Vestry Meeting Minutes - August 13, 2018

October 4, 2018

Vestry Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2018


Call to Order – Fr. Roberts called the meeting to order at 6 P.M.


Attendance/ Quorum – Present were Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, Kim Heinicka, Karen Hillegas, David Kline, Renee Lee, Bob Lima, JoAnn Martindale, Margaret Richcreek, Rick Schock and Jim Widell.  Penny Yanachek was excused.  Guests attending were Janie Small, Finance Committee Chairman, Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson.  A quorum was present.


Fr. Roberts welcomed those attending and led us in the Parish Prayer.


Special Requests – Prayers were offered for those on our prayer list.  Father Roberts asked the Vestry to inscribe their best wishes in a teen study bible that will be presented to Daniel Yanachek.  Daniel will leave soon to attend a Christian military school. 


Necrology – Ned Baugh, Jim Emaus and Ely Hite, son of Larry and Robin Hite


Written Documents

Leadership Reports

        * Rector’s Report

        * Vestry Minutes of May 14

        *Rector’s Calendar Initiative Report

Stewardship Reports

        * Financial Balance Sheet (June)

        *Financial YTD & MTD

         Financial: Food Pantry

         June Anonymous Gift

         DEMP folder

         Merrill Lynch Reports

         2018 Church Pension Group (CPG)

Property Reports

          Jr. Warden Report

          *Blair’s AC quote

          Clearview copier contract

           Homeland Security Publication for Disaster Preparedness

Missions Report

            *Food Pantry

Worship Commission Report

            2018 Sunday Attendance Statistics

Fellowship Commission Report

Pastoral Care Report

            Prayer List


Special Presentation - Summary of Rector’s Initiative

Cathy Athanson and Jo Simpson presented their findings on the researching of Fr. Robert’s time spent in the operation/managing of Calvary. The 2017 study was made using a 40 hour work week; the six (6) months of January, Lent, July and Advent were used. That time was broken down into three (3) categories by commission and listed as follows: 43% Administration (property, connections, leadership, stewardship), 33% Preaching (worship, Christian education), and 24% Pastoring (pastoral care, outreach, fellowship, missions).  Within these categories, the greatest amount of time was in leadership and worship.  They pointed to a need for adult education and believe the church should work toward lessening  time spent by the rector in administration.  The Vestry should be involved in enriching Calvary by taking action to move forward as a unit.  This was an extensive, detailed report taking much time and thought.  The Vestry thanked both Cathy and Jo for their dedication; they have provided a blueprint for making decisions to better serve the rector and the Church. 


Rector’s Report – Fr. Roberts reported on his summer activities which included serving in the youth mission trip to Loveland, Colorado and teaching at St. Michael’s Conference in West Hartford, Connecticut.  He strongly stressed the need to get more people interested in our parish community; the Church is noticing a decline in summer attendance over 2017, which is a concern.  He concluded that his prayers are for the Vestry to remain strong and to promote the good news of Jesus in all we say and do.


Old Business – Minutes of the May 14 Vestry meeting were presented for approval.  JoAnn Martindale made a motion to accept the May minutes; Bob Lima seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Financials Review – Janie Small presented the June 2018 financial reports.  She stated the market has been strong and our endowment fund reflects such.   Expenses are currently higher than revenue, typical for the summer months.  She and Mike Alford pointed out that, if necessary, the church has a Merrill Lynch unrestricted fund account that could be utilized.

Activity Statement for June – Revenue: $16,572, Expenses: $57,869

YTD Activity ending June 30 - Revenue: $264,719, Expenses: $282,342

YTD statement of Financial Position - $4,676,955  

Checking Account Balance - $39,000


Audit Update – Janie Small reported a draft of Mercurio & Maxwell’s audit findings has been received and a final report will soon be presented by a member of the firm.  The Vestry thanked the Finance Committee and our secretary, Lia, for the countless hours spent gathering the information requested by the firm.


Diocesan Endowment Management Program (DEMP) update – Members of the Vestry and Finance Committee attended a teleconference on August 9 at which  Ann Vickers of the Diocese conducted a tutorial on the workings of the program.  A meeting with a Merrill Lynch official will be conducted in the near future.  Merrill Lynch currently manages our endowment fund of $696,480. After said meeting, the matter of future handling of the endowment fund will be brought to the Vestry for consideration.


Food Pantry Update – David Kline reported that the past two months have been relatively quiet, not to suggest standing still.  Utmost in the decisions of the governing body is taking part in Feeding Tampa Bay’s monthly Premier Purchase Products Program.  Pricing is very competitive and hopes are that it will streamline the logistics involved in making sure non-perishables are stocked sufficiently.  He also reported the Pantry has reached and exceeded its goal of $15,000 for the purchase of a van for Food Pantry use.  The van will be titled as belonging to Calvary church and will be insured by its carrier.  Rick Schock made a motion to allow for the purchase of a van up to, but not to exceed $17,000 upon review by the Finance Committee as to liability requirements and transfer of funds for said purchase.  Bob Lima seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Junior Warden Report – Kim Heinicka reported there have been continuing problems with small roof leaks and air conditioning malfunctions.   Most notably, the 28 year- old air conditioner located in the sanctuary’s loft must be replaced. He feels this is an emergency situation.  He has received a replacement bid from our air conditioning company, Blair’s, for $ 4925.  After discussion, David Kline made a motion to put into effect Calvary’s By-Law Section 4.5 covering purchases of an emergency situation and approve the purchase of an air conditioner for the loft at the cost of $4925, subject to the Finance Committee’s endorsement.  Rick Schock seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Diocese Convention Delegate – Renee Lee has had to step aside from the position as an alternate to the convention.  David Kline volunteered to fill the vacancy.  Renee Lee made a motion that David Kline serve as alternate delegate to the October convention.  Rick Schock seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


New Business – A blessing of an anonymous $25,000 has been received.  It is a qualified bequest restricted to creative ministry, mission, evangelism and music…a challenge for the imagination of Leadership. *Not for the Food Pantry or Endowment Fund.  The Vestry will be addressing distribution of funds by year end.


Announcements – Fr. Roberts reported the rental of a boat docking space to a church member.  A generous donation will be received for this privilege.


Reminders – Vestry Crier articles are due by Wednesday, August 22.


Closing Prayer – Fr. Roberts


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,





Karen W. Hillegas

Clerk of the Vestry

Important Dates                                                                                                                                     

Senior Roundtable hosted by Calvary – Tuesday, August 21, 10 am                                                               

Finance Committee – Thursday, August 23, 6 pm                                                                                            

Diocesan Stewardship Workshop – Saturday, August 25, 9 am @ Dayspring                                                      


Deanery Convocation – Wednesday, September 5, 7 pm

@ St. Peter’s Cathedral                                                                                        


Vestry Meeting – Monday, September10, 6pm                                                                                                                                                    


Diocese Acolyte Festival – Saturday, September 15, 8 am @ St. Peter’s Cathedral                                                                                      

Diocesan Convention – Friday & Saturday, October 12-13

@ Punta Gorda                                                                                                        


Octoberfest – Saturday, October 13 @Kolb Park                                                                                                


Vestry Retreat – Friday & Saturday, November 9-10 @ Dayspring                                                                                     

Dodie Spahr 90th birthday party – Saturday, November 10, 6 pm                                                                                       


Bishop Smith’s visit (Advent 1) – Sunday, December 2, 9 am  









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