We are a community of Christians who are dedicated to worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We are obedient to God by this sacred and holy act that brings His Son into a real presence within our hearts, our minds and souls through Word and Sacrament. We come from all backgrounds of life and common worship, from Protestants to Catholics. If you have never experienced this before we encourage you to first review the Creed that articulates what we believe. Next, call and make an appointment to speak with a member of the Clergy or Laity who can answer your questions. "All are Welcome!"

All services are being Live-Streamed

on Facebook

Please join us from your home or in-person

Hymns for this Sunday and the Week

Please enjoy listening to and singing prior to our Live Stream on Facebook

We will sing along together

The Church remains "Open"

Members and Visitors may enter the Church

for private prayers & study

Mondays - Thursdays, 9am-2pm

Daily cleaning with CDC approved solutions

Social distancing & Masks are encouraged

Liturgical Service Times

Schedule for the Week



9:00 am - Morning Prayer with a Homily (Live Streamed on Calvary Facebook & In-person)

*Everyone is invited to come join us in person or  to remain at home and view on our "Calvary Episcopal" Facebook Live account. Father Roberts will air from the church and a private Holy Communion is offered directly  afterwards.


9:30 am - Morning Prayer (Calvary Facebook LIVE) with Sandy Rogers


10:00 am - Bible Study (Zoom invitation) with Bill Athanson (Resumes in September)


12:00 pm - Noonday Prayer and a Homily (Calvary Facebook LIVE) with Fr. Roberts

To see the index of Christian "Holy Men & Women"  that he will teach on for the date nearest, go here.


8:00 pm - Evening Prayer and "Church Chat" (Calvary Facebook LIVE) with Fr. Roberts

Join Father Roberts will start at "2020" (military time) with a live broadcast from his home. This is a wonderful way to end the day. Before 8:20 pm there will be some announcements and instructions.

To see live streamed services a Facebook account will be required. Search for "Calvary Episcopal" to find our page or go here to this link.

Private services will soon be offered for families & friends, with less than 10 people by appointment and only for reasons of a pastoral emergency. Please contact Fr. Roberts to make this request M-Wed.. These will consist of  a simplified offering of the host/bread of Jesus and healing Unction.

If you have symptoms of fever, sore throat, aches & pains, please do not come to church in order to prevent the spread of disease. Stay at home and let Fr. Roberts be of pastoral help over the phone. 

If you would like to learn more about the Worship Commission, contact:

The Church

Calvary Episcopal Church           1615 First St. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida 33785            admin@calvaryirb.org                 727/595-2374

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