

                       Lunch will be served.


Respectively submitted,





Karen W. Hillegas

Clerk of the Vestry


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