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Everyone should reach out to their neighbors, family and friends, inviting them to join us in Church. In today's world people need good and wholesome community living more than ever. Keeping track of all our visitors is a worthwhile exercise, letting them know we are grateful they chose to visit and worship with us. Members should wear nametags in order for people to become known by all. Identification of new members is very important as we wish for them to be grafted into efforts of the Church and give them a sense of belonging.


We are so fortunate to be located in a thriving location on the island of Indian Rocks Beach with so many "Snowbirds" and year round residents who decide to visit Calvary each week. When we see visitors  come into our Church we praise God for they are truly a blessing to us. It is so important that we make our new friends and neighbors feel welcomed when they come to us whether it is for Worship or Fellowship. Knowing that the future of our parish is partly dependent on new membership, "Outreach" is us reaching out to you, inviting you to become a part of our loving and active community.


There are those who visit us for different reasons and different seasons. If you have visited us recently, give us a review on our social media sites listed above. Let us help you make Calvary your home Church or your "Home away from home" while you visit with us.



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