At Calvary we are intentional about making connections. This is accomplished in many different ways as we have learned people today rely on getting information they need from multiple sources. Our connections are diverse, discovered through sources such as this website, social media, our weekly eNews containing Sunday announcements, our front sign "Marquee," local newspaper ads, etc. Above all the most important way in which we connect to one another is through our face to face contacts. From the lovely volunteers who answer the phones and emails at the Front Desk, to those who greet you on the steps of our Church, to those who visit and fellowship beyond our Church campus, we value personal connections the most.  We believe that all of these forms of media along with the personal touches are important to stay connected.


On every page you should see four icons that lead you to the social media sites we post information from time to time. There is Black & White XP (BWXP) for our spiritual, video-based interactions, and Facebook for our Sunday worship, mid-week worship and Christian education studies.

Please feel free to become an active part of our many different social media connections.

If you would like to learn more about the Connections Commission, contact:

The Church