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Raise the Roof 
Capital Campaign

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Last Updated
November 15, 2023

The above illustration is for all specific, non-designated gifts received. 

Shingles & Plywood, Polyurethane membrane, aluminum edge, ridge cap & Labor expenses related
This includes interest on our diocesan loan (3%) and the diocesan apportionment for capital campaigns (10%)

We are most pleased to announce that the "Raise The Roof" Campaign is officially PAID OFF.
Praise be to God!

In the September Vestry meeting (2023) our leaders decided that due to God's blessings for us financially, we had the necessary funds in our Checking account to pay off the remainder of the loan to the Diocese. Below is the breakdown. We thank all who donated specifically to the campaign and to all our parishioners who pledged financial support to the general fund for our continued operation. 

Calvary is a neighborhood church where people come to pray, worship, serve and love. It is so much more than block, wood, glass and shingle, yet it is by means of having this public place of sacred assembly where we see our community grow the most. For reasons that many may not be able to articulate, Calvary "means something" to them. We want our Church to remain for a long time, God willing, and through your generous support, we are inspired by all things made possible. 


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