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Church Membership

First Step:

We welcome you. Welcome to our new member site where we can get to know you better and officially receive you as a member of our church. Whether you came from another church or new to Christianity, belonging to a Church family is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. This church will welcome you and make you feel at home. It is a journey that we are taking together in this life and inside a church community there is a sense of purpose, belonging and vision. It is a remarkable encounter with God by going deeper into a relationship with His Son Jesus. Please know that building relationships takes time, so be excited, be patient and be ready to take part in an incredible, lifelong adventure with us. Take this opportunity to review the form below and submit at your pleasure and convenience.  We will be in touch.

Second Step:

Be active. Attendance in Church, whether in person or virtually, is how we interact in a most wonderful and mysterious way. Being known by the Priest is essential. Actively set up an appointment to share your story, areas where you are passionate to serve and learn, and the spiritual gifts you bring.

Last Step:

Get in the loop. When you arrived at any page on our website you were prompted to sign up for our weekly eNews. This is the principal way we communicate on a routine basis, prior to our Sunday gatherings. Videos, customaries, prayer cards, etc., are all ways to keep you informed and engaged. You will also observe at the top right corner of every page is a login bar. For active members only, this personal account gets you behind the scenes on protected webpages that have information we do not intend to share outside of our active membership. It includes budgetary information, directory of other members with private information, and shared Vestry meeting minutes whereas you will be able to see how we make important decisions. This is a highly protected portal and only active members will be allowed access due to the cybersecurity threats that lurk on the internet from outsiders. We take your privacy and the privacy of the church most seriously.

This form below, allows us to begin the steps of active church membership and starting the "conversation."

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