Vestry Meeting Minutes - September 10, 2018

January 7, 2019



Vestry Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2018

Call to order – Mike Alford called the meeting to order at 6 P.M.

Attendance/Quorum – Present were Fr. Roberts, Mike Alford, Elyssa Coker, Kim Heinicka, Karen Hillegas, Renee Lee, Bob Lima, Margaret Richcreek, Rick Schock and Jim Widell and Penny Yanachek.  David Kline and JoAnn Martindale were excused.  Guest attending was Janie Small, Chairman of Finance Committee.

Mike Alford welcomed those present and led us in the Parish Prayer.

Special Requests – Prayers were offered for those Calvary members in need as well as others carried in our hearts. 


Written Documents
Leadership Reports (2)
*Vestry Minutes - August
Convention Delegation Correction
Stewardship Reports (6)  
       *July 2018 Financials
       *Mercurial & Maxwell Audit Statements (folder)
Property Reports (2)
        *Junior warden Report
        * Boat Slip Usage Agreement
Missions Report (1)
        BCFP Report
Worship Commission Report (1)
Fellowship Report (1)
Pastoral Care Report (1)
        * Prayer List


Old Business – Minutes of the August Vestry meeting were presented for approval. Bob Lima made a motion to accept the August minutes as corrected.  Renee Lee seconded the motion.  Motion passed


Financials Review – Janie Small presented the July 31, 2018 financials.  She advised the Vestry that, on the recommendation of our bookkeeper, a transfer of $20,000 from the Unrestricted Fund to the checking account has been made.  This was necessitated by several large expenditures coming due very soon; she felt a buffer of the $20,000 was needed for operating expenses. 
Activity Statement for July - Revenue: $69,764, Expenses - $39,356
YTD Activity ending July 31 – Revenue: $334,483, Expenses - $321,698
Financial Position as of July 31, 2018 – Net Assets; $4,725,310
Endowment Fund - $699,990
Checking Account Balance - $33,305


Counting Procedural Change – The Finance Committee has recommended streamlining the processing of Sunday plate collections. A system would be put in place to eliminate counting on Sunday. The donations would be collected, secured in the safe and all reconciliation would be done on Monday. Two parties would handle the process, including entering data into our Realm system.  A motion was made by Bob Lima to approve procedural changes for the counting process. Kim Heinicka seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  


Audit Update – Janie Small and Mike Alford announced the completion of the audit.  The report, not for public eye, has been presented to the Finance Committee, approved by same and forwarded to the Diocese within the time frame dictated.  No serious issues were discovered.  The firm will work with the Finance Committee to clarify findings of accounting practices of documentation.  Both members expressed confidence in the report and are comfortable going forward with changes that will greatly enhance our financial picture as well as making future budget analysis more concise.  The Vestry expressed their sincere gratitude to those who worked so diligently to bring this to a satisfactory end.   

Mike invited the Vestry to the upcoming Finance meeting; the Merrill Lynch representative, Randal Marcus, overseeing Calvary’s Endowment Fund will attend.  The Vestry will soon determine the future managing of said account.


Rector’s Report – Fr. Jon announced he is focusing on the upcoming Bible Study Project.  He will conduct two meetings every Wednesday, mornings at church and evenings at his home.  

Property Report – Kim Heinicka informed the Vestry that installation of a new a/c in the loft area, an expense approved in August, should be in place by mid- month.  The organ has been placed on a movable platform, enhancing its positioning.  A coffee station for Fellowship Hall, a donated gift, has been ordered and installation will be soon.  His “to do” list is, of course, long and many areas will be addressed in late Fall.

Commission Reports – Dave Kline submitted an August Missions report.  The BCFP has been focusing its attention to the purchase, with donated funds, of a cargo van.  He thanked the BCFP management team and all donors for making this project a success.  He announced that, on October 20, Calvary will be the site for a fish fry dinner, hosted by Crabby Bill’s and benefitting the food pantry.


Christian Education – Elyssa Coker, Fr. Roberts and Mike Alford will be accompanying several of our acolytes to the Diocesan Acolyte Festival being held on Saturday, September 15.  Also, the youth will be sponsoring a breakfast after worship on October 7. Having reported on their summer camp experiences during the Labor Day weekend Sunday service, it was suggested they repeat their talks during the breakfast, where we expect more of the parish will be present.  Fr. Roberts was so appreciative of their cooperation and enthusiasm.  It is his intent to focus on more participation in the Dayspring summer camps as a local spiritual experience.

Fellowship – The Vestry wishes to honor our clergy and their families on Clergy Appreciation Day, Sunday, October 14.  Margaret Richcreek and Bob Lima will spearhead plans; the entire Vestry will participate in hosting a brunch after service.  Plans are also underway to host a brunch on Sunday, December 2 when we welcome Bishop Smith.  This will be a perfect time to honor our Bishop and Rector and other members of our clergy who will be celebrating anniversaries of their ordination.  


Leadership – Plans are in place for the Vestry Retreat on November 9-10 at Dayspring.  We are pleased to have as our facilitator a learned scholar of Christian meditation.  Rick Schock asked all members to please make plans to attend.

Stewardship – Bob Lima and his committee are working toward a November 1 date for mailings of the annual Stewardship drive.  He attended a recent Diocesan worship on how to approach the subject of pledging treasures, time and talents to the Church and will implement these views.


New Business – Mr. Dale Walker has approached Fr. Roberts for the approval to relocate (at his expense) four pylons on the side of the church’s boat docking area.  This would be done prior to a formal agreement to dock his boat at said location for a fee to be determined.  It was agreed the relocation was necessary.  Mike Alford made a motion to allow Mr. Walker to move forward, at his expense, on the renovation of the docking area, prior to the finalizing of a property use and fee agreement.  Rick Schock seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Bob Lima led the Vestry in a Closing Prayer.

Adjournment:  7:34 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen W. Hillegas, Clerk


Important Dates – 
Diocese Acolyte Festival, Saturday, September 15
Finance Committee meeting, Thursday, September 27
Youth Breakfast, Sunday, Sunday, October 7
Blessing of the Animals, Sunday, October 7
Vestry Meeting, Monday, October 8
Diocesan Convention, Friday-Saturday, October 12-13
Clergy Appreciation Day, Sunday, October 14
Bible Project begins, Wednesday, October 17
Vestry Dayspring Retreat, Friday-Saturday, November 9-10
Bishop Dabney Smith visits, Sunday, December 2

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