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Raise the Roof 
Capital Campaign

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Last Updated
October 17, 2022

Shingles & Plywood, Polyurethane membrane, aluminum edge, ridge cap & Labor expenses related
This does not include interest on our diocesan loan (3%) nor the diocesan apportionment for capital campaigns (10%)

Our Church is a neighborhood place where people come to pray, worship, serve and love. It is so much more than block, wood, glass and shingle, yet it is by means of having this public place of sacred assembly where we see our community grow the most. For reasons that many may not be able to articulate, Calvary "means something" to them. We want our Church to remain for a long time, God willing, and through your generous support, inspired by such a relationship, all things are possible.

We began noticing signs of age over seven years ago to our roofs. There were a lot of them, and with 20,000 square feet of multi-purpose space, The Vestry decided to do a full replacement. The project was completed in three weeks in March of 2021. It is a lot to ask our congregation alone to keep a solid roof over our head and help us prevent damage from wind and rain. This type of project is about sustainability and it takes the whole community to keep it going.

This monitor provided will give you updates as to where we are.

Here below, are two useful links. 
The First is for a direct giving option for your convenience.
The Second is for an inside read of the letter to our Diocese, requesting the loan.
Please help us pay back this loan in record speed.
Pray about it.
Give Today.

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