Vestry Meeting Minutes - May 6, 2019

Vestry Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2019

Call to order/Welcome – Following Evening Prayer, Fr. Roberts call the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Attendance/Quorum – Present were Fr. Roberts, Elyssa Coker, Denise Hughes-Conlon, Karen Hillegas, Larry Hite, Lisa Kingston, Renee Lee, JoAnn Martindale, Margaret Richcreek, Sandy Rogers, Jim Widell and Penny Yanacheck. Bob Lima joined by teleconference. A quorum was present. Jo Simpson, Endowment Chair, was also in attendance.

Scripture/Prayer/Intercessions – Jim Widell read from the Book of Ephesians; Elyssa Coker offered opening prayer, followed by personal reflection by members.

Leadership Devotion – Margaret Richcreek, using “Insight for Living”, chose a passage ideal for Vestry: ‘Us and We, not I and Me; we need each other. Be glad for God’s plan for you.’

Necrology – Bettie Benson

Rector’s Reflections – Fr. Roberts presented his report shown on CROSS and reaffirmed his love and devotion to Calvary.

Written Documents – located on CROSS

1. April 2019 Vestry Minutes

2. March Financials Reports

3. February/March Finance Committee Minutes

4. 2019 Special Gifts

5. Rector’s Report

6. Endowment Policy Draft

7. Commission Reports – Fellowship, Outreach, Property, Worship

Special Presentation/Endowment Fund Policy Draft – Jo Simpson, Chair, brought to Vestry the committees’ completed study of the policies currently in place, along with their recommendations for updating and clarifying such. It was found there has been no fully executed policy. Using the Diocesan template, the policy draft as presented reflects the changes, deletions and additions recommended by Diocesan Endowment personnel and supported by our Merrill Lynch advisor. A request was made for Vestry to review the document and report all feedback by August in order to have the policy in place by September 30. She asked Vestry to address at this time a recommendation that the strategic allocation of funds be realigned in accordance with the Diocese’s strategy of adjusting to the changing market, allowing for the realization of increased investment revenue. Jim Widell made a motion to allow for such strategic allocation. JoAnn Martindale seconded the motion. Motion carried, with one abstention. Jo will notify our advisor of this change, which he approves. The Vestry again thanked Jo and her committee for their dedication to the task given them; it will greatly benefit the Church in the years to come.

Old Business – Larry Hite made a motion to accept the April Vestry Minutes. Lisa Kingston seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

Financial Reports – March and year-to-date financials were reported:

Activity Statement/March 1 through March 31 – Total Revenue $145,665 (investment income $115,642), Expenses $35,478

YTD Statement/January 1 through March 31 – Total Revenue $193,310 (investment income $79,940), Total Expenses, $93,013

Statement of Financial Position – Assets $4,813,688

Endowment Fund $724,585

Checking Account, as of May 6, $94,000

Nursery Enclosure – As originally approved by Vestry, work is to begin shortly on the renovation of the nursery entrance.

Parking Lot Project – Investigation to determine actual costs of repairing the south lot is currently in motion, as well as to the permits and requirements needed from the city. In an effort to curtail damage done by cars parking on the grass around the north lot, thoughts are to install decorative fencing on the west and north perimeters. A decision will be made shortly.

Youth Minister Position – This position has been open since February with no luck, but we are praying that a qualified applicant will step forward in the near future.

Sexton Position – Matthew Burke is no longer being considered for this position. A search has begun, with June as a target date. Fr. Roberts is hopeful that he has found an applicant experienced in church custodial duties and open to the possibility of taking on Sunday responsibilities which would include securing the building, allowing for Vestry members to participate in other Sunday activities where needed. Renee Lee made a motion to increase the monthly stipend to $600.00 from $525.00 to compensate for these additional responsibilities. Jo Ann Martindale seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

New Business – Penny Yanacheck, Christian Education, announced her resignation, effective immediately. She and her family are relocating out of state. Fr. Roberts and Vestry thanked her for her participation in Calvary’s interests these past six years. Vestry now will work toward filling this vacancy; Fr. Roberts asked members to forward names for consideration to the Clerk.

Reception of Fidelity Trust Gift – Calvary has received a $25,000 anonymous gift (the third such received). At the recommendation of a Fidelity charitable donor, these monies are to be used ‘where needed most for ministry and its programs, not for endowment.’ Calvary is indeed blessed.

Updates – The Lilly Clergy Renewal Grant for 2020 has been submitted; we now await an end of August announcement. If approved, Vestry will begin preparing and educating the parish on the purpose of the $50,000 grant, to be used for both clergy and church expenses during Fr. Jon’s four (4) month sabbatical.

Signage – We await delivery of the street and parking lot signs.

Organ – The organ has been repaired and returned. Nametags – Nametags arrived two weeks ago and are being well received by the congregation. They are very well made and easy to use. Outreach members Larry Hite and Renee Lee were again thanked for their diligence in bring this to completion. Discernment Committee – Meetings with Mike Alford continue on course.

Apollo XIII – The event was a resounding success for Matt and the CFAE Committee. A profit was realized; another musical event is a possibility. Fr. Jon thanked Matt and Liz Robb, chair of the committee, for her talent and dedication to making the evening such a success.

Beachfest Youth Fundraising results – Elyssa Coker, Christian Education, reported a total contribution of $2800.00 was realized for manning the parking lot during this day-long event. The monies are earmarked for the Youth Mission trip this summer.

Vanco Online Payment – Sandy Rogers, Connections, has completed installation of an online giving system, using credit cards for donations to the church. Information will be made available to the congregation.

Quarterly Reports – The congregation will now receive a quarterly update on their monetary stewardship.

Commission Updates – Renee Lee and Lisa Kingston (Missions) updated Vestry on events for the BCFP. Connie Curran, Director, reported on a successful Fish Fry and Beachfest, two (2) fundraisers for the pantry. They received from Publix a sizable amount of food through Food for Sharing and await the annual postal Stamp Out Hunger deliveries. Also, a singing group named Silly Sinatra’s, historically a strong contributor to the pantry, is now providing fresh eggs and milk weekly. Youth of the community will be helping in the summer, always a welcome addition. The pantry is proud to be one of four organizations planting an herb garden as part of the community’s Garden Free IRB program. Connie asks for donations of plants and planters in order to increase the size and availability of herbs for pantry patrons.

Denise Hughes-Conlon, Fellowship, reported on a recent successful potluck and expressed her concern on the lack of the congregation’s participation in volunteering to oversee Sunday’s coffee hour. This task has fallen to a select few on a continual basis. Several suggestions made by Vestry will be considered and hopes are to rectify this situation soon.

Adjournment/Closing Prayer – Adjourning the meeting at 9:24 P.M., Fr. Roberts then led us in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen W. Hillegas Clerk of the Vestry

Important Dates/Reminders

*Youth Sunday and Breakfast – May 26

*Begin Combined Summer Services – June 2 *Pentecost Sunday - June 9 *Youth EPIC Mission Trip – July 7-12

*St. Michael’s Conference – July 28 – August 3

*Next Vestry Meeting - Monday, August 12 *Resume 8/10 Sunday Services – August 18

Follow schedule for Sunday’s Announcements and Securing of Building.

Crier deadline for Commission articles – Monday, May 20

Pray for your “Secret” Vestry member.

Forward to Lia your summer vacation dates; important if any business needing Vestry approval becomes necessary.

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