Vestry Meeting Minutes - May 14, 2018

August 25, 2018


MAY 14, 2018


CALL TO ORDER – Fr. Roberts called the meeting to order at 6 P.M.


ATTENDANCE AND QUORUM – Present were Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, David Kline, Kim Heinicka, Karen Hillegas, Renee Lee, Bob Lima, Margaret Richcreek, Rick Schock, Jim Widell, Penny Yanachek and guests Nancy Titus and Michael Iamele.  JoAnn Martindale was excused.  A quorum was in attendance.

Fr. Roberts led us in the Parish Prayer.


PRESENTATION OF NEW BOOKKEEPER – Mrs. Nancy Titus was introduced to the Vestry.  A CPA, she comes with many years of relevant accounting experience.  Currently she handles the books of several Episcopal churches in the area, has worked for the Cathedral in St. Petersburg and is familiar with our Realm software.  She received a warm welcome from the Vestry.


LEADERSHIP DEVOTION – Rick reported on the address given by Bishop Dabney Smith at the recent Diocesan Convention.  Bishop Smith focused on our Christian beliefs in this busy world of today.  He stressed we must strive for spiritual connection through our beliefs, servitude, attendance, confidentiality, preparation, and respecting and supporting our Rector.  


OLD BUSINESS – Minutes of the April 9 meeting were presented for approval.  Rick Schock made the motion to approve the April 9 minutes.  Bob Lima seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


FINANCIALS REVIEW – Mike Alford presented Calvary’s financial statements:                                    

Activity Statement for March – Revenue: $17,434 Expenses: $52,471                                              YTD Activities ending March 31 – Revenue $120,775 Expenses: $126,462                                                            

YTD Statement of Financial Position – Total Assets: $4,688,890

Liabilities: NONE                                                      

Checking Account Balance - $43,000  


The Church has suffered a loss in its Merrill Lynch accounts because of market fluctuations. Mike recently attended a Diocesan meeting discussing DEMP, the Diocesan Endowment Management Program.  A professional financial management team currently handles 23 churches who “piggy back” their funds for investment.  The program saves fees and gives confidence and peace of mind that the monies are being monitored regularly.  Churches retain control of its funds and participate in investment decisions. Mike stated that he believes it is in the best interests of the Church to consider taking advantage of this service. The Vestry agreed he should investigate further

AUDIT UPDATE – Mike reported Mercurio & Maxwell has begun the audit.  The Finance Committee is expecting at least a preliminary report August. 

FINANCIAL COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS ON WINTERFEST/CHERIE SMITH REQUEST -   Following further conversation with Cherie Smith, it has been decided to host Green Tree Kids at our church. The Finance Committee has recommended that up to $500 be used for this endeavor. The children are very interested in the environment and eager to learn. Both Calvary and other local youth will be invited to tour the church with Fr. Roberts and participate with the organization in a gardening event on church grounds. 


MAY 5 DIOCESAN VESTRY RETREAT SUMMARY – Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford and JoAnn Martindale attended from Calvary. The theme for the retreat was “Adaptable Leadership”. Mike reported Bishop Smith’s message was one of evangelism and hospitality. He stressed the importance of presenting a friendly, welcoming church. Fr. Roberts believes all future in-coming Vestry members should attend this informative meeting.  Rick asked members to read Benchmark, the Diocese’s report on its vast resources available to our churches, both written and on-line.  Next year’s preparations for attendance from Calvary will begin in January 2019.


ORGAN INSTALLATION UPDATE – The organ has been delivered and installation has begun.  It should be in operation by May 27’s Youth Day service. Fr. Roberts has contacted the Bishop’s office inquiring as to a possible date to which Bishop Smith could visit and consecrate the instrument.  There will also be a dedication honoring the Shibens.  Mrs. Shiben donated the funds for the purchase of this magnificent organ in memory of her husband.


NEW BUSINESS – Michael Iamele, division manager for Parkmobile, explained the operation of its mobile payment processing for paid parking.  A nationwide company, it provides an avenue to realize monetary profit for owners of lots, while at the same time offering safe parking for automobiles.  It is strictly an on-line cell phone app tied to a credit card account, thus providing members cash-free available parking in an area.  Because we have open lots available to beach goers, it would be to our benefit to attempt to regulate that traffic and gain funds for the Church.  Parkmobile, for a $250 set-up fee, would market our available location, offering signage and processing of charge transactions at additional cost.  The Church would set the parking costs and times covered which can be changed at will. The Vestry thanked Mr. Iamele for his presentation.  No further discussion was held at this time.


RECTOR’S REPORT – Fr. Roberts presented a detailed report of his activities.  Pastoral visitation is stable and he expects a 40% decrease in church activities during the summer.  He has addressed the Credit Card Initiative Report discussed in his 2015 Vestry Goals. The report is available on CROSS. He asked the Vestry to focus on the importance of our Church’s outside property appearance. We are a church of volunteers; please assist Kim with the growing list of chores. We must continue the growing of our church’s membership; it is a priority. He announced he will be joining in the Youth Mission Trip to Colorado in July and attending St. Michael’s Conference for continuing Christian education in August. He also stressed the importance of the Vestry using the resources of CROSS.


CONNECTIONS – Renee Lee announced June 1 as the deadline for the summer edition of the Crier.


MISSIONS – David reported on the busy March and April for the Food Pantry.  Positive comments were made during the recent inspection of the Pantry by Feeding Tampa Bay.  Best- ever profits were made at the annual IRBHOA’s Beachfest.  This was a daylong event and required many volunteers.  Celebration of Giving was not as successful as the previous year, but the Pantry now has over $11,000 toward the goal of purchasing a van. Publix supported us with their semi-annual food donation project. We received 1.5 pallets of non-perishable food. May 12 was the annual “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive.  We received over 50 containers of bagged food from the community.  With the Publix and Postal Worker’s Union donations, the Pantry has approximately three (3) months’ food supply. Also, plans are underway to receive a pallet of produce delivered weekly. David stated that the Food Pantry is in good financial position, but volunteers are needed to staff the Pantry during these summer months.


Property – Kim presented a March and April report.  Arry’s Roofing has completed roof replacement on the southern exposure of the main church structure.  This project was possible through a generous donation. Blair Air Conditioning has installed a new office unit. Kim has also asked for a quote on the cost of a split system unit to cool the Food Pantry and classrooms. He enumerated other projects completed and many yet to be accomplished, indicating there is always work to be done. Plans will proceed for the purchase and installation of a coffee station, using funds donated for such.  He is currently involved in the mechanics of the organ installation.


ANNOUNCEMENTS – Summer schedule of a 9 A.M. service begins on June 3 through August 12.                                                                         


 *Announcements and Securing of Building schedule is complete for June, July and August.                                                                                                                                                                 

*Revised Lock-Up Instructions are complete. Members have received both the Announcement and Lock-up Instructions; they are also posted in the Counting and Vesting rooms.                                                                                                                                           

*Mike reminded us of the continuing search for a Treasurer.                                                                   

*Rick announced a deposit will be made to Dayspring for the November Retreat.                                  

*Pentecost is May 20; Youth Sunday is May 27 and our youth will be participating in the service.                                                                                                                                                               

 *Next Finance Committee Meeting – May 24                                                                                                

*Vestry is on hiatus in June and July.  Next scheduled meeting – August 13


CLOSING PRAYER – Mike led us in prayer.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 P.M.





Karen W. Hillegas                                                                                                                                            Clerk of the Vestry

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