Vestry Meeting Minutes - April 9, 2018

July 10, 2018

Vestry Meeting Minutes  April 9, 2018


Call to Order – Fr Roberts called the meeting to order at 6 P.M.Attendance / Quorum – Present were Fr Roberts, Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, David Kline, Karen Hillegas, Rene Lee, JoAnn Martindale, Margaret Richcreek, Rick Schock, Jim Widell, Penny Yanacheck and Matt Burke, guest. Kim Heinicka and Bob Lima were excused. A quorum was present.Fr Roberts led us in the Parish Prayer.


Leadership – Rick Schock presented a devotional, sharing his love of music. He spoke of how the history of music reflects the strong influence of the bible and Christianity. He played a 1930’s gospel hymn written and sung by Sam House, a Baptist preacher. Titled “John the Revelator”, it refers to the Book of Revelation according to St. John. Mr. House developed a blues style based on his religious convictions.


Old Business – Minutes of the March 12, 2018 Vestry meeting were presented for approval. David Kline made a motion to approve the March 12 minutes. Penny Yanacheck seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Financial Activity / YTD – The report lists total revenues of $103,341 with total expenses of $73,992 through March 31, 2018. The Vestry will have further clarification from the Finance Committee in May.


Financial Balance Sheet – Total liabilities and net assets are $4,725,047.


Audit Update – Julie Day, member of the Finance Committee, will serve as liaison to Mercurio & Maxwell, the CPA firm handling the audit. She reports the transfer of records to the firm is nearing completion. Hopes are that, with tax season ending, the audit will begin soon.


Worship Report / Post-Easter – Several thoughts and suggestions were presented by the Vestry. While the Vestry was pleased with the overall services, etc., it was noted we can improve Outreach and communication to the community and the parishioners. The three evening services of Holy Week were not well attended…we must improve on this. Fr Roberts suggested that Vestry members select a day of Holy Week in which to become involved in the planning and leadership of such. This suggestion will be explored further. Attendance totaled 421, down 75 from 2017. The Worship Commission’s report included an email received by Fr Roberts On Easter Monday. The couple reported they attended Easter Sunday services as first time visitors to Calvary, thoroughly enjoyed the service and will return. We feel this reinforces our belief we are following Calvary’s mission: ‘To know Christ and make him known to others’.


Missions – David Kline presented a March BCFP report. He announced a grant given by Pinellas Community Foundation, allowing for the purchase of a second refrigerator. Also, Gross Pointe Estates has donated a freezer. Partnering with PCSO (Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office), the Pantry provided 50 Easter meals to the underprivileged in the community. A report on the April 7th “Celebration of Giving” event will be available at the May Vestry meeting. Renee Lee pointed out that events such as these held at Calvary serve as an Outreach event.


Revised Parochial Report by Diocese – Fr Roberts explained the Diocese has corrected a misclassification of operating/non-operating funds in the financial section of the report. He presented the corrected report for our perusal.


New Check Request Form – Fr Roberts presented the request for reimbursement form now being used. No changes as to procedures for approval, etc. have been made.


Vestry Approved Disbursement to Endowment Fund – $151 of the Diocese Apportionment Funds allocated by the Vestry to the Endowment Fund will be disbursed to such.


Finance Committee recommendation of Winterfest Committee Funds Disbursement – It was the consensus of the Committee that it is not appropriate to donate church-sponsored Winterfest funds to a non-church organization. Therefore, IRB Green Town for Kids will be eliminated from consideration by the Missions Commission.


New Business – Presentation of a Designated Capital Gift – Fr Roberts announced a gift of $55,000, designated for the purchase of the Viscount organ currently on loan to Calvary. This amount covers the entire cost of the organ. The gift was presented by Denna Shiben… made in memory of her husband, Bill, who loved both Calvary and music. Matt Burke, music director, stated: “I cannot find the words to express my gratitude. The Lord did indeed provide”. We agreed. Matt reiterated the tremendous value not only in dollars, but in design, features and service. The purchase includes additional equipment which will further enhance its performance, along with the capability of upgrading its computer as technology advances. Because this donation was made specifically for the purchase of the Viscount, we have no need for an additional two bids.


Announcements – Fr Roberts informed us that bookkeeper Laurie Lawther has tendered her resignation, effective upon the selection of a replacement. The Finance Committee will soon interview a qualified applicant. He again stated the need for filling the position of Treasurer. He reminded the Vestry it is also its responsibility to be involved in this search.


Connections – Renee Lee announced she has designed and emailed to Vestry members a form for our use in formulating Crier Commission reports. She stressed she needs reports, the deadline being April 15. Finance Committee Meeting - April 26.Vestry Meeting - May 14.

Closing Prayer – Fr Roberts

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.


Submitted by Karen Hillegas, Clerk of the Vestry and Member                                                                                                                 




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