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The Sabbatical

" Behold I will make all things new"  Revelation 21:5


Our Church embarks on a journey, called "Sabbatical." Below, you will see links to a Q&A, a Presentation, and some very informative articles & studies to give you a good understanding on why all Churches should consider a Sabbatical. The Church, "at-large" needs to prepare for what we believe is coming and to be prepared. Self-care for all our members and especially our Priest, will be essential to strengthen our resolve for the next ten years. Every member will be asked to participate, to create, to make all things new. Can Calvary move from a Pastoral-size parish to a Transitional-size, whereas all members of leadership have purposes that fulfill the gifts God has given each? This period of time, over the short course of July-October 2023 will require a great deal of planning and volunteerism. Pray about your involvement and track along with our progress. If you have any comments or need additional information feel free to email me HERE


Thank you,
Karen La Corte-Nies, Sabbatical Chairman

The Sabbatical Plan_edited.jpg


The Sabbatical Plan

A narrative of our Sabbatical Plan is provided in detail by our Chairperson, Karen LaCorte-Nies

Way of Love.jpeg


My Way of Love

Powered by Renewal Works, learn the seven practices for a Jesus centered life


October 14

Fr. Jon & Lynne Roberts Welcome Home Dinner

Join us in this catered event as we welcome home our Rector and his wife and hear about their journey

Praying in Color Logo_edited.png

May 27

Praying in Color


Learn a creative new way to pray by "coloring" as Sybil Macbeth facilitates this workshop


June 17

Fr. Jon & Lynne

Bon Voyage Dinner

Come join us in this potluck dinner to wish these two off on their journey for 16 weeks

White Horse Inn Sacrament logo.jpeg


White Horse Inn

Podcast study

Learn about topics that are relative to our common worship: Teaching on The Sacraments

Articles logo.png


Reference Articles

There are many resources to help us understand the purpose, history and applications

Water and the Word.png

May 5-6

Water and the Word


Bishop Doug Scharf and other keynote speakers present the importance of spiritual renewal

Kanuga porch.jpeg

June 25-July1

Spiritual Renewal


Join Fr. Jon & Lynne at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC

Contemporary Bishop 8X10_edited.jpg

September 16

Bishop Doug Scharf

Morning Retreat & Lunch

A continuation of the May "Water & the Word" conference that will emphasize spiritual renewal

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The Sabbatical Budget

Both the Clergy & Church will experience a sabbatical with expenses for each

Fr. Greg Syler.jpg

January 6

Fr. Greg Syler

Zoom Call

Listen to the experience of a priest who recently led his parish through a recent sabbatical


TOTAL: $35,000
Donations received
of May 23, 2023)


Supply Priests


Substitute Clergy on Sundays to Preach Sermons, Celebrate the Holy Eucharist, Meet with Lay Leaders


Business Travel


Domestic Conference & International Field study travel


Parish Renewal


Spiritual renewal programs; "Praying in Color", "My way of Love" and "The Circle Maker"; Guest speakers & (2) fellowship dinners


Professional Expenses


4-week lodging, meals, art materials, insurance, museum, tours in Europe


Continuing Ed


Kanuga "Renewal" Conference, Christian art appreciation field study in Europe

Sabbatical QR.jpeg

Reference Articles


Sabbaticals for Ministers

Part of the Pastor's Advocate Series, this details the history and purpose of sabbaticals


The wearing of the soul

Jon Brown addresses how clergy burnout has skyrocketed since the pandemic


Liminality & Leadership


Gretchen E. Ziegenhals describes the importance of "in-between" spaces for spiritual renewal


Sabbatical Presentation

Karen LaCorte-Nies provided this presentation for the parish two times in January to bring awareness to the project


Churches Recovering from Pandemic

The Lifeway Research study reveals how hard churches were hit by the pandemic and the burnout that followed

Calvary Document

Sabbatical Q&A

Many questions can be answered by this talking sheet with greater detail


Why don't I get a vacation?

Robert Taylor offers better meaning around Sabbatical and corrects general misconception that it is a vacation for the clergy

Reference Articles
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