Vestry Meeting Minutes - December 10, 2018

January 7, 2019


Vestry Meeting Minutes 
December 10, 2018 
Call to Order – Mike Alford called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. and led us in the Parish Prayer.  
Attendance/Quorum – Present were Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, Kim 
Heinicka, Karen Hillegas, David Kline, Renee Lee, Bob Lima, JoAnn Martindale, Rick Schock, Jim Widell and Penny Yanachek.  Margaret Richcreek was excused.  Jo Simpson, representing the Finance Committee, also attended. 
Special Requests – Prayers of concern and thanksgiving were offered to the Lord. 
Necrology – Joan Fehr, mother of Julie Heinicka                    
Written Documents/Reports available on CROSS for study                                                                 
1.    October Vestry Meeting Minutes                                                                                                  
2.    2018 Sunday Attendance Statistics Report                                                                                  
3.    2018 Special Gifts Listing                                                                                                             4a.  Calvary Balance Sheet (ending October 31)                                                                                 4b.  Calvary Monthly Financials (ending October 31)                                                                         4c.  Calvary YTD Financial Report (ending October 31)                                                                     4d.  Food Pantry Balance Sheet                                                                                                                   
5.    September Finance Committee Meeting Minutes                                                                            
6.    October Finance Committee Meeting Minutes                                                                                 
7a.  Summary of Request to Merrill Lynch                                                                                          
7b.  Endowment Loan Management Records                                                                                      7c.  Endowment Meeting Agenda Summary                                                                                       7d.  Endowment Meeting Supporting Documents                                                                                   
8.    Silversmith Request                                                                                                          
9.    Property Report, September - November                                                                          
10.    BCFP Report                                                                                                                                             
11.    Worship Commission Report 
Rector’s Report – Fr. Roberts reported on the recent visit of Bishop Dabney Smith, celebrant and preacher on December 2, first Sunday of Advent.  At the combined service, he officiated over several receptions and blessings. Bishop Smith was impressed with the conditions of our Church, both inside and out, commenting several times as to the beauty of our surroundings.  His next scheduled visit will be in 2020.  Fr. Roberts also expressed concerns about Calvary’s attendance, especially at Sunday services.  Numbers are reflecting a decrease over last year.  He stressed to the Vestry the importance of taking the lead in welcoming visitors, 10% of those being local residents, to be more intentional in greeting and inviting to Fellowship Hall after service.  He stressed the he strongly believes we are following God’s direction in “Preparing the Way”.  Fr. Roberts also expressed his pleasure at the success of the Vestry’s retreat recently held at Dayspring.  The Vestry agreed and thanked Rick and Mike for their efforts in planning this experience in centered prayer. 


Old Business – Minutes of October 8, 2018 were presented.  Rick Schock made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Penny Yanachek seconded the motion.  Motion passed. 
Financial Reports – Jo Simpson presented the October 31, 2018 financials.                                      
Activity Statement for October – revenue: ($11,354), expenses $34,806                                           
YTD Activity ending October 31, 2018 – revenue: $379,413, expenses $427,067                              
Statement of Financial Position ending October 31, 2018 – Net Assets, $4,646,924                        
Endowment Fund - $686,541                                                                                                                       
Checking Account Balance, October 31, 2018 - $19,913                                                                         
Jo, representing the FC in a rotating attendance, explained that Calvary is suffering a loss in investment funds as the market experiences a downturn.  We should expect this to continue as we move toward the end of 2018.  The Vestry expressed its confusion in understanding the Realm system of accounting; including the investment gains or losses in the monthly statements is clouding its ability to discern actual revenues and expenses in relation to the budget.  Jo suggested the possibility of formulating a separate account for investments.  She will report our concerns to the Committee.  As endowment chairman, she explained the process by which that committee is being formed.  Consisting of five (5) members, one coming from outside Calvary, it will follow the structure of the Vestry. 


BCFP Report and Van Detailing Information – David Kline, Missions Commission, presented a very optimistic report on the working of the Food Pantry.  Several profitable endeavors in the local area have made it possible to distribute 400 turkeys over the Thanksgiving holiday and plans are in place to have the same available for Christmas.  Several suggestions were brought forth as to the detailing of the recently acquired van.   Renee Lee volunteered to formulate computer graphics and bring to Vestry for final approval. 
Diocesan Evangelism Signage Grant – Fr. Roberts applied for and received a grant of $6000 for replacement of the marque board that stands in the front of the Church and for detailing the van used by the Food Pantry, making it a mobile marketing tool for both the Church and the Pantry.  Calvary has six months to utilize these funds and then report to the Diocese how this initiative has impacted the congregation.   


Robert Alex, Silversmith, and Advent Gifts -   In November, the Altar Guild requested permission to deliver twelve brass pew torches and two brass vases to Robert Alex, a trusted silversmith, for refurbishment.  A quote of $1200 was provided by him and, being below the $1500 limit needing Vestry approval, the FC accepted the invoice.  The Silversmith then came forward to confess that he had made an error concerning the cost, an error of an additional $1200.  The FC had no choice but to refuse the additional cost.  Fr. Jon then approached the Vestry via email for the approval of an additional $800, bringing the amount paid to $2,000, an amount agreed to by Mr. Smith.  The Vestry approved this request by email vote.  Additionally, a request has been made to the congregation for monetary gifts to be used for further refurbishment or replacement of aging articles located in the sanctuary.  Approximately $4000 has been gifted to date. 


New Business - 2019 Vestry Nominations – Fr. Roberts and the nominating committee presented ten (10) names under consideration for serving on the Vestry. Additional names were added by members present.  He and the committee of Mike Alford, Kim Heinicka, David Kline and Rick Schock will choose four (4) candidates for vetting and inviting to serve on the board.  A final selection will be presented for Vestry approval at the January 14 meeting. 


Cannistraro Estate Bequest – Calvary has been gifted a bequest from the estate of Judith Cannistraro. Consisting of annuities and an IRA totaling approximately $48000, the funds will be recorded on the financial report as a bequest/legacy line item until such time as they are designated for use.  This year, to date, Calvary has received $159,400 in special gifts.  What a blessing! 


Member Called to Discernment – Fr. Roberts proudly announced that Mike Alford, currently Calvary’s Senior Warden, has accepted a calling to discernment of ministry.  Paperwork was officially signed in the Vestry’s presence, beginning his journey.  A discernment group of six (6) people will soon be chosen to work with Mike as he travels this pathway.  The spiritual gift of discernment describes being able to distinguish, discern, judge or appraise a person; to clearly recognize the influence of God in any given situation.  Discernment emerges from hard work and close attention; distinguishing between the good, the better and the best.  The Vestry, of course, gave Mike its heartfelt congratulations and complete support as he begins his journey.  It will ultimately be charged with notifying the Diocese of its approval of his advancement. 


Yard Sale – Profits of approximately $2400 were realized from the sale. 


Christmas Party – Vestry’s Christmas Party will be on Sunday, December 30, at the Heinicka’s.  Names of secret members will be revealed at the party. 


Annual Meeting – The annual parish meeting will be on January 27 following a combined morning service.  Vestry annual commission reports are due by mid-January.   


Parochial Crosses – Fr. Roberts asked Vestry members to forward names of individuals thought worthy of receiving Calvary’s Parochial Cross.  The cross is given to those individuals who have contributed to the Church in both long term or new endeavors or in the revitalizing of the Church’s property.  


Stewardship – 80% of financial pledges have been received to date.  Forms will be placed in church pews for those needing such. 
Important Dates                                                                                                            
Vestry Nominee Deadline, December 16                                                                                                  
Crier Deadline, December 17                                                                                                      
Children’s Pageant, December 24                                                                                                     
Candlelight Services, December 24                                                                                                             
Next Scheduled Vestry Meeting, January 14                                                                                             
Calvary’s Annual Meeting, January 27 (Vestry meeting to follow) 
Fr. Roberts closed in prayer.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 P.M. 
Respectfully submitted,  
Karen W. Hillegas, Clerk of the Vestry                                                                                                









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