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In 1962, our Parish was built on faith in Jesus Christ and the devotion to be a place of trust, hope and love. Just as we are thankful for the faithfulness of those who passed this church into our hands, the present and future generations will do well to follow in succession. We are called once again to find ways to meet the needs of our congregation and our community today and plan for tomorrow. How do you want to make a significant difference in our world?   What are your values?  What aspects of our church do you feel are the most important? From 'where' or 'from whom', do your blessings flow? The answers to these questions will guide your heart and mind to leave the appropriate gift in your Living Will or Trust for the succession of the Church, here in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.


The Legacy Society membership is entirely based on bequests received. It is what you "leave" the church after you have died. The distinction of the Legacy Society is that it enhances our ministry, specifically to aid the general operations of our parish and, as needed and approved, designation ministries that support our mission statement, "To know Christ and to make Him known." If receipt of your "Legacy" is undesignated, we apportion 10% to the Endowment Fund, 10% to our at-large Diocesan mission & outreach, and the remaining on Rector/Vestry approved decisions for immediate and long term operations.


The Endowment fund has the potential to give year after year, as the principal is left untouched and the earnings used to fund dedicated ministry. As a result, a gift to the Endowment Fund endures forever. The operational funds are what govern us year-by-year. This helps us afford Staff, replacement of air conditioners, keep good landscaping, education of both young and older with Christ-centered courses and events, missional forms of benevolence to feeding the poor (BCFP), and the list goes on. This is your chance to leave a legacy and insure that our Church will continue to remain at center in the Indian Rocks Beach community, giving it the spiritual stability it also depends on. 


We invite you to endow Calvary Episcopal Church by listing it as a beneficiary in your Living Will or Trust, as a bequest. Each person is invited and encouraged to plan accordingly while they are still able and living, regardless of whether they are a member or not of our church. Contact your Estate Planner, your Power of Attorney or trusted family member to make sure your intentions are going to be followed after death. The faithful servants of today can insure a place of prayer and worship, care and provision to those who need hope and salvation, in a church that holds the tenets of our faith.


A general benchmark for all who earnestly want to leave a legacy, is 10% of all total assets as this continues to apply to the biblical "tithe". Providing a copy of your contract/Will to the church is not necessary but appreciated. It is important that you pray about this very important decision.

As a result of receiving your legacy gift, your name will be immortalized on our prominent display in the center of our parish, by the name, "The Legacy Society".

Specific designations are permitted, however do keep in mind the Church is here to stay, whereas particular, specific ministries may subside. If designating, please inquire with the Priest/Rector at Calvary, who is the entrusted guardian of the purpose and mission of our church.

Please contact the church office  for more information.




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