Sunday RSVP

The Clergy and Vestry of our parish have given a great deal of thought and prayer into how we begin to regather in person. After the recent letter from our Bishop authorizing such practice we intend to do so with care. An RSVP application is being required for our initial gatherings, beginning the Sunday of Pentecost, May 31, 2020 until further notice. There are several features that will make this a safe and successful endeavor. Seating, Speaking and Singing are the most critical.


Seating: 25% of our seating capacity will be available this Sunday. The applications will help us monitor that guideline prior to Sunday. Families may sit close together, but we ask that friends remain seated six feet apart. Arrive early enough to find a place to sit and become comfortable. If the RSVPs are numerous in excess of the 25% we will let you know and offer the Wednesday noonday service or following Sunday as another option.


Speaking: Please enter quietly and refrain from speaking with your neighbors before or during the service. Speaking with responses during the liturgy, along with the psalms, is appropriate. Making a reverent bow to each other at the Peace should replace the handshake and the hug for the time being.


Singing: We will enjoy live music, mostly from listening rather than from participating. A selected number of people will sing from a distance, as a choir, so that we can enjoy the hymns we know. If you would like to be part of that ensemble, let us know in advance.


Please do not forgive tithing to the Church by using the Realm link below. All of our staff are working so very hard to keep things operating safely and smoothly and your generous support helps us in our common mission. See you Sunday, in person or on Facebook "Live." Remember, come back when you are ready. The Church is here and the Church is there, whether you are near or far away. We love you.

Church Emergency Response

Cononavirus-19 Pandemic

May 31, 2020 - Until Further Notice