We are a community of Christians who are dedicated to worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We are obedient to God by this sacred and holy act that brings His Son into a real presence within our hearts, our minds and souls through Word and Sacrament. We come from all backgrounds of life and common worship, from Protestants to Catholics. If you have never experienced this before we encourage you to first review the Creed that articulates what we believe. Next, call and make an appointment to speak with a member of the Clergy or Laity who can answer your questions. "All are Welcome!"











Holy Week  April 5-12, 2020

Palm Sunday  8/10am

Maundy Thursday - 7pm

Good Friday - 8am, 12pm, 7pm

Saturday Easter Vigil -  7pm

Easter Sunday - 7am, 8am, 10am

See calendar for details

If you would like to learn more about the Worship Commission, contact:

Mrs. Karen Hillegas

Vestry Representatives

Liturgical Service Times

Regular Schedule


Sept- May

Holy Eucharist: 8 am 

        Rite I

        "Traditional" service

        Hymns & Canticles

        Customary (Example)


Holy Eucharist: 10 am

        Rite II

        "Contemporary" & "Family" service



        Children's Chapel

        Customary (Example)



Morning Prayer: 8 am



Holy Eucharist & Holy Unction: 12 pm Noon

        Rite II

        Special Healing prayers

        Historical Commemoration of  "Holy Men & Women"

Summer Schedule



Holy Eucharist: 9 am

        Alternating weeks: Rite I & Rite II

        Use of BCP encouraged

        Use of 1982 Hymnal encouraged   

Calvary Episcopal Church           1615 First St. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida 33785            admin@calvaryirb.org                 727/595-2374

© 2015 Calvary Episcopal Church

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