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God has given us this amazing Church. Calvary sits on a wide and narrow waterside property, the largest bulkheaded property on all of Indian Rocks Beach. We have enjoyed our proximity to salt air and an abundance of sunshine here on the intercoastal in a community commonly referred as the "fingers". Several inlets and waterfront homes surround us with a village-like feel.


Calvary is very much a part of this community, a fixture in the hearts of many. it is more than an investment of finances. It is an investment of blood, sweat and tears; joy and gladness; vivid memories of our struggles and triumphs through historical moments. It is a place with a sacramental rhythm, where we come to worship and praise God in all occasions. Each pew where we sit, every book we've opened, and cross lifted, has become a part of who we are.


Under the leadership of our "Jr. Warden," several volunteers are called upon to paint walls, clean windows, change light bulbs and troubleshoot repairs. On occasions of necessity and interest, we have held Capital Campaigns to renovate and improve our property. Stay tuned to the calendar and announcements on when Clean-up Days are held and volunteer. Inquire about how your skills in carpentry, drafting, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping may assist us and glorify God. Of course, those who have no skills but willing to roll up their sleeves and give some old fashioned 'grunt' work are much appreciated. With land and building, there is always something to build or maintain with our Property.

The 2021 "Raise The Roof"  Capital Campaign

We have 20,000 square feet under several roofs at Calvary. For several years we experienced leaks and damages caused from them. On good faith, we are challenging the church to help us pay off a diocesan loan of $100,000 that afforded our new roof that was replaced March of this year. To track our progress, GO HERE to the "Raise the Roof" campaign and donate today towards this worthy  cause. 

Raise the Roof icon.jpg

Church Parking

We are located in a prime spot, only a block away from the Gulf of Mexico, so you can imagine we see a lot of traffic from beach-goers. Our north, west and south lots are available to the public with an expectation of generosity made possible by each person who parks and goes to the beach. It is an extended offering plate, but mostly an invitation where we say, "If you like parking in our lot, try parking in our pews." We have many aspirations on using the parking lots more as a means to offer Christian education and promote our ministries rather than to be seen as a fundraising effort. Strict enforcement is held against any overnight parking, RVs, boats, trailers, littering, loitering and immoral behaviors observed. We expect everyone that visits to be respectful and to honor our property and hopefully, one day, to come to Church to meet Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Gallery of our Property

Barge Hall

Meeting Place

Main Church

Parish Hall


Church Weddings

At Calvary Episcopal Church your wedding is a joyful occasion and your marriage a sacred and solemn union of the Bride & Groom. The Guidelines presented will be helpful to you as you plan your wedding service and the details contained within. Please enter the planning phase with joy, wonder and awe, for God has great plans in store for you. Our church is a holy place that rejoices when man and woman come together as one, in the traditional understanding and authority of the historic church, and it is our good pleasure to assist you through marital counseling, wedding plans and so much more, making the experience an unforgettable and longstanding one. 

The physical property is exquisite and sizable for an occasion that includes no more than 250 people for the wedding and 125 people for the reception. Due to the extent of preparation, time and space offered, our rates for Christian weddings and receptions are compatible with other venues. Please feel free to review our guidelines and if you so desire a traditional Christian wedding and reception, make your inquiry to our Clergy or Admin.

Please make note that we observe the following black out dates:

Second Sunday in Advent to the week after Christmas

Ash Wednesday to week after Easter Sunday

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