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Liturgical services are being Live-Streamed on Facebook

Please join us from your home or in-person

Liturgical Service Times

Typical Schedule for the Week



Holy Eucharist with Sermon

8AM & 10AM - Regular "In-Season"






(Live Streamed on Calvary Facebook & In-person)

*Everyone is invited to come join us in person or  to remain at home and view on our "Calvary Episcopal" Facebook Live account. Father Roberts will air from the church. Private Communions are available by appointment for those unable to attend in person.


(No Holy Eucharist during Summer

No Livestream. Lay-led Noonday Prayer only)

12:00 PM - Holy Eucharist and a Homily (Calvary Facebook LIVE) with Fr. Jon Roberts

(See online calendar or call ahead to check as dates may vary)

To see the index of Christian "Holy Men & Women"  that he will teach on for the date nearest, go here.

Please check our church calendar to see if the mass is substituted for a Noon Day Prayer office.


To see live streamed services on Facebook go here.

Private services are offered for families & friends, with less than 10 people by appointment and only for reasons of a pastoral emergency. Please contact Fr. Roberts to make this request M-Thurs.. These will consist of  a simplified offering of the Blessed Sacrament of Jesus along with healing Holy Unction.

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Other Helpful Resources

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