God has given us this amazing Church. Calvary sits on a wide and narrow waterside property, the largest bulkheaded property on all of Indian Rocks Beach. We have enjoyed our proximity to salt air and an abundance of sunshine here on the intercoastal in a community commonly referred as the "fingers". Several inlets and waterfront homes surround us with a village-like feel.


Calvary is very much a part of this community, a fixture in the hearts of many. it is more than an investment of finances. It is an investment of blood, sweat and tears; joy and gladness; vivid memories of our struggles and triumphs through historical moments. It is a place with a sacramental rhythm, where we come to worship and praise God in all occasions. Each pew where we sit, every book we've opened, door entered, and cross lifted, has become a part of who we are.


Under the leadership of our "Jr. Warden," several volunteers are called upon to paint walls, clean windows, change light bulbs and troubleshoot repairs. On occasions of necessity and interest, we have held Capital Campaigns to renovate and improve our property. Stay tuned to the calendar and announcements on when Clean-up Days are held and volunteer. Inquire about how your skills in carpentry, drafting, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping may assist us and glorify God. Of course, those who have no skills but willing to roll up their sleeves and give some old fashioned 'grunt' work are much appreciated. With land and building, there is always something to build or maintain with our Property.