Vestry Meeting Minutes - September 9, 2019

Vestry Meeting Minutes September 9, 2019

Call to Order – Following Evening Prayer, Fr. Roberts called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Attendance/Quorum – In attendance: Fr. Roberts, Elyssa Coker, Denise Hughes-Conlon, Karen Hillegas, Larry Hite, Bob Lima, JoAnn Martindale, Sandy Rogers and Jim Widell. Lisa Kingston, Renee Lee and Margaret Richcreek were excused. A quorum was present. Also present, Toni Chapman. She is attending the meeting to get a better understanding of how the Vestry operates and serves the church.

Necrology – Bob Yates


Leadership Devotion – Fr. Roberts referred to a reading from the Book of Jeremiah referencing a potter’s use of clay, shaping it into both beautiful and utilitarian vessels. “God made and fashioned US as He wants us to be.”

Rector’s Reflections – Fr. Roberts’ recent focus has been directed to the ministries of Christian Education, Music and Missions (BCFP). Both the summer youth mission trip and St. Michael’s conference were successful endeavors. With the appointment of Lynne Roberts as Calvary’s Youth Director, the Fall season promises to be an exciting time of learning and fellowship for our youth of all ages; attendance is increasing weekly. Fr. Roberts announced the awarding of a $1500.00 grant to Calvary’s Youth Ministries, presented by the Indian Rocks Homeowner’s Association. The HOA is also a strong supporter of the Food Pantry; the Vestry expressed its appreciation for this important addition to our missions.

After two successful fund-raisers, the Music Department’s Outreach program is well on its way to becoming self-sustaining. The Fall season of guest performances is set to be announced soon; it looks to be a well-balanced program.

Finally, Connie Curran, Director of BCFP, recovering from recent surgery, assures the Vestry of the pantry’s continued smooth operations in the hands of dedicated volunteers.


Commission Reports

* Vestry Minutes (August)

* Rector

* FC Meeting Minutes (May)

* Property

* Financial Reports (July and YTD)

* Worship

* Crier Financial Summary (July)

* Budget Process (2020)

* Grant Applications (Diocese)

Old Business – Sandy Rogers made a motion to accept the August 2019 Vestry Meeting Minutes. Larry Hite seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Financial Reports – July and YTD 2019 Statement of Activities for July – Revenue $26,708, Expenses $29,180

Statement of Activity YTD – Revenue $302,133, Expenses $266,239 Statement of Financial Position - $4,749,348

Endowment Fund - $723,982

Checking Account - $20,220 / Money Market Account - $40,122

Endowment Policy Changes – Following an earlier presentation by the Endowment Committee chairman outlining its recommendations for updating the fund’s policies following Diocesan protocol and the Vestry’s study of such changes, Karen Hillegas made a motion to accept all endowment policy changes recommended by the Board. Denise Hughes-Conlon seconded the motion. Motion carried.

New Business – Fr. Roberts outlined a draft of suggested official Budgeting Procedure changes to be used going forward by the Finance Committee, the Vestry and its Commissions in preparing Calvary’s annual budget; it would serve as a “cleaning up” of the system currently in place. A fixed timeline will provide to Commissions and their sub-committees current financial information of revenues and expenses. This information will allow for a more complete understanding of finances as a new budget is composed. This procedure will begin in earnest in October.

Updates/Notable Upcoming Events – Bob Lima, Property, pointed out to Vestry a savings of $2000.00 in electrical usage through July. This reduction is primarily due to the installation of LED lighting throughout the campus. Parking lot donations total $7700.00 to date. Sexton Joe Hatin has made a significant contribution in making the church more efficiently maintained.

Calvary’s Stewardship campaign begins in October. Sandy Rogers, Connections, attended a recent Diocesan Stewardship Workshop and reported on suggestions offered for communicating to the church membership the importance of contributing both time, talent and treasure. JoAnn Martindale heads this commission.

Mike Alford’s Discernment into Holy Orders – Elyssa Coker gave an update of Mike’s progress. He is completing medical and psychological evaluations and will soon be meeting with Bishop Dabney Smith.

Calvary’s Annual Blessing of the Animals, scheduled for October 6, is this year becoming a community-wide event! Church of the Isles, a United Church of Christ in Indian Rocks, will be participating along with several animal-related groups. Advertising will be city-wide; what a wonderful Outreach this will provide. Calvary looks forward to hosting what looks to be a “doggone good time”.

Spiritual Counseling on Campus – Denise Hughes-Conlon, member of Vestry, brings her extensive background of mental health counseling to Calvary and will soon offer such services in emotional, traumatic and mental health support at Calvary. A 30- year veteran in her field, she will provide what Fr. Roberts states is a much- requested service. Calvary is blessed to have this opportunity to serve both church membership and the entire community in this capacity.

Calvary Work- Day has been scheduled for November 16, prior to the Advent season. The day’s work will be coordinated by Bob Lima and Joe Hatin. The Vestry has suggested holding two such days during a year, prior to Advent and Lent.

Adjournment/Closing Prayer - Following closing prayer, Fr. Roberts adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen W. Hillegas, Clerk of Vestry

Important Dates - Finance Committee: September 19 @6 p.m. Blessing of the Animals: October 6

Diocesan Convention: October 11-12

Vestry Retreat: October 25-26

Cursillo Weekend: October 24-27

Note: October’s Vestry Meeting changed to Monday, October 14

Please check September’s Agenda, Sunday’s Customaries and e-news for additional upcoming events.

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